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Yellowstone 1923 - What We Know So Far

Just when you thought Taylor Sheridan had enough TV shows to work on, he goes and gets another one greenlit. The Hollywood Reporter reported in early 2022 that Paramount+ had its eyes set on another spin-off of "Yellowstone" called "1923," which would grow the Dutton family tree and franchise for a whopping third time. Sheridan already has his popular "1883" prequel series streaming on Paramount+, and he's currently gearing up for the planned release of his Texas ranch-focused spin-off, "6666." So, we guess it doesn't hurt to throw another project in there while he's at it.

According to THR, "1923" was commissioned following the success of both "Yellowstone" and "1883," all but confirming that Paramount+ sees Sherdian's tapestry of family and power as a flagship franchise. The outlet previously suggested that "1883" would receive an additional batch of episodes but Sheridan has since confirmed that the Sam Elliot-starring prequel won't be revisited. "We wanted to make a ten-hour movie that ended, and that's what we did," the creative told Deadline following Paramount+'s premature announcement. 

With "1923," the Dutton family will be seen trying to get by as the early years of the 20th century throw life-altering curveballs at them. The series is on track to be one of the most insightful looks at Yellowstone ranch's humble beginnings. While the Paramount+ series is shrouded in secrecy, "Yellowstone" fans who are eager to peel back the curtain on Sheridan's latest Dutton family exploit should read on to learn the show's many mysteries. 

When will 1923 be released?

Taylor Sheridan's "1923" will debut on December 18, 2022 on Paramount+ in the United States and Canada. Those in the United Kingdom and Australia can catch the debut episode on December 19. Today confirms that the premiere episode of "1923" will also premiere on the cable channel Paramount Network after an episode of "Yellowstone." The prequel show's premiere will coincide with the release of "Yellowstone" Season 5, Episode 7. The second episode of "1923" will hit the Paramount Network on January 1, 2023. It remains to be seen if the rest of "1923" will air on the cable channel.

While "Yellowstone" is a Paramount Network show, "1883" and "1923" are both Paramount+ exclusives, meaning fans of the franchise will have to subscribe to the streaming service if they want to see the full saga of the Dutton family unfold. "1923" will consist of eight episodes. The expectation is that the series will run for two seasons (via Deadline). It's not known if both seasons will take place in 1923, or if there will be a time jump at some point. The second season is not in production as of this writing. 

What is the plot of 1923?

Like "Yellowstone" and "1883," Taylor Sheridan's upcoming series will focus on the infamous Dutton family as they continue to expand their reach and power in the state of Montana. This time, the Dutton ancestors will include Jacob Dutton, a grizzled old man who will be seen leading Yellowstone ranch. Jacob is the brother of James (Tim McGraw), who was at the heart of "1883." Jacob Dutton is joined by his loyal and headstrong wife Cara.

Only set a handful of years after "1883," the latest Paramount+ series will show the early and humble days of the Yellowstone ranch, making it abundantly clear that John Dutton III (Kevin Costner) and his family have the easy life compared to their hardworking and stressed ancestors. Even beyond that, time were certainly tougher in those days. Seeing as the series is set in 1923, audiences will see some of the 20th century's most important events from the viewpoints of the Duttons. An official plot synopsis (via Yahoo! Movies) confirms that the "Yellowstone" prequel will tackle "pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition and the Great Depression," all of which plague the mountain west.

When the "Yellowstone" prequel was first announced, it was titled "1932." Since then, Paramount+ and Sheridan have retitled it to "1923," setting the series back nearly a decade. According to a press release (via Entertainment Tonight), the time shift was done to intentionally weave the end of WWI and the start of the Prohibition into the narrative. With a second season expected, could it be possible that Sheridan and the brass of Paramount+ title the follow-up "1932," setting Jacob and Cara Dutton's sophomore outing back by a decade? Only time will tell. 

Who is starring in 1923?

"1923" boasts an all-star cast of heavyweights, making it perhaps the most star-studded series in the "Yellowstone" universe. Starring as the patriarch of the Montana ranch is Harrison Ford, making his first major television debut. "He's the silverback," Ford told Vanity Fair, describing Jacob Dutton as someone who has no choice but to focus on survival. "They can lose it all in a season," Ford continued, describing the early struggles of the Dutton dynasty. "They're up against weather, the economy, the influx of railroads, and the change in the cattle business ... Everything is hard fought for."

Joining Ford is Helen Mirren, who stars as Cara Dutton, Jacob's wife. By all accounts, the two seem to still be in love, even after 40 years of marriage. But while Jacob appears to be the archetype of the all-American, grizzled cowboy, Cara is someone more nuanced. "I see Cara as an immigrant," Mirren told Vanity Fair, revealing that her character will speak with an Irish accent.

