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1923: Harrison Ford And Helen Mirren Choose Violence In First Trailer For Yellowstone Prequel

Warning: The following contains spoilers for "1883"

Show creator Tyler Sheridan is bound and determined to keep expanding upon his "Yellowstone" franchise. The first spinoff, "1883," broke the record for the Paramount+ streaming service at the time, making it the most viewed original series premiere (via Deadline). It has an excellent 8.8/10 user rating on IMDb and an impressive 89% approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. It stars Sam Elliot ("The Ranch"), country music power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, and Isabel May ("Young Sheldon"), who, if the newly released teaser trailer is to be believed, will be back in spirit to narrate the "1923" spinoff.

The new series takes place 40 years after Elsa Dutton's death. The next generation of the Dutton family will be struggling with prohibition and the roaring '20s in the years leading up to the national Great Depression of 1929. The small-screen production will have even more star power behind it this time, with Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren in starring roles and supporting actors like Robert Patrick and Timothy Dalton.

To drive up more hype for the upcoming spinoff, Paramount+ released a new teaser trailer during the debut of "Yellowstone" Season 5 — and it looks like fans are in for a wild ride.

The wild west and the roaring '20s are coming together for what looks like an action-packed first season

"Violence has always haunted this family," Isabel May's voice explains at the beginning of the 30-second teaser. The first few cuts involve a downed cowboy reaching for his gun, soldiers running with guns, a bloodied man pointing a gun, and a dozen men on horseback firing lots and lots of guns. So if anyone was expecting this to be the pacifist generation of the Dutton family, the teaser dashes any hope of that within the first 10 seconds.

Then, suddenly, the narrator's tone changes. "Only it doesn't follow ... we hunt it down. We seek it," she pivots as the trailer cuts to what looks like a high-speed wagon chase. Then it smash-cuts to another cowboy on horseback aiming his six-shooter while riding a galloping horse, Harrison Ford's character cowering behind a rifle that partially obscures his face, and what sounds like a loud gunshot goes off as the title screen pops up. The new series will start streaming on December 18 via the Paramount+ streaming service, so saddle your horses!