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Five Things We Want To See Happen In Ozark Season 4 Part 2

Contains spoilers for "Ozark" Season 4 Part 1

As dark and bleak as things are appearing to get, we're finally reaching the home stretch for Netflix's cold and criminally good family thriller series, "Ozark." After the competition was taken out by an even more significant threat in the Byrdes' flight path, tensions are high, and vengeance is on more than one mind as we head into Part 2 of the show's final season. While it's a safe bet to expect betrayals, bloodshed, and shocking deaths given our recent return to the Ozarks, there are a few key predictions to be made in the world of Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman), which is finally starting to fall apart.

With no confirmation of just when we'll be seeing Season 4 Part 2 just yet, all we can do now is anticipate the next big moves. Who will make it out of "Ozark" alive and unharmed, and more importantly, will the spoils go to any of those few victors who do? Here are our big predictions that we hope to see come true when "Ozark" finally comes to an end.

Will somebody please think of the children?

As "Ozark" progressed over the years, so too did the younger parties thrown into this world, and they've done as well as its older players. Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) has hustled the game better than most, even hiring from the competition in the case of Jonah (Skylar Gaertner) to improve her new business venture. It's put both her and the Byrde children deeper into the world they should've stayed out of, but hopefully, the end of this story could see them do just that.

Fingers crossed that the Byrde children and Marty's practically surrogate daughter will make it out alive and on the road to everyday life if they can. Since the beginning, Marty has pulled innocent parties into his dodgy dealings that didn't deserve it, and none have earned a get-out card more than his offspring and the girl who barely has a family left. Here's hoping they finally make it home to Chicago or anywhere they want in one piece.

Wendy faces justice for Ben's death

Since the beginning, "Ozark" has done an incredible job at fortifying female characters that, for better or worse, are one step ahead of the game. In the middle of all this in a league of her own is Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney). Taking her husband's criminal activities in stride, she practically lost her soul and a family member when she had her own brother, Ben (Tom Pelphrey), killed by the drug cartel she was in partnership with last season. Part 1 of this final season then saw her deny to an incredible degree what really happened, using his disappearance for her own personal gain (much to Marty's disbelief). It's time for her to face the truth in the show's final act.

Besides denying the blame for her own brother's death, Wendy has managed to push the family further into the pit they may struggle to get out of. Here's where she should finally face the consequences of her actions and accept the biggest injustice she committed to her own family. While it may not lead to a happy ending of her own, it may mend the bond that's been broken between her and Jonah, who may end up being lost to her altogether if she doesn't put things right.

Javi meets his maker

During its reign on Netflix, "Ozark" has introduced us to a whole host of despicable characters that have left us chilled to the bone and mouth agape at some of the vicious acts they've delivered. The most recent offender in the series is, without question, Javi Elizonndro (Alfonso Herrera), cousin to the head of the Navarro cartel, Omar Navarro (Felix Solis). The walking, talking grenade that has caused issues for the drug boss and his accountant has built himself quite a body count since his arrival, and hopefully, his own will top it off in Part 2. In fact, we know just the person to pull the trigger.

After finally putting an end to Lisa Emery's iconic Darlene Snell (thanks for that, by the way), but sadly killing Wyatt (Charlie Tahan) in the process, Ruth (Julia Garner) sets off on the warpath to avenge her cousin's death. Now, while Javi may be a very different breed of villain from the ones she's taken out in the past, one of the last remaining Langmores has proven time and time again never to be underestimated. Here's hoping Javi makes the same mistake. It'd make for one thoroughly entertaining watch.

Sam gets lucky

As much as a lot of people in "Ozark" get what they deserve (and we really hope some of them do), one of the few innocents in all this is the naive Sam Dermody (Kevin L. Johnson). A clueless cog in the Byrde enterprise from the start, Sam has fumbled his way from job to job and more often than not, come out lesser for it. When the unspeakable material hits the Byrde fan in the series, Sam often suffers most when he has the slightest connection to it. Perhaps Lady Luck could actually smile on him for a change.

It would be nice to see Sam get back on the straight and narrow now that he's taken the job at Ruth's motel. Maybe quash that gambling addiction he obtained (once again, following the Byrdes' business deals) and take over the motel business when the dust inevitably settles and the chips fall wherever they may in the show's finale. There are only a few good souls in "Ozark," so here's hoping this one gets what's coming to him.

Marty gets out clean

By rights, Marty has done enough during his time in the Ozarks that he should certainly receive a considerable punishment to fit his crimes. While bodies have literally been laid beside him, and people have been double-crossed or left in the lurch, Jason Bateman's supersharp accountant has somehow managed to stay above water. Nevertheless, he's always put his family first and faced every situation as rationally as possible, even when Wendy recently slipped following her brother's passing. With that in mind, and Marty's recent memories of an everyday life, it would be nice if he didn't go the way of Walter White or Dexter Morgan and actually gets out of the game in the way he came in — just barely.

Marty has shown on a number of occasions that he works best when his back is against the wall with a gun pressed into his forehead. That scenario is worse than it's ever been, with the head of the Byrde family facing off against the FBI, drug cartels, and private investigators all at once in the lead-up to the show's end. How on earth can that many problems be juggled at once? Well, if anyone can figure it out, it's undoubtedly Marty. And maybe he'll finally get that corner office he's been dreaming of recently as well.