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The Black Panther Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

One of the more fascinating and engrossing corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the one inhabited by the hero Black Panther. Not only is the country of Wakanda a technologically advanced wonderland, but it is also populated by interesting, complex characters. This isn't some far-off alien world connected to Earth via an interstellar path known as a rainbow bridge, like Asgard. Wakanda is part of our world and the people living there aren't aliens, they're us.

Part of what makes the movie work is the desire to visit this country that is simultaneously traditional and far more advanced than anything the rest of the world has seen. To actually be a citizen of Wakanda, or even just a tourist, would probably be a thrill. If you find yourself wondering which one of the characters you would be if you were dropped into this story, we have the guide for you.

Zodiac signs have been assigned to the following characters based on how they behave, their motivations for their actions, and how they present themselves overall. Take a look below to find out exactly which "Black Panther" character you are, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries -- Erik Killmonger

Abandoned by Wakanda following the death of his father, N'Jadaka grew up in a world of anger, hatred, and war. Fueled by rage, he became an efficient killer for the U.S. military who scars his body to mark each kill, becoming known as Erik Killmonger. Believing Wakanda could be doing more to help the oppressed and suffering of the world, he finds his way back to unseat T'Challa and claim the throne, intending to use their incredible firepower and technology to lead a revolution across the globe.

It is the belief that he knows better than everyone else in Wakanda, his certainty in his own destiny, and his drive to brutalize the world into what he thinks it should be that makes Killmonger an Aries. In a way, he is a self-made god of war, confident in the knowledge that he is the best person to not only lead Wakanda but the rest of the world.

Taurus -- Ramonda

When reading this description of the character traits associated with the sign of Taurus, it's difficult to assign it to any character. Wakanda is rightfully proud of its success in maintaining peace and continuing to advance. While we may see their lives as luxurious, to them, it's just who they are. Therefore, it's important to reframe the definition somewhat. Instead of taking it so literally and trying to find someone who delights in pampering themselves, perhaps it's more beneficial to view this through the lens of pride and honor.

If you're considering which character best exudes a sense of pride and honor, as well as loyalty, then the answer is obvious. As the widow of the late King T'Chaka and mother of T'Challa, the Queen Mother Ramonda beams with adoration of her family and heritage. Sure her gowns are striking and elegant and beyond what many of us could hope to afford or be able to wear with any sense of confidence, but she wears them with dignity and not out of vanity. She is secure in her royal status and the traditions of her home, even when they are challenged by someone like Killmonger. She is confident in her understanding of right and wrong and will not compromise those morals for anyone.

Gemini -- Shuri

It's been said that Geminis excel at making things move forward. They tend to be busy, brilliant people who are constantly looking for ways to innovate. That being the case, of course, the best character to fit that description is T'Challa's genius sister Shuri.

Seeing T'Challa and Shuri explore her lab as she gushes over all the advancements she's pioneered is similar to James Bond and Q discussing which gadgets he'll need for his mission. She turned the already powerful (and really cool) Black Panther suit into a convenient weapon rivaling Tony Stark's various Iron Man suits.

Also, she isn't afraid to shake up tradition. During the coronation of T'Challa, she's cracking jokes and basically pointing out the silliness of maintaining such a rigid ritual. While others hold the greatest reverence for their king, Shuri isn't afraid to knock him down a few pegs. She is confident, capable, and the natural choice to succeed her brother as the next Black Panther.

Cancer -- Zuri

Cancers are believed to be capable of existing in two worlds at once. This has been described as an ability to live in both the emotional and material realms simultaneously, but could also be read as the rational and spiritual domains as well. In "Black Panther," a spiritual world referred to as the Ancestral Plane plays a large role in the lives of Wakanda's royalty, who visit the realm when being imbued with the strength of the Black Panther to find guidance.

The man responsible for overseeing tradition and guiding the kings of Wakanda into that realm is Zuri. He is a man who both loves his heritage and is grieving over the sacrifice made by N'Jobu to save his life. He respects and honors King T'Chaka, but is being torn apart over the decision to leave N'Jadaka behind in America. He inevitably pays for that honor with his life, while trying to protect T'Challa. Not only his connection to the spirit world, but the duality within his heart makes him the perfect Cancer.

Leo -- Ulysees Klaue

One of the more outwardly cruel and brutal antagonists in the MCU, Ulysees Klaue thinks very highly of himself. He struts around like no one can touch him and seems to really thrive on conflict. Other than when he's stealing artifacts and selling them to the highest bidder, he comes to life whenever someone gets in his way, genuinely delighting at the prospect of taking them down.

It's his self-importance and willingness to take several lives without a second thought that makes him a Leo. True, a Leo's penchant for flaunting what makes them special isn't an inherently bad thing. There is nothing wrong with being proud of who you are and broadcasting that. However, Klaue serves as an example of what happens when those tendencies are pushed to the extreme and someone literally believes themselves to be so great and so tough that morality no longer becomes a factor in their lives.

Virgo -- Okoye

Virgos have been described as hardworking, diligent perfectionists who are, according to Allure's zodiac chart, not "afraid to improve skills through diligent and consistent practice." As the general of the Dora Milaje, the king's bodyguards and fierce warriors capable of carrying out missions away from Wakanda, Okoye needs to be a perfectionist in order to keep her king and the people safe.

