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Halloween Trailer: Michael Myers Is Back, Laurie Strode Plans A Slaying

He's baaack. 

Michael Myers, the infamous masked murderer and the face of the Halloween film franchise, has returned in his full freaky glory in the first trailer for director David Gordon Green's forthcoming Halloween reboot. 

The film sees Jamie Lee Curtis reprise her role as Laurie Strode, Michael Myers' sister who has spent 40 years preparing to slay the sibling that tried to kill her back in 1978. When Laurie learns that Michael has broken out of prison and plans to terrorize to their small Illinois town of Haddonfield — where Laurie, her daughter Karen (Judy Greer), and her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) reside — she readies herself for a brutal and bloody showdown that will end their deadly cat-and-mouse game for good.

"I'd pray every night that he would escape," Curtis' Laurie says in the trailer. When a police officer asks why she would want Michael — who rediscovers his love for murder after a detective hand-delivers him his signature mask while he's incarcerated — back on the streets, Laurie replies, "So I can kill him."

This haunting first look at the new Halloween does three very important things: It proves that Green and screenwriter Danny McBride, with some help from executive producer, composer, and original Halloween director John Carpenter, worked their fingers to the bone getting this reboot to feel like a genuine continuation of the 1978 flick that started it all by incorporating distinctive franchise elements and turning a blind eye to the pretty terrible Halloween sequels;  promises a solid and spooky story that doesn't seem as though it'll rest on cliche; and maintains an unwavering sense of dread that's bound to burst once the film hits the big screen.

Watch the trailer in full above.

Actress Curtis, one of Hollywood's original Scream Queens, once revealed Halloween's biggest selling point: the scares it delivers. She called the film "astonishingly scary" on social media, then teased to Yahoo that it goes "full-tilt boogeyman."

"I've seen a trailer and I've seen some footage, and it's terrifying. They went full-tilt boogeyman. And I've never said that in my life, and I will say 'full-tilt boogeyman' for the rest of the year as I go around talking about this," Curtis said. "For people who like that sort of thing, I think it's going to be really fun for them to experience. For me, that just doesn't hold any interest to me because I'm frightened enough about [today's political climate]. So the idea of now paying money and sitting in a dark theater with a bunch of people and watching something really scary doesn't really do much for me. But there are a lot of people who love it, and they're gonna love this movie."

All things considered, it looks as though Halloween just might be everything hardcore franchise fans and casual horror movie-lovers alike could hope for. 

Michael and Laurie will dance their final dance when Halloween bows on October 19.