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12 Epic Movies Like Titanic That Are Perfect For Hopeless Romantics

In visionary filmmaker James Cameron's 1997 classic "Titanic," an old woman named Rose tells a group of treasure hunters the story of how she fell in love on the Titanic and came to possess a rare diamond necklace called the "Heart of the Ocean." In 1912, Rose is a young upper class woman on the Titanic, who meets Jack, a free-spirited starving artist, who changes her life forever. Despite being engaged to the snobby and wealthy Cal, Rose falls in love with Jack and plans to run away with him once they arrive at the ship's destination. However, their romance gets seriously tested by Cal's schemes and the life-threatening disaster of the Titanic's sinking. 

Future Oscar-winners Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet gained global recognition for their iconic performances as star-crossed lovers Jack and Rose. "Titanic" became the highest-grossing film of all-time with over $2 billion at the box office, until Cameron's epic action film "Avatar" took away the title in 2010 (via Box Office Mojo). In addition to being a massive blockbuster success, "Titanic" also earned critical acclaim with critics praising it for its stellar acting, epic visuals, flawless direction, and groundbreaking production.

Thanks to the unmatched chemistry between DiCaprio and Winslet, "Titanic" remains one of the greatest love stories in cinematic history, and has left audiences wanting more stories like Jack and Rose's. If you're one of them, look no further as we've gathered 12 more films like "Titanic" that will satisfy your hopeless romantic heart.

Brokeback Mountain

Based on Annie Proulx's 1997 short story of the same name, "Brokeback Mountain" follows the epic and enduring love story between two men in the American West, who just can't seem to quit each other. The story begins in the summer of 1963, when strangers Ennis and Jack get hired to herd sheep on Brokeback Mountain in Wyoming. While alone together in the mountains, they develop an unexpected bond that transforms into a romance, which haunts them for the rest of their lives. After their blissful time together concludes, Ennis and Jack each navigate their lives away from each other. Ennis starts a family with sweetheart Alma, while Jack moves to Texas and marries fellow rodeo rider Lureen. Despite this, their connection continues to grow, and they embark upon a 20-year-long affair full of longing, passion, heartbreak, and disappointment.

This award-winning and universally acclaimed film hails from Oscar-winning filmmaker Ang Lee, who directs a cast full of acting powerhouses led by the late Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Williams, and Anne Hathaway. It features a groundbreaking storyline about life and eternal love. Ledger and Gyllenhaal deliver beautiful and haunting performances, as they effectively portray their characters' complex and undying love for each other. Williams and Hathaway also captivate the audiences by giving heart-rending performances as the women who get caught in the middle of this tragic love story. Fans of Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet's chemistry and emotional love story in "Titanic" will be sure to fall for "Brokeback Mountain."


After working together in the 2007 Bob Dylan biographical drama "I'm Not There," Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett reunites with director Todd Haynes for the 2015 film adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's 1952 romance novel "The Price of Salt." Set in Manhattan during the 1952 holiday season, "Carol" centers around amateur photographer Therese Belivet. She's a department store employee whose attention immediately gravitates towards the elegant and beautiful Carol Aird, an older woman going through a divorce and custody battle. Through a model train set and a "forgotten" pair of gloves, Therese gets the chance to know Carol better. However, as Carol lets Therese into her life, they're confronted by the reality and consequences of pursuing something more than friendship. This includes Carol potentially losing her daughter to her husband Harge, who's planning to use her sexuality to win full custody over their daughter.

Haynes' romantic period drama does not only feature a beautiful and heartfelt storyline, but it also boasts amazing visuals and exceptionally moving performances. In 2016, BFI declared "Carol" to be the "Best LGBTQ+ Film of All Time" thanks to its groundbreaking representation of a positive lesbian relationship. Blanchett is joined by Rooney Mara, whose portrayal of the gentle, observant, and love-struck Therese effectively compliments Blanchett's depiction of the strong and independent but complicated Carol. Fans of "Titanic" will appreciate this poignant love story and the on-screen chemistry between Blanchett and Mara, which shines through all of their scenes together and leaves audiences rooting for their happy ending.


