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Chicago Fire Fans Still Have A Hard Time Accepting This Severide Story

Although "Chicago Fire" is known for its action-packed episodes, a lot of plotlines on the show revolve around the personal lives of those working at the fire department. Even when there's not a crisis at work, chaos in a character's private life will turn up the heat. As one of only three actors that have appeared in every episode, Taylor Kinney has done a great job of portraying Lieutenant Kelly Severide, a character that's had his fair share of relationship drama. The character has evolved quite a bit since viewers first saw him in Season 1. His days of dating around are long over now that he's married to Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) and his friendships have grown over the years, as well.

Despite the show's ability to realistically portray the challenges faced by first responders, the plot can be unrealistic at times — especially when it comes to characterization. For a show that's been on for so long, it's natural for fans to prefer some storylines over others, and certain examples stand out more than others. As one of the show's original cast members, Severide has been affected by those moments of inconsistency. In fact, there's one Severide storyline in particular that fans had a hard time wrapping their heads around.

Severide acts as Cruz's best man

In the Season 8 episode "Light Things Up," viewers finally got to see Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) and Chloe Allen (Kristen Gutoskie) get married. As one of the best couples on "Chicago Fire," everyone at Firehouse 51 gathered together to celebrate the union. However, the fact that Cruz chose Severide to be his best man left viewers scratching their heads.

While it's not Severide's worst storyline, it didn't make much sense. For some viewers, it was odd for Cruz to pick Severide when he's been shown to have deeper relationships with other characters. "It should have been Brett or his brother really. But, they have really not touched on how Cruz and Brett used to be best buds, and his brother has been MIA. So, I guess they went with the next best thing," wrote Reddit u/marty0115.

Other users expressed that Severide being the best man felt random. "Otis would've been his best man if he was still around. Honestly, I think Brett would've done a better job at being best man than Severide" shared Reddit u/gato_go_meow.

Although Brett (Kara Killmer) and Cruz are friends, the fact that they briefly dated may have made the wedding photos a little awkward. Cruz probably would have wanted Otis (Yuri Sardarov) as his best man if were still alive, which could explain why he chose Severide. They all worked at the fire department together, so it's possible that Cruz was trying to represent his fallen friend.