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Evil Dead: The Game's Bruce Campbell Teases Evil Dead Rise - Exclusive

The "Evil Dead" franchise has been one of the most enduring and revered horror sagas in cinema over the past four decades, after it kicked off with the first film in 1981. An expertly-crafted indie from director Sam Raimi, producer Rob Tapert, and actor Bruce Campbell, the movie's cult status led to the sequel "Evil Dead II" in 1987 and threequel "Army of Darkness" in 1992. Now, 41 years after the release of the first "Evil Dead" film, the franchise is making yet another comeback with the upcoming feature "Evil Dead Rise."

"Evil Dead Rise" actually marks the second "Evil Dead" reboot film following the original trilogy. Filmmaker Fede Alvarez co-wrote and directed a remake of the original "Evil Dead" in 2013, which was produced by Raimi, Campbell, and Tapert, and featured an entirely new cast led by Jane Levy. Luckily for fans, Campbell reprised his iconic antihero character, Ash Williams, in a post-credits stinger where he made a silhouetted appearance and uttered his famous quip, "Groovy!" before swiftly turning to the audience.

Campbell's brief appearance after the credits of the 2013 film proved to be a good omen for fans of the "Evil Dead" universe, as he returned to his chainsaw-wielding ways in the Starz series "Ash vs. Evil Dead" from 2015 to 2018. Hope for more Ash wasn't completely vanquished by the cancellation of the series after three seasons, though, as Campbell — along with his "Ash vs. Evil Dead" sidekicks, played by Dana DeLorenzo and Ray Santiago — have just returned to their Deadite-slaying ways to voice their characters in "Evil Dead: The Game."

Along with the release of the new video game, 2022 appears to be shaping up to be a great year for "Evil Dead" lovers, since Campbell, Raimi, and Tapert have re-teamed once again to produce the upcoming reboot "Evil Dead Rise."

'Evil Dead Rise' will have Easter eggs 'honoring the past' of the franchise

Set for release on HBO Max sometime in 2022, "Evil Dead Rise" is different from the original trilogy, remake, and TV series in that it takes the horror from remote areas and a haunted cabin in the woods to a high-rise in a city. Written and directed by Lee Cronin — who helmed an episode of the Raimi-produced horror anthology series "50 States of Fright" — "Evil Dead Rise" centers around estranged sisters (Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan) who encounter the franchise's famous demonically-possessed Deadites.

In an exclusive email interview with Looper to discuss "Evil Dead: The Game," Campbell was thrilled to report on the progress of "Evil Dead Rise," specifically noting how the film will appeal to the fans of the "Evil Dead" franchise as a whole.

"We were all very involved in this film," Campbell said on behalf of Raimi and Tapert. "[Director-writer] Lee Cronin did a great job, and we're more than a little excited to present it. The flick is very well-crafted, and fans will appreciate not only the Easter eggs honoring the past, but Lee's vision for a new 'Evil Dead,' which is memorable."

In the meantime, fans are able to play "Evil Dead: The Game" not only with characters and environments from "Ash vs. Evil Dead," but familiar faces and places from the original "Evil Dead" movie trilogy. Since Campbell said there are expansions planned for the video game, the actor-producer hinted that what goes on in "Evil Dead Rise" could eventually become part of the game, too. "Any film we do could eventually be involved in the game," Campbell said. "That's the beauty of having the game finally out."

"Evil Dead: The Game" is available in stores and online from Boss Team Games and Saber Interactive. "Evil Dead Rise" will premiere exclusively on HBO Max sometime in 2022.