Her devotion to the role of general is challenged when T'Challa is defeated and usurped as king. Her position requires her to protect the king, but she knows in her heart that N'Jadaka does not deserve her allegiance. Still, her commitment is so deep that she is compelled to stay by his side and protect him. She inevitably sides with T'Challa to reclaim his throne and even serves double-duty as an Avenger and leader of the Dora Milaje following Thanos' snap. That dedication is exactly why she is this film's Virgo.

Libra -- Nakia

Like Killmonger, Nakia believes that Wakanda could be doing more to help the world. Unlike Killmonger, she doesn't want to do this through force, but via diplomacy and foreign aid. She confesses this to T'Challa after returning to Wakanda to witness his coronation. He wants her to stay in Wakanda, but she can't. She's seen too much pain and suffering in the world and is compelled to help.

Utilizing Wakanda's resources to benefit others can be seen as a kind of harmony. From her point of view, there is a terrible imbalance and it is time to redistribute some of their power to lift up others. That kind of motivation links up perfectly with a Libra's search for harmony in all things. Following the battle with Killmonger, and with her guidance, T'Challa and Wakanda are finally willing and able to enter the world stage and start doing some good.

Scorpio -- T'Chaka

T'Challa's father, the late T'Chaka, looms large over "Black Panther." Unraveling and unpacking his secrets and motivations is a major driving force behind the film. That kind of unknowable mystique is what makes him this movie's representation of a Scorpio, as they are often mysterious and misunderstood.

T'Chaka, the previous king, died in "Captain America: Civil War." That tragic event is why T'Challa is now crowned king at the start of "Black Panther." Not only does T'Challa wrestle with his emotions over the loss of his father, but he is also torn over what direction he will be taking the country. It would seem that he feels obligated to keep ruling as his father did, but deep down he knows it's time for them to progress and become part of the larger world.

It's T'Chaka's determination to keep Wakanda's true might hidden from the world that results in Killmonger barging in to take over. If T'Chaka had just brought little N'Jadaka back with him after N'Jobu's death, much of the film's conflict could have been avoided. Still, T'Chaka had his own motivations, misguided as they may have been, and understanding that his father was fallible is crucial to T'Challa's growth.

Sagittarius -- T'Challa

It's believed that a Sagittarius is driven by a thirst for knowledge and adventure, making those born under this sign full of potential. Although we sadly lost actor Chadwick Boseman, a major aspect of his character in this film is his immense promise. He is a young king with big decisions to make in addition to being the Black Panther. He seeks out counsel from the people close to him, similarly to the Sagittarius' search for understanding, and visits the Ancestral Plane to learn from his father, gaining spiritual wisdom.

His reign as king was just starting and he had begun to put events into motion that could possibly lead to a new golden era for Wakanda. These actions serve as evidence of T'Challa becoming a great and legendary king, had the actor's own story not been cut short. T'Challa fights to protect his country with the heart of an adventurer and craves insights from others like a ravenous student. All these attributes solidify him as the film's best example of a Sagittarius.

Capricorn -- M'Baku

We first meet M'Baku when he arrives to challenge T'Challa's appointment as king. His reasons are that his tribe, the Jabari, have watched as a child has overseen the nation's technological advancements and they are not thrilled with the idea of someone incapable of protecting their own father being tasked with watching over the entire country. It sounds as though these grievances had been brewing for a while, but now was the time to take action.

Patience is a key Capricorn trait. They're not in any rush to get what they want. They will observe and plan and strike when the time is right. This is exactly what M'Baku is doing both in that early scene and later when T'Challa asks him to join the fight against Killmonger. He doesn't want to rush into anything that puts his people's lives at risk. Instead, he takes some time to consider the threat Killmonger poses to his tribe and rushes in just when the time is right.

Aquarius -- N'Jobu

An Aquarius wants to push the world forward, to lead a revolution in order to make the planet a better place. That was the goal of N'Jobu. He was sent to America to observe, but what he saw there drove him to act. All over the world, descendants from Africa were being oppressed and manipulated by others with power and he couldn't stand by and let it happen any longer. Unfortunately, his decision to align himself with Klaue in order to get hold of some vibranium to begin this revolution leads to a confrontation with his brother, T'Chaka, resulting in N'Jobu's death.

Although he may not see the revolution come to pass, he does instill this passion in his son N'Jadaka. Inevitably, the changes he hoped for will occur, just in a different form. After the battle with N'Jadaka, T'Challa does his duty and announces to the world that Wakanda will now be a more active presence. While it isn't quite the peace through world domination that N'Jobu and his son would have wanted, it's a start.

Pisces -- Everett K. Ross

Everett K. Ross seems entirely out of place and in way over his head throughout the majority of his time in Wakanda. As an American CIA operative, he walks and talks like he has a handle on everything, but he quickly realizes the events taking place are far more complicated than he would have ever dreamed.

While pursuing Klaue, Ross crosses paths with T'Challa. Thinking Wakanda is a small developing nation, he's of the opinion that the motivations of the American government outweigh those of Wakanda. After suffering a deadly injury, he is taken to this "developing nation" where he discovers the truth. Once he heals, he tries to learn as much as he can but is often way behind everyone else.

By the end of the film, though, he has a strong enough handle on what's going on to actually help take down Killmonger. His method of collecting information, learning as much as he can, then utilizing those lessons so he can act and be of use, is a Pisces trait.