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Here's Your First Look At The Crown Season 5

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, many people have wondered what Netflix's "The Crown" will look like now that its real-life inspiration is no longer with us. And with only two seasons supposedly left in Peter Morgan's creative tank, the anticipation for what's to come on the critically-acclaimed TV show couldn't be any higher. Knowing this, Netflix and its companion site TUDUM decided to offer up a small taste of the highly-anticipated 5th season — due out November 9 — in the form of some production photos, which offer up an incredible glimpse at Imelda Staunton as the queen and a number of other stunning portrayals, including Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana and Olivia Williams as Camilla Parker Bowles.

Back in September, it was reported that Season 6 of "The Crown" would be taking a production pause in wake of the queen's death. "'The Crown' is a love letter to her and I've nothing to add for now, just silence and respect," Morgan told Deadline. "I expect we will stop filming out of respect too." Netflix reportedly had an emergency plan in place for the Queen's eventual passing. Season 5 was finished earlier this year and is expected to be released without a hitch.

As for what to expect in the fifth chapter, "The Crown" is slated to tell the tumultuous tale of the royal family's reign in the 1990s, which was littered with controversies. The 6th season will reportedly cover Princess Diana's death and the lives of her children, Prince William and Prince Harry, in the late 1990s and early 2000s. But for now, all eyes are on Season 5, with TUDUM releasing its very first look at the returning series online on Friday, October 14.

Imelda Staunton shines as Queen Elizabeth II

While the public and creative focus of "The Crown” may be fixated more on Elizabeth Debicki's Princess Diana moving forward, it's Imelda Staunton's stunning portrayal and first look as Queen Elizabeth II that seems to be grabbing everybody's attention on social media, along with Jonathan Pryce's depiction of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip.

"I know the streets will be talking about Elizabeth Debicki (as they should) but Imelda Staunton and Jonathan Pryce look SO good here," wrote @ellemceebee on Twitter. User @AnnettGordonW said, "I think Imelda Staunton will be a better Queen than Olivia Colman." @itstomgardiner tweeted, "This icon really went from failure in a Ministry of Magic to QUEEN of the muggles. Cannot wait to watch The Crown with Imelda Staunton at the helm as Queen Elizabeth II."

Staunton, who previously starred in the "Harry Potter" film franchise as Dolores Umbridge, is now the third person to portray Queen Elizabeth in "The Crown." She will be flanked by some heavy hitters in the acting community this time around, with several of them being highlighted by Netflix and TUDUM in their newly-released production photos.

Elizabeth Debicki's Princess Di looks as stunning as ever

Portraying the late royal following Emma Corrin's Season 4 run, Elizabeth Debicki appears to be a natural at playing the Princess of Wales, with Netflix's new "Crown" photos showing her off as both a pop-culture icon and devoted mother.

When it came to portraying the late princess, Debicki reportedly had loads of content to work with that allowed her to immerse herself deep into the role. "That's the amazing thing about playing these people at this time," she told TUDUM. "Because in the journey of The Crown so far out of all the seasons, this is the most visual content we have of the royal family. In the '90s, everything had started to be filmed, and also it was the birth of the 24-hour news cycle, so there's just this incredible amount of content that we have access to." According to Debicki, it especially helped that Princess Diana was the most photographed person in the world at the time. "As an actor, you open the portal and this huge tsunami of information comes at you," she explained. "I happily swam around in it."

In addition to Debicki and Imelda Staunton, a number of other newcomers will be joining "The Crown" for Season 5, including "Rushmore" and "The Sixth Sense" star Olivia Williams, who was also highlighted by Netflix in its first look.

Olivia Williams to portray a more sympathetic Camilla Parker Bowles

Camilla Parker Bowles is someone who's gotten a bad rap over the years on account of her relationship with King Charles III (via Variety). But "The Nevers" star Olivia Williams hopes to change all that with her portrayal of the new queen consort in "The Crown" Season 5.

"One of the great things about The Crown is: We get to see those sorts of imagined intimate moments, which maybe give us a better perspective on someone that we've judged," Williams told TUDUM. "Charles and Camilla seem to have a very healthy sense of humor about what at times must be an unbearable predicament," she said. "And that is the thing that I most want to show."

Joining Williams in Season 5 will be longtime TV and movie actor Dominic West, who was lucky enough to do numerous scenes with both Elizabeth Debicki and Williams throughout much of the 5th season as the then-Prince Charles.

Dominic West stands out as a 'handsome' Prince Charles

It's a casting that social media users can't stop talking about, especially now that we've gotten our first official look at Dominic West as the Prince of Wales. And somewhere, King Charles III must be smiling. "Dominic West is wayyyy too handsome to play Charles," blasted Twitter user @minaskjo. "Unfortunate-looking Charles should thank the tv gods," joked @LaDimplette.

While most people online feel West's casting as Charles — who apparently finds "The Crown" offensive and has demanded it include a "dramatized" warning — is a little over-the-top, "The Wire" and "The Affair" star doesn't feel like it should matter, especially since what they're covering isn't based in fact, but rather what they imagine the royals said and did behind closed doors.

"This is an evoking of a character," West told TUDUM. "That's really where the show lives: in the imagined conversations of their private life, which is something that no one knows," he said. "We have an incredible writer, a dramatist, who imagines based on exhaustive research, and that's really part of the fascination of the show."

While Season 5 of "The Crown" is slated for a November release, it's currently unclear when Season 6 will come out. Before Queen Elizabeth II's death, it was predicted to come out sometime in late 2023 or early 2024. But that's all changed now with Peter Morgan's pause on production in September.