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The Yellowstone Character Fans Think Is Getting Annoying

As the "Yellowstone" universe continues to expand with spin-off after spin-off, the original Western drama series is gearing up for its fifth season. The record-breaking Paramount show follows the Dutton family as they manage their illustrious ranch while navigating various conflicts. It's an action-packed mix of interpersonal drama, high-stakes feuds, and political turmoil set in Montana.

Many "Yellowstone" fans appreciate the show for its array of complex characters, although some have proven divisive among the active online fanbase. From confusion about Teeter's (Jennifer Landon) over-the-top Southern drawl to the way Mia (Eden Brolin) handled her breakup with Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White), fans are split over how to feel about certain characters. Except for Monica Dutton (Kelsey Asbille), whom most fans admit they find annoying.

The debate over a lesser-discussed 'annoying' character recently made the rounds on the popular "Yellowstone" subreddit. Here's how some fans really feel about Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley).

Not everyone understands Jamie Dutton

One "Yellowstone" fan started a thread titled, "I love this show but Jamie is probably the most annoying actor/character I've ever witnessed." They pointed out that, as a lawyer, Jamie's "naivety" doesn't make sense, while his "(constant) whining" is frustrating. They also don't understand why he chose to seek out his biological father after learning the truth about his tragic childhood.

While some fans chimed in to agree that the lawyer-turned-Attorney General can be annoying, others took it as a compliment. "I always think the characters we end up hating are really brilliant actors considering we despise them so much," said u/Pitiful_Toe8732.

Others pushed back to say that, while occasionally aggravating, Jamie is an integral part of the ranch and does more than anyone realizes to help his family despite how poorly they treat him.

Some even compared him to the much-maligned Monica, but u/iheartsev countered that both characters are "deliberately written" to get under people's skin. "To me, I would describe Jamie as a decent man, but a very very weak man, too easily tossed this way and that by people of stronger and more determined wills," they added.

Whether fans love or hate Jamie Dutton, everyone can agree that he's a "complicated" character.