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The Cobra Kai Character That Virgos Relate To The Most

"Cobra Kai," Netflix's critically acclaimed and widely loved successor to the "Karate Kid" franchise, has set a gold standard for "legacy" franchise installments that pair old characters with the new. Beyond its impeccably crafted fight sequences, the series thrives with a cast of characters that are as relatable as they are entertaining. From Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) grappling with toxic masculinity to Hawk (Jacob Bertrand) struggling with loyalty between rival karate schools, each individual is authentic and complex in a way that never feels contrived.

In addition to being strongly written and possessing compelling, well-crafted arcs, the characters of "Cobra Kai" are also distinctly recognizable to those who believe in Zodiac signs. One character, in particular, first seen three-and-a-half decades prior in the movie franchise's second installment and arriving in Season 3, hits home with those born in the Virgo range (late August to late September). Her warm, ebullient presence added much to the 3rd season. Who is this character, and how can Virgos relate to her while watching the show?

Kumiko embodies many Virgo attributes

Virgos are likely to resonate with Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita), Daniel LaRusso's (Ralph Macchio) former love interest from "The Karate Kid Part II." Tomita embodies the character as older and wiser in Season 3, a performance that is genuine and faithful to the actress' Okinawan family roots (per the Los Angeles Times). "Of course, people thought I was from Japan or from Okinawa and I'd go, 'No. I'm from the San Fernando Valley.'," she told the publication earlier this year. Tomita helped ensure adherence to Okinawan authenticity by bringing multiple piece of artifacts and art to the set. 

Generally, Virgo attributes include humility, kindness, sympathy, and practicality (via The Times of India). These attributes are abundant in Tomita's screen time, during which she reconnects with Daniel after years apart. Her compassion remains as steadfast as ever, playing a key hand in saving Daniel's business, including presenting him with letters from the late Mr. Miyagi.