Considered as one of the greatest films of all time, "Casablanca" is a romantic drama set during World War II, which follows former lovers Rick Blaine and Ilsa Lund, as they meet each other once again in the Moroccan city of Casablanca. Rick is an American nightclub owner in Casablanca, who comes into the possession of very valuable documents, which allow refugees a way to safely travel across a Nazi-occupied Europe. His ex and source of his greatest heartbreak, Ilsa, re-enters his life to ask for his help in getting her and her Czech husband Victor to America. Still heartbroken over Ilsa's betrayal in Paris, Rick is faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to help the love of his life escape the country with her husband.

This classic film from the Golden Age of Hollywood is led by veteran actors Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, who both give career-defining performances. Their iconic and unmatched portrayals of Rick and Ilsa have stood the test of time, as new generations continue to discover Michael Curtiz's cinematic masterpiece. Nearly 80 years since its theatrical debut in 1942, "Casablanca" is still remembered not only for its impressive leads, but also for its production, cinematography, and Oscar-winning screenplay, which has given audiences some of the most memorable lines in film history. If you're a fan of star-crossed love stories like Jack and Rose's in "Titanic," there's perhaps no better example of it than in "Casablanca."

If Beale Street Could Talk

Following the critical success of "Moonlight" in 2016, award-winning filmmaker Barry Jenkins directs another emotional and intimate drama in "If Beale Street Could Talk." Based on James Baldwin's 1974 novel of the same name, the film follows childhood friends-turned-lovers Tish Rivers and Fonny Hunt, a young Black couple whose bright future and plans of marriage get upended when Fonny is wrongly accused of raping a woman. Their situation gets more difficult when Tish discovers that she's pregnant with their first child. She finds strength thanks to her family's unwavering support and her love of Fonny, and she determines to do everything in her power to get Fonny out of prison before the baby is born. While Tish tries to prove Fonny's innocence, she recalls the moments and people, which helped shape her and Fonny's relationship into a long-lasting bond of love and trust.

This 2018 film is a stunning, visually moving piece that is paired with a well-written storyline about the Black American experience told both through the enduring romance of Tish and Fonny and the complicated bonds between their respective families. The drama is brought to life by the incredible and gripping performances of its all-star cast including Regina King, Colman Domingo, KiKi Layne, and Stephan James. For her role as Tish's mother Sharon, King earned her first Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. "If Beale Street Could Talk" is a much quieter, more intimate film than "Titanic," but its beautiful, nuanced love story is just as epic as that of Jack and Rose.


"Loving" is a biographical drama centering around an interracial couple, whose love forever changed history and the American Constitution. Set in Virginia in the late 1950s, the story begins when white construction worker Richard Loving falls in love with a Black woman, Mildred. They decide to marry after finding out that they're going to be parents. Despite obtaining a marriage license in Washington D.C., Richard and Mildred's union isn't legally recognized in their hometown, as the state of Virginia has laws prohibiting interracial marriages. Because of this, they're exiled from their home and are forced to leave their family and friends behind. Richard and Mildred try to find a way back home by challenging the laws that stop them from being together.

The film is written and directed by Jeff Nichols, and is based on Nancy Buirski's 2011 documentary "The Loving Story." Leading this inspirational romantic drama are Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga, whose dynamic and tender chemistry elevate their respective portrayals of Richard and Mildred. They give convincing, heartfelt, and honest performances that effectively give justice to the trailblazing legacy of the real Lovings, whose courage and unwavering love allowed fellow interracial couples and mixed-race children to get the recognition that they rightfully deserve. The film was a critical hit, and anyone who enjoys the intersection of history and romance in "Titanic" will love "Loving."

Moulin Rouge

Director Baz Luhrmann transports audiences to the glamorous world of the Moulin Rouge, a nightclub where anyone can be whoever they want to be. The film centers around talented writer Christian, who moves to the fabulous city of Paris and very quickly winds up at the best cabaret in the city: the Moulin Rouge. There, Christian falls in love at first sight with the club's most coveted performer, the courtesan Satine. However, Satine isn't allowed to fall in love with anyone, especially when she must seduce The Duke, a wealthy man, who can provide the investment needed to save the struggling club and turn it into a theater. Despite this, she and Christian begin a secret affair, and once The Duke discovers their relationship, he does everything he can to tear them apart.

