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Christmas With The Campbells - What We Know So Far

Now that Halloween is over, it's time to start looking forward to new Christmas movies that will be coming out this holiday season. Plenty of classic Christmas movies already exist, and fans love to watch certain holiday films over and over every year. However, other people look forward to new releases in the Christmas genre. 

New holiday movies that are slated to be released during the 2022 Christmas season include "A Christmas Story Christmas," Netflix's "Christmas with You," and Netflix's "Falling for Christmas." In fact, according to Entertainment Weekly, there are 155 new Christmas movies coming out this holiday season. 

One of these new Christmas movies, "Christmas with the Campbells," is a romantic comedy featuring adult humor and chaotic family dynamics. With a cast and crew with extensive experience in the genres of Christmas movies, comedies, and romance films, "Christmas with the Campbells" is sure to be worth watching this year.

When will Christmas with the Campbells be released?

According to Collider, "Christmas with the Campbells" will be released on December 2, 2022, just in time for the Christmas holiday season (although not in time to watch during Thanksgiving). 

For those who enjoy seeing movies in the theaters, on December 2, "Christmas with the Campbells" will begin showing in cinemas nationwide. For those who like to stay home, "Christmas with the Campbells" will also become available to stream on AMC+ on the same date. Thus, those who do not want to visit the theater will not have to wait extra time to see "Christmas with the Campbells."

Although December 2 is less than a month away, it might still feel like a long time to wait. Luckily, in the meantime, there are probably some good Christmas movies you haven't watched yet. In terms of classics, there are also services where you can stream "A Christmas Story," "The Santa Clause" movies, and "Die Hard" this holiday season.

What is the plot of Christmas with the Campbells?

Although there is not a trailer for "Christmas with the Campbells," some details about the plot are available. 

According to Collider, the film's protagonist is Jesse, a woman whose boyfriend, Shawn, breaks up with her right before the holiday season. However, Shawn's parents invite Jesse to their house for Christmas despite the breakup. Jesse actually accepts the invitation, and while she is there, she meets Shawn's cousin, who she finds to be handsome. The result is a holiday-themed, subversive romantic comedy featuring volatile family dynamics and an unconventional love triangle. 

"Christmas with the Campbells" is likely to explore familiar holiday movie themes such as family, love, gratitude, kindness, hospitality, how to be a good person, and what is really important in life. However, although many holiday films are family-oriented, this particular film does include adult humor, so it may not be appropriate for all children.

Who is starring in Christmas with the Campbells?

"Christmas with the Campbells" seems to be in good hands, because many members of the cast have been in other Christmas films, romance films, and comedies before.

According to Collider, "Christmas with the Campbells" stars Brittany Snow, who has previously starred in the "Pitch Perfect" movies. She has also appeared in "Hairspray," "John Tucker Must Die," "The Pacifier," and more. "Christmas with the Campbells" also stars Justin Long, who has previously worked on other comedies such as "Dodgeball," "Accepted," and "He's Just Not That Into You."

Alex Mofatt from "Saturday Night Live," who was also in the 2020 Netflix Christmas movie "Holidate," also stars in "Christmas with the Campbells." The cast also includes JoAnna Garcia Swisher ("Sweet Magnolias," "Reba"), Julia Duffy, George Wendt ("Cheers"), Erin Darling, Alireza Mirmontazeri, Pamela Beheshti, and Mario DeAngelis. 

Together, this team is bound to create a memorable and humorous Christmas film.

Who is directing Christmas with the Campbells?

In addition to the cast, many other people working on "Christmas with the Campbells" have experience with other Christmas films, comedies, and romance films. Claire Niederpruem is the director of "Christmas with the Campbells." Niederpreum previously worked on the Hallmark Christmas movie "The Christmas Bow."

Vince Vaughn serves as producer and co-writer of "Christmas with the Campbells." Vaughn has previously starred in the 2008 Christmas movie "Four Christmases," and has also worked on a multitude of comedy films, including romantic comedies. According to Collider, Vaughn was inspired to write the film because of his wife's love of holiday romance movies. He wanted to make a traditional holiday movie that couples could watch together, with subversive dialogue to give the film something different. Vince Vaughn is producing with Peter Billingsley, under their production company Wild West Picture Show Productions. 

The other co-writers of the film include Dan Lagana (who is also co-producer) and Barbara Kymlicka, who previously worked on the Hallmark movie "Romance to the Rescue."

Stan Spry and Eric Scott Woods are the executive producers for "Christmas with the Campbells." The film is also co-produced by CJ Colando, and the line producer is Anthony Fankhauser. The music is by Tommy Fields.