Row Light

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Portland, Oregon
Scripps College
Earlham School Of Religion
Pop Culture, Celebrities, Movies, TV
  • As an insatiable consumer of everything new in entertainment, Row can get ahead of casual viewers to curate lists of content that won't be a waste of their precious screen time.
  • Beyond her academic background in film analysis and literature, Rowen is obsessed with celebrity culture and reality TV — she can list most actors' hometowns and heights, plus dish on every episode of "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City."
  • Rowen got her professional start writing blogs posts and interviews for non-profits, creating digital content to promote documentary films, and stepping into brands' voices for social media campaigns.


Before joining The List's News team, Rowen's freelance experience included writing for, editing for ATM magazine, and doing script coverage for several production companies. She has also been fortunate to occupy a range of women-led creative spaces, interning at the lifestyle brand Refinery29, participating in WNYC's Werk It podcasting festival, and producing a feature project about the feminized voice through KSPC radio. Social work and activism have always been an integral part of Rowen's creative life; she's led writing workshops for unhoused youth and created after-school programming designed to empower female-identifying elementary students. She now has her ear to the ground for any new cultural shifts happening between Portland, Oregon, and Los Angeles.


Rowen earned her Bachelor's degree in English and Digital/Electronic Media Studies at Scripps College and the Claremont Colleges; she is currently pursuing her masters in Theopoetics and Writing at Earlham School of Religion, a secular degree that blends new conceptions of spirituality with the language of storytelling.
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