Leading this fantastical musical romantic drama are Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman, whose dazzling and heartfelt performances and believable chemistry make it easy to invest in their love story. Baz Luhrmann adds his unique twist to this classic forbidden love story with an amazing production design, inventive direction, and show-stopping musical numbers. "Moulin Rouge" is one of Luhrmann's biggest box office hits to date and the timeless love story of Christian and Satine is one that any fan of "Titanic" will appreciate.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Award-winning French filmmaker Céline Sciamma delivers a cinematic masterpiece in "Portrait of a Lady on Fire." This romantic 18th century period drama is about two women on a remote island, who develop a long-lasting bond during their brief time together. Talented painter Marianne accepts a commission to paint a portrait of Héloïse, a young woman forced to marry a wealthy stranger for the sake of her family's social standing. However, the fiercely independent Héloïse refuses to pose for any portraits, as it would finalize her arranged marriage. Marianne must secretly paint Héloïse, so she pretends to be a hired companion to gain her trust. However, passionate feelings start to emerge, as Marianne and Héloïse learn more about each other. Soon, Marianne finds herself in a dilemma over her conflicting feelings with finishing Héloïse's portrait, as it would seal their destined separation.

This 2019 film offers a compelling and heartbreaking story of finding love and acceptance. Sciamma directs an exquisitely moving piece that is brought to life with breathtaking visuals and cinematography. "Portrait of a Lady on Fire" is deepened by its skillful incorporation of the epic story of Orpheus and Eurydice, which perfectly parallels Marianne and Héloïse's own relationship. Noémie Merlant and Adèle Haenel both give exceptionally beautiful performances as Marianne and Héloïse and masterfully convey their characters' emotions and intense feelings. Audiences are left rooting for them until the final frame, even with the heartbreaking knowledge that Marianne and Héloïse's romance must inevitably end, and this alone makes this movie a great pick for any "Titanic" fan.

Pride and Prejudice

Joe Wright makes his feature directorial debut with the 2005 film adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice," based on Jane Austen's classic 1813 novel. Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen play two of Austen's most iconic literary characters: Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth is a free spirited young woman, whose mother is very eager to find suitable matches for her five daughters. Despite feeling the pressure to marry, Elizabeth isn't in a hurry, as she hasn't found a man that garners her interest. However, this changes when she meets the wealthy, handsome, and reserved Mr. Darcy. He finds himself gravitating towards the straightforward Elizabeth, who — despite feeling a connection with him — absolutely loathes his snobbish attitude. Elizabeth and the rest of her family face different challenges, as they pursue marriage, try to maintain their social standing, and hope to find the love they deserve within these social confines.

Knightley and Macfadyen's electrifying chemistry is evident from their first scene together and continues all the way up to their last moments on-screen. Knightley perfectly embodies her character's wit, grace, charm, and strength, while Macfadyen successfully captures Mr. Darcy's arrogance and sophistication. They both effectively showcase their characters' subtle adoration for each other through their expressions and captivating back-and-forth dialogues. Knightley and Macfadyen are joined by a star-studded cast of Donald Sutherland, Dame Judi Dench, and Carey Mulligan in her feature acting debut. Anyone who loves the timelessness of the love story in "Titanic" will be pulled into the world of one of the most classic love stories of all-time.

Romeo + Juliet

Director Baz Luhrmann adapts William Shakespeare's celebrated tragic love story for modern audiences in his 1996 romance "Romeo + Juliet." The film centers around Verona Beach's two influential organized crime families, the Capulets and the Montagues. Their intense and long-time rivalry weighs heavy on their family members, particularly on their children Juliet Capulet and Romeo Montague. Romeo and Juliet are supposed to hate each other, but instead, fall deeply and madly in love when Romeo sneaks into the Capulet's costume ball. There, his heart and soul instantly get ensnared by Juliet, whose beauty and elegance leave the sensitive Romeo in awe of her. Their families' rivalry is just one of several obstacles to their romance, as Romeo and Juliet must overcome a number of challenges including Juliet's arranged engagement, Romeo's exile, and a misunderstanding that will lead them to their tragic fates.

Despite bringing the story into a more contemporary setting, Luhrmann's film retains the Shakespearean-style dialogue of the source material. "Romeo + Juliet" features an engaging and captivating storyline about the doomed romance between the titular star-crossed lovers, which gets elevated by Luhrmann's unique creative vision. Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes both give wonderful leading performances, as they effectively embody their characters' intense and youthful romance. They are joined by a solid supporting cast including Brian Dennehy, John Leguizamo, Jamie Kennedy, Miriam Margolyes, Harold Perrineau, and Paul Rudd. Anyone who swoons over Leo in "Titanic" will be sure to do the same when watching him in this ultimate love story, which continues to stand the test of time.

