Ben Kaye

Chicago, IL
University Of Pittsburgh
Movies, Animation, Musical Theater, Documentaries
  • Ben is the Managing Director of Red Tape Theatre in Chicago, IL.
  • Ben hosts the podcast "MOVIE: The Musical!" where he dissects movies that have been adapted into musicals for the stage.
  • Ben has written theater reviews for Newcity Stage, reviewing stage productions in Chicago for the past three years.


Ben has worked in the theatrical and critical arts for almost a decade now, performing and directing at countless venues in the city of Chicago. He has written theatrical reviews for Newcity Stage, and many film retrospectives for The Spool. He is currently the Managing Director for Red Tape Theatre, a storefront theater company devoted to producing Free Theatre for all of Chicago. He also currently hosts "MOVIE: The Musical!", a podcast about films that have been adapted for the stage.


Ben got a dual major at the University of Pittsburgh, specifically in directing and performing in the theatrical arts, and for fiction writing.
Stories By Ben Kaye