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The How I Met Your Mother Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

"How I Met Your Mother" follows the architect Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) as he recounts the very, very long story of how he met the mother of his children. His story is as much about love as it is friendship — perhaps even more so the latter — as Ted navigates life in New York City with his four best friends: Marshall (Jason Segel), Lily (Alyson Hannigan), Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and his BF-ex, Robin (Cobie Smulders).

There are some, shall we say, dated and problematic aspects of "How I Met Your Mother" (Barney's toxic masculinity doesn't exactly stand the test of time). Nevertheless, the chemistry of the cast carries the show for all of its seasons and makes it a beloved series for many, in spite of the polarizing ending. Like any good sitcom, "How I Met Your Mother" relies on different character tropes to shake things up and keep the story moving. Ted is the romantic, Barney is the misogynistic player, Marshall is the sensitive one, Lily is the mother hen, and Robin is the free spirit. In other words, they're all different signs of the zodiac, which is why the alchemy of the show continues to work well. Read on to find which "How I Met Your Mother" (or "HIMYM," if you're in the know) character you are based on your zodiac sign. Beware: spoilers lie ahead!

Aries — Ted

Nine seasons of "HIMYM" requires a lot of meeting of potential mothers, and there's no one better equipped than an Aries to go through that process, which is Ted Mosby to a tee. Aries is named after the Greek god of war, and like its namesake, takes an intense approach to love. When an Aries falls in love, it can happen quickly and easily (and same for how they fall out of love). Ted is constantly looking for love and opening himself up to opportunities, which means he takes things to an 11 pretty quickly.

On his first date with Robin, Ted comes in super hot as he steals a blue horn for her and tells her that he loves her. Aries are known for going after what they want and not holding back. It can be a lot to handle (Robin's own sign makes this intensity a bit of a nightmare for her), but like both the god of war and the ram that symbolizes this sign, Ted pushes on. Nothing will stop his quest for love, and he's so certain of it that he believes he can actually make it rain as a way of stopping Robin from going camping with another man. Who but an Aries could believe this? But it pays off, as Ted eventually does meet the love of his life.

Taurus — Marshall

Tauruses are the bulls of the zodiac and ruled by Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty. Like their animal counterparts, Tauruses can be stubborn and slow in love. They're resistant to change as they prefer to be in comfort (which can sometimes turn into being stuck), so Marshall is the Taurus of the gang. Marshall has been with Lily since college, which is extremely Taurean, and he struggles to be interested in other women outside of his comfort zone when he and Lily briefly break up. Tauruses are known for their loyalty and stability, both in and out of love, and Marshall gives this to Lily; he's her rock, and ultimately, he's still there for her when she comes back.

Marshall is Ted's old college roommate, and a lot of their experiences at Wesleyan involve smoking weed. Tauruses tend to love weed since it enhances the senses and makes food taste the best — all foundations of the sensual Taurus' value system. Not surprisingly, this Taurus loves to brunch with his bros, and he even dresses up as real-life Taurus queen Cher for Halloween. Marshall's dream is to be an environmental lawyer, which makes sense, as this earth sign is deeply connected to the planet and would want to protect it and all that it holds. This, of course, includes Nessie, the Loch Ness monster — Marshall's one true love (besides Lily).

Gemini — Lily

Gemini is the chatty Kathy of the zodiac that's ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. Gemini is represented by the symbol of the twins because it's a multi-faceted sign, and if you get close to a Gemini, you're bound to see their multiple sides. Lily is the Gemini of the group, and unsurprisingly, she's a complex character of many layers and words. Lily notoriously can't keep a secret and finds great power in gossip (a Gemini trait). The gang gets to know Lily's various Gemini sides well, like her sweet cutesy affectionate one with Marshall, as well as her "you're dead to me look" that has murdered a number of her loathed enemies all around New York.

Geminis can often swing between their conflicting or varying feelings in both love and other areas. While Lily is committed to Marshall, she suddenly realizes that she doesn't want to be in a relationship because it's all she's known since college, so she ends it with him. She wants to pursue her art and discover herself, which is a very worthy pursuit, but unfortunately, this type of Gemini flip-flopping can be tough on its recipients, who can either fight it or just go along for the rollercoaster ride. Generally, a Taurus-Gemini match isn't the most compatible, but in this case, Marshall's loyalty to Lily pays off, and the two eventually get married. 

Cancer — Stella

Cancers are the crabs of the zodiac. When it comes to love, they are a mix of sweet softness and self-protective sharpness like their animal counterparts. Cancers seek safety in love and emotions, so they often focus on making their homes warm and welcoming to hold space for themselves and others. Stella is the Cancer of the "HIMYM" world as she's a family woman who prioritizes her daughter above all. She doesn't have much time for love, so Ted takes her by surprise, and she's willing to follow that path because Cancers are ruled by the moon and guided by their feelings.

