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1923 Trailer Finds A Way To Turn Up The Star Power In Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone Universe

Christmas is set to come early for "Yellowstone" fans next month with the debut of Taylor Sheridan's newest prequel series "1923" on December 18. And by the looks of its newest and first official trailer, fans are in for a star-studded story and showdown of epic proportions.

Taking place roughly four decades after Elsa Dutton's tragic death, "1923" will see Hollywood legends Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren take up the Dutton family mantle as the franchise's latest patriarch and matriarch, Jacob and Cara Dutton. "The series will explore the early twentieth century when pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition and the Great Depression all plague the mountain west, and the Duttons who call it home," says Paramount in an online description. But it's not just the Dutton family tree that's growing in "1923." There are a number of other heavy hitters in the "Yellowstone" prequel who show up in the new official trailer, including a former James Bond actor — now turned villain — and a lauded "Game of Thrones" alum.

Timothy Dalton makes his debut as Dutton nemesis and neighbor Donald Whitfield

Right from the start of the new "1923" trailer, it's obvious that viewers and acting buffs will be in for a treat this holiday season as Hollywood heavyweights Timothy Dalton and Helen Mirren square off for the first time and exchange some not-so-pleasant-pleasantries. 

"You'd be Mrs. Dutton?" asks Dalton's Donald Whitfield. "Seems we're neighbors. I've acquired the Stratford Ranch," he adds, as scenes show a bloody and hostile takeover. To which Mirren's Irish-sounding matriarch epically replies: "Well, this is the Yellowstone, and you have no rights here."

As explained throughout the trailer, it appears that Taylor Sheridan's "1923" will be focused on a range war between the Dutton family and Whitfield, who seems to be gunning for control of the entire region through slimy and brutal strong-arm tactics. "How much land do you want?" Whitfield is asked at one point in the trailer. "I want the whole valley," he fires back, with a cynical grin across his face. 

Dalton, who has a long list of Hollywood credits, cemented his acting legacy as the fourth James Bond in 1987's "The Living Daylights" and 1989's "Licence to Kill." Some of his other best-known work includes "Flash Gordon," Edgar Wright's cult classic "Hot Fuzz," and the popular TV shows "Doctor Who" and "Penny Dreadful." Joining him in the fight against the Duttons will be a man named Banner Creighton, who is described by Paramount as a "hard-headed Scottish brogue" who is the leader of "the local sheep men" — and "Game of Thrones" fans should know him very well. 

GoT actor Jerome Flynn aka Ser Bronn shines in new trailer as local tough guy and Dutton rival

Caught in the middle of the Dutton-Whitfield range war in "1923" will be "Game of Thrones" actor Jerome Flynn, who shows up numerous times in the new official trailer as another apparent rival of the Yellowstone clan. Flynn famously played Ser Bronn Of The Blackwater in "GoT" for all eight seasons. 

"Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford – awesome. But then, then I saw my man Ser Bronn of The Blackwater," tweeted @KBucko7. "I don't watch Yellowstone, since I'm under the age of 45," the user joked. "But I'm probably going to watch this."

Throughout the "1923" trailer, we see Flynn's Banner Creighton teaming up with Donald Whitfield in the struggle for power and land in the growing Yellowstone region. At one point, Harrison Ford's Jacob Dutton can be seen holding Creighton at gunpoint as he declares war on him and Whitfield in a voiceover. In another scene, Mirren's Cara Dutton tells a battered Creighton: "Men kill quick with a bullet or a noose. But the fight is with me, and I kill much slower."

In addition to Ford, Mirren, Dalton, and Flynn, other actors and cast members who are set to show up in "1923" include Robert Patrick, Darren Mann, Michelle Randolph, James Badge Dale, Marley Shelton, and several others.