Gissane Sophia

California State Northridge
TV, Movies, Romance Genre Literature
  • As an English Literature major, critical thinking is like second nature, I can't watch anything without wanting to dig in deeper to all the elements that make the piece complete as a whole.
  • I'm specifically well versed in the romance genre and know the ins and outs of all "tropes" along with the crucial detail that a happy ending is a must to be considered part of the genre.
  • I have a lot of insight on various fandoms and the culture behind it, along with what fans want to read plus know about.


Gissane (pronounced Geese-enny) — or, as people often call her, "Goose" — is a romance aficionado who's taken her English degree and love for essays into writing lengthy analyses about pop culture. She founded Marvelous Geeks Media in 2012 and has been writing daily there since. She also co-founded the Lady Geeks Podcast. She drinks too much coffee, wants to live in a forest, and cries a lot because of her favorite characters.


Gissane has a Bachelor's degree in English Creative Writing and a Masters in English Literature.
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