The Most Paused Ben Moment In Netflix's Ozark

This year will see the return of the Byrde family — for one final time — in the closing season of "Ozark." The Netflix series, shot in Georgia, which has focused on Marty (Jason Bateman) and his family falling deeper into a criminal underbelly they can't get out of, will be heading into its final stretch. 

Sadly, one person from the previous season won't be there to see it. Last time around, Wendy (Laura Linney) turned against her brother, Ben Davis (Tom Pelphrey), after he caused many issues that got them further in trouble with their criminal connections. A catalyst that affected all those around him following his arrival at the start of the third season, Pelphrey's performance as the outside family member diagnosed with bipolar disorder earned him a lot of deserved recognition, including a Critics Choice Award nomination (via IMDb).

The show was littered with stunning moments from Pelphrey as a troubled individual that tried everything to make things right, only for everything around him to go terribly wrong. From his introduction as a schoolteacher unleashing a torrential downpour of pent-up rage to his final farewell to his sister, there wasn't an ounce of wasted opportunity from the actor, particularly in one pivotal scene that made for difficult viewing for many. However, what was even more impressive is that he was mostly the only actor in that scene.

Ben's ride into town paved the way for a perfect performance

The scene in question is in the ninth episode of Season 3, "Fire Pink," and it occurs after Ben confronts Helen (Janet McTeer). During a long taxi ride — and knowing the trouble he's in — Ben talks at length with his driver to fill the silence before it becomes apparent that he's the only one talking. 

This scene was perhaps Ben's most unforgettable moment in the series, and upon review, fans took to Reddit to discuss Pelphrey's incredibly accurate portrayal of someone who has bipolar disorder, and the precise detail that this sequence delivers. In the Reddit thread, JstTrstMe said, "I'm paused on this scene right now. I had to go outside and smoke a cigarette. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about it when it got revealed he had bipolar, I'm still not sure. It's f—–g spot on is all I can say." 

The sequence also led to some viewers reflecting on their own personal experience with the condition, with _unmarked saying, "The scene of him in the backseat of the car reminded me so much of my husband before medication I could barely get through it. Even looking at this screenshot makes me want to cry thinking about it."

It's genuinely stunning turn from Pelphrey, which explained why he became such a welcome addition to the show (which had already been filled with a brilliant cast). We can see how his departure will affect the Byrde family and others when "Ozark" returns for the first half of its final season on January 21, 2022.