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Moon Knight Director Mohamed Diab Reveals The Key Element That Makes The Series Fit Into The MCU - Exclusive

Since Marvel's sprawling saga of films and television projects known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked off in 2008 with "Iron Man," fans have witnessed how each chapter contributes to a much larger story that continues to unfold. Given that, fans have undoubtedly been anticipating what other MCU characters or storylines may turn up in "Moon Knight," and ultimately, how the titular character will fit into the shared universe going forward.

New on Disney+, "Moon Knight" tells the story of Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac), a former U.S. Marine and mercenary who struggles with dissociative identity disorder. As a result, Marc lives part of his life as Steven Grant, a British museum gift shop employee who, despite his bumbling ways, is well-versed in Egyptian history. Steven's vast knowledge comes in handy when both he and Marc are called upon to become the avatar of Khonshu (voice of F. Murray Abraham), the Egyptian god of the moon. Summoning the suit of Moon Knight, Marc-slash-Steven becomes the vengeful superhero who is tasked with stopping the sinister plans of Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), a charismatic cult leader who is determined to the awaken the Egyptian deity Ammit — an action that will have deadly implications worldwide.

Throughout the first four episodes of the miniseries, executive producer-director Mohamed Diab, as well as directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, have been establishing the story of the character and his nemesis in great detail but haven't necessarily given any hints to Moon Knight's overall place in the MCU. However, Diab explained in an exclusive interview with Looper that the miniseries does share a common attribute with all of the MCU's chapters.

Diab says the humor of Moon Knight fits the MCU's sensibilities

Since Mohamed Diab couldn't discuss anything with Looper past the fourth episode of the six-episode miniseries, fans will be in wait-and-see mode to find out how "Moon Knight" ties to any other MCU storylines and potential character appearances. One thing Diab could confirm, though, is that "Moon Knight" has an element of humor about it, which has been a vital part of the MCU's identity. The best thing about the humor in "Moon Knight," Diab explained, is that none of it is intentional — but rather arises out of the situations the character is in and how Oscar Isaac goes with the flow to inadvertently create some amusing moments.

"I can't wait to see him driving everyone crazy. Imagine someone talking to him and he turns to Moon Knight, turns to Marc, turns to Steven, but the best thing about the comedy of the show is no one is cracking jokes. It's coming from what's happening, situational," Diab enthused. "Steven doesn't know that he's funny. He's not trying to be funny. He's different ... A lot of Marvel characters are very funny, but I'm imagining that seriousness or that kind of humor, that different kind of humor, blending in the MCU. I want to see him with as [many] people as possible."

Executive produced by Grant Curtis and also starring May Calamawy, "Moon Knight" is streaming exclusively on Disney+ with new episodes premiering Wednesdays through May 4.