Tomas Balino

Comics, TV, Movies
  • Tomás has been breathing in comics (figuratively) since the tender age of seven, when the first issue of Pizza Hut's promotional X-Men miniseries fell into his lap. He's an avid fan of Marvel and DC alike, and isn't afraid to foray into the world of indie comics, not to mention special imprints like the much-missed Marvel Knights and Vertigo.
  • In addition to the four-color (and sometimes black & white) worlds of comics, Tomás also likes to include certain movies and TV shows as part of his pop culture diet. Thanks to the magic of Nick at Nite, he's taken in quite a few classic shows from various decades: he can't make magic with a nose twitch or turn on jukeboxes with a gesture yet, but he's working on it!
  • Tomás is also an avid fan of animation, having grown up with Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Fox Kids and Kids WB as his go-to's... not to mention quite a bit of anime, thanks especially to Toonami. Dragon Ball in particular is his strong suit, as he's seen and read all the major series, including Z, Super and GT.


Since 2018, Tomás has been writing about his various passions. He began as a regular contributor to the Keokee Travel Blog, and has also worked as a summary rewriter and condenser for the Ki Book Club, imparting key knowledge from books on various topics. In 2019, Tomás fulfilled his lifelong dream to write about comics for a living when he started writing list articles and the occasional feature for CBR, which he now continues to do at Looper. He has also had work published on the official Star Trek web site.


Tomás' professional writing experience stems back even further, having received a Bachelor's degree in Journalism at the end of the 2000s. After working for the Rockville Patch in 2011, Tomás travelled abroad to explore the field of education, working as language assistant, teacher and private tutor. He also received a Master's in Teaching English in 2015. In more recent years, he has returned to the writing field, with a greater focus on features.
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