Marshall Garvey

Citrus Heights, CA
UC Davis
Movies, TV, Video Games
  • Marshall wrote film reviews for The Sacramento Bee's "Sidetracks for Teens" section while in high school.
  • He previously wrote about video games for the popular entertainment website Screen Rant.
  • He serves as a producer for the Sacramento, CA-based gaming show "GPU the Show."


Marshall has been a full-time professional writer since 2019. He has also had his work published by the The Sacramento Bee, Dodgers Nation, Screen Rant, Richard Nixon Foundation, Pacific Coast League Historical Society, 80s Baseball, and Cygnus x-1. For two years, he wrote history books for the private company History Specialists. He co-founded the Sacramento, CA-based gaming blog Last Token Gaming in 2013. He self-published his first book, "The Hidden History of Sacramento Baseball," in 2019 via Amazon KDP. He is currently writing a book about the 1985 World Series, "Interstate '85," which will be published by Fayetteville Mafia Press in 2022.


Marshall has a bachelor's degree in history from the University of California, Davis.
Stories By Marshall Garvey