Shakespeare in Love

"Shakespeare in Love" centers around one of the greatest playwrights in history, as he struggles to write his next play. This Oscar-winning romantic comedy-drama depicts the fictional love affair that inspires William Shakespeare to write the greatest love story of all time, "Romeo and Juliet." After a series of failed plays and a writer's block, William's life changes forever when he meets Viola, a woman from a wealthy family, who disguises herself as a man to audition for William's new play. Soon, William finds out Viola's true identity, and falls in love at first sight with her extraordinary beauty. His immediate connection with Viola inspires him to change his play from a comedy to a love story. Besides being from two different worlds, Viola's impending marriage to Lord Wessex also serves as a challenge for her and William's intensifying romance.

This 1998 film features an entertaining and clever storyline, which gets elevated through the delightful and charming performances of its stellar cast that's led by Joseph Fiennes and Gwyneth Paltrow. Their respective portrayals of Shakespeare and Viola are witty and engaging, and their magnetic chemistry and convincing passion shine through all of their intimate scenes together. Fiennes and Paltrow are joined by a strong supporting cast including Geoffrey Rush, Colin Firth, Imelda Staunton, Jim Carter, and Dame Judi Dench, whose scene-stealing performance as Queen Elizabeth I resulted in her first Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress. Anyone who's drawn to the romance and intimacy of "Titanic" will fall in love with "Shakespeare in Love."

The Notebook

Based on Nicholas Sparks' 1996 novel, "The Notebook" follows the life-long romance between Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton who — despite their different social standings — fall deeply in love with each other. The film begins in the summer of 1940, when lumber mill worker Noah meets the privileged Allie, and the two begin a romance like no other. Because of Allie's parents' disapproval, their summer romance abruptly ends when Allie moves back to the city, while Noah gets enlisted in the war. They spend several years apart, and move on to different places of their lives. However, when Allie finally sees Noah again after so much time, she's hit by a wave of emotions. Allie must make a choice between starting a life with her fiancé Lon, or falling back into the arms of the one that got away.

Despite receiving mixed critical reviews, this 2004 film was a box office hit and struck a cord with audiences, thanks to the beautiful and sentimental performances from leading stars (and former real-life couple) Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Their evident magnetic chemistry radiates in all of their scenes together, as they effortlessly make the audiences connect with their characters' romance and struggles. They are joined by a great cast including James Marsden, Joan Allen, and Sam Shepard, as well as legends James Garner and Gena Rowlands (mother of the film's director, Nick Cassavettes), who both deliver tear-jerking performances. Similarly to "Titanic," "The Notebook" is often considered one of the most romantic movies ever. Moviefone calls it one of the "best romance movies of all time," noting that "Teen girls hadn't swooned like this since 'Titanic.'" 

The Princess Bride

Based on William Goldman's classic 1973 novel, "The Princess Bride" is a timeless tale of romance, adventure, and fantasy. Often considered as one of the greatest comedies of all time, actor-turned-filmmaker Rob Reiner's near-perfect adaptation features Cary Elwes and Robin Wright in the iconic roles of Westley and Buttercup. The 1987 film tells the story of a beautiful woman named Buttercup, who falls in love with farm boy Westley. Their bliss is cut short when Westley decides to leave to find fortune elsewhere, and Buttercup later hears that he has been killed by the dreadful Pirate Roberts. Years later, a still-grieving Buttercup is forced to marry Prince Humperdinck, and her bad luck takes an even worse turn when she gets kidnapped by three criminals. A masked man soon appears, intent on saving Buttercup from the trio and take her away from Humperdinck's evil plans — can she open her heart to him the way she once did to Westley?

Elwes and Wright, who are enchanting and phenomenal as Westley and Buttercup, are joined by an epic supporting cast including Mandy Patinkin, Wallace Shawn, Billy Crystal, and André the Giant, who all deliver stand-out and hilarious performances. Despite initially receiving moderate box office success, the film has achieved cult classic status and stayed relevant in pop culture thanks to its inconceivably quotable lines. The cast reunited for a shoot with Entertainment Weekly, and credit the film's timelessness with its ability to appeal to people of all ages and demographics. If you love the epic scale of "Titanic" but are desiring something that's as funny as it is romantic, then "The Princess Bride" is the perfect film for you.