Maggie Dela Paz

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Saint Louis University
Movies, TV, Pop Culture, K-Entertainment
  • Maggie is a Features Writer for Looper.
  • She specializes in writing news and feature articles regarding a wide range of entertainment topics including movies and television.
  • Her love for coming-of-age films started when she was a kid and she hopes to one day write an original screenplay about the genre for a feature-length film or series.


Maggie is a freelance content writer from the Philippines who has years of professional experience. Her passion for creative writing began in high school, when she wrote several original coming-of-age stories. In addition to writing features for Looper, she's also currently working as a news writer for Some of her favorite movies are The Breakfast Club, Home Alone, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Sunny (South Korean Film), and Booksmart.


She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Communication from Saint Louis University. During her time in college, she was able to develop her skills in writing, video editing, and graphic designing.
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