The rest of the "1923" cast is filled with just as many big stars. "Supernatural" actor Sebastian Roché stars as Father Renaud, the principal of a Native American school. Playing Jack's right-hand man is "The Departed" actor James Badge Dale who stars as John Dutton Sr. Playing his wife Emma is Marley Shelton, who was last seen in 2022's "Scream." One of the Dutton family's closest friends will be played by the legendary Robert Patrick, who recently lent his talents to "Peacemaker" as the White Dragon. Patrick will star as Sheriff William McDowell. "Game of Thrones" veteran Jerome Flynn and "Pride and Prejudice" actor Jennifer Ehle also star in the "Yellowstone" prequel. 

Plus, Timothy Dalton of James Bond fame will star as Donald Whitfield, who Deadline describes as "intimidating and nefarious." Peter Stormare of "Fargo" and "Constantine" will play a world-wise sailor named Lucca, and he'll be joined by names such as Tim Dekay, Amelia Rico, Brandon Sklenar, Darren Mann, Michelle Randolph, Brian Geraghty, and Aminah Nieves (via Variety).

Who is writing 1923?

As expected, Taylor Sheridan is at the helm of the latest "Yellowstone" series. The multi-hyphenate creative is writing and executive producing "1923." There's no word yet on if Sheridan will direct an episode, though it would be surprising if he didn't. The creator previously directed the entire first season of "Yellowstone" and directed the pilot of "1883." He also boasts a number of film credits, including 2017's "Wind River," which served as his second feature film. 

Ben Richardson, a frequent collaborator of Sheridan's, will be directing at least one episode of the Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren series, per IMDB. Richardson has previously spearheaded episodes of "Yellowstone," "1883," and "Mayor of Kingstown," another Sheridan production. Richardson will also produce the series. David Glasser, who previously lent his talent to "Yellowstone" and "1883" will continue to executive produce the latest series. In fact, most of Sheridan's frequent producers are returning for "1923." That list includes Art and John Linson, and Bob Yari. Perhaps the most surprising producer on board the latest Sheridan adventure is billionaire Ron Burkle.

Is there a trailer for 1923?

There is a brief teaser trailer for "1923." Clocking in just under 30 seconds, the first look at the series paints early 20th century Montana as an unforgiving state, filled with nefarious weather and dubious characters. Those who want to go into the series as blind as possible should know that no pivotal details are revealed in the teaser.

The trailer kicks off with an unknown woman saying "violence has always haunted this family" as shots of a ranch and a rider herding fill the screen. Moments later, a young man is seen falling off his presumably dead horse, reaching for a gun. Maybe he was attacked? Shots of soldiers jumping into battle then fill the screen, making it clear that "1923" will somehow tie war into its story. World War I ended in 1918, so perhaps this is a flashback. Viewers then see Harrison Ford's Jacob Dutton dressed in traditional cowboy clothes, riding a horse, looking as grumpy as ever. The trailer then shows young children, presumably at a school, fighting with one another. The woman narrating begins to discuss how violence has followed the Dutton family from the Scottish highlands.

More shots of warfare are shown alongside brief moments of Jacob and the rest of the Dutton clan together. Mysterious folks are then seen entering the Yellowstone ranch, which strikes Helen Mirren's Cara. She's later seen bloodied, pointing a shotgun at someone cowering on the ground. Sweeping shots of a bar and happy patrons are juxtaposed with a soldier aiming his gun, followed by what looks like an intense horse chase. All in all, it looks like "1923" is going to be just as action-packed and tense as "1883."

Where to watch Yellowstone and 1883

Those who want to catch up on Taylor Sheridan's "Yellowstone" franchise before the debut of "1923" will need to have some patience and the willingness to subscribe to different services. "Yellowstone," the heart of the franchise, is currently airing its fifth season on Paramount Network. New episodes are released weekly. Stateside, Season 1 to 4 can be watched on Peacock. Those who want to stream Season 5 can do so via Paramount Network. Fans can also watch the Kevin Costner series through their DirecTV subscription. "Yellowstone" is not available on Paramount+ in the United States.

In Canada, Season 1 to 4 of "Yellowstone" is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Season 5 is released weekly on Paramount+ in Canada. All 5 seasons of "Yellowstone" are available on Paramount+ in the United Kingdom. Viewers from around the world can also purchase individual seasons through their favorite digital services, like Apple TV, the Google Play Store, and Amazon.

The Sam Elliot-starring "1883" is available to stream on Paramount+ wherever the service is available, including the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. Like "1883," "1923" will stream on Paramount+. The upcoming "Yellowstone" spin-off "6666" will also stream on Paramount+. The rest of Sheridan's shows, including the Sylvester Stallone-starring "Tulsa King" and "Mayor of Kingstown" are available on Paramount+.