Stella is a dermatologist, so her life is devoted to the care of others and helping them feel at home in their bodies. This includes removing tramp stamp butterfly tattoos from people like Ted. Stella wants to focus on creating the best home that she can for her daughter and brings Ted into it, even though what feels safe and homey to her isn't exactly his vibe since it's in New Jersey. But she does her best to make it so for him, which is a real Cancer move. Ultimately, Stella follows her feelings back to her ex-husband, because Cancers aren't ones to deny their feelings or their hearts.

Leo — Quinn

Leos are the lions of the Zodiac and are ruled by the sun, so it's not surprising that in both life and love, they can be fierce and — how shall we say — a bit focused on themselves (the light of the sun always shines on them, apparently). While Barney is a good contender for Leo (the man truly creates his own reality with himself at the center), it's actually Quinn, Barney's fiancee, who has the most Leo-like qualities.

Leos love to shine both personally and professionally, which can lead many of them into visible roles. Quinn is a stripper and finds great power in performing and being looked at, and Barney's fixation on her is definitely part of her Leo love language. Quinn "worships chaos," so she matches Barney in terms of both scheming and messing with others (see their elaborate scheme to trick his friends into thinking she's using him for money). This speaks to a Leo's desire to do things on their terms and find fun and playfulness in life. Leos can be fiercely protective of the ones they love, but there's a limit to it. So when Barney starts to try to control her because her stripping makes him jealous, she becomes like a lion in a cage; there's nothing worse for a Leo than feeling stifled, and in the end, Quinn just has to roam free.

Virgo — Ranjit

"How I Met Your Mother" showcases a world in which seemingly regular people constantly get into hijinks and antics. It's low-key chaos all the time, but amidst this mayhem, there is one constant: Ranjit, the Virgo. While the representation of Ranjit feels problematic and racist (he's shown as a caricature, essentially), certain qualities indicate that he is the Virgo of the group.

Virgos are known for their reliability and organization, which definitely characterize Ranjit, who always seems to be available when the gang needs him. He's organized and builds his own driving company, which speaks to his Virgo-like drive and logistical skills. After all, Virgos are also ruled by Mercury, the sign of communication, and they often use their communication skills and understanding of others' needs to get things done. For better or worse, the often critical Virgos can believe they know what's best for others and don't shy away from telling you how to do that, but it's all just part of their love language of loyalty. Ultimately, Ranjit is always there for the gang and doesn't shy away from telling them the hard truth, like when he yells at Barney for sleeping with Robin.

Libra — James

Libras are also ruled by Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty, and like their Taurean brethren, they love the good life. Libras are the scales of the zodiac, so in all areas of life, they strive to achieve and maintain balance (while living well, of course). With that said, there's only one option for Libra in "How I Met Your Mother:" James, Barney's gay brother.

James is Barney's style icon. Actually, he's Barney's everything icon, as he represents all that's beautiful in Barney's world. Indeed, James is stylish and gets along with everyone — who isn't a fan of James? It's a very Libra trait, as this is a sign that knows how to charm and people please, so it's no surprise that James can basically work any situation or social event. James is so adept at balancing that he can play both Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers in an "Islands in the Stream" performance. But the flip side of Libras' need for balance is that people-pleasing, which can lead them to hide parts of themselves or try to manage other people's emotions. So, James hides an important truth in his life — that he's in a committed relationship (gasp) — just to protect Barney from the disappointment of discovering that his non-monogamous sex idol is monogamous. It's a total Libra move, and one that backfires when Barney gets upset about the lie. But in the end, Barney can't be too mad at his charming, fun Libra brother.

Scorpio — Barney

Although there are some other plausible options for Barney Stinson, the man is a Scorpio through and through. The scorpion of the zodiac is the most focused on sex, mystery, and intensity. Barney is sex-obsessed and gets fixated on the woman du jour in a way that feels very Scorpio (and misogynistic, which doesn't have to do with astrology and isn't just limited to his character). He goes after what he wants, and nothing can stop him but the dissolution of his own feelings, which usually happens immediately. Consequences be damned, this Scorpio is intent on getting what he wants, even if it means ruining things for everyone else by sleeping with Wendy the Waitress and then dumping her.

Scorpios have a tendency to think of themselves as puppet masters, and sometimes they actually are. This is certainly the case with Barney, who long games and schemes his way through life, often setting up situations that will play out years later. Only a Scorpio would have enough passion and drive to scheme and follow through. Barney loves his mystery — he's a magician, after all — and he does his best to hide himself from others. After all, Scorpios can be wary of letting their guard down in love as their emotions can run deep. To counter this, they protect their vulnerability as much as they can — until someone they trust (like a wingman named Robin, for example) comes along.

Sagittarius — Robin

Robin is the newest addition to the "HIMYM" gang as Ted first meets her in the pilot episode. He tells her he loves her on their first date, freaks her out, eventually dates her, becomes her friend after they break up, and then ends up back together with her in the highly controversial series finale. Robin just goes with it all in a way that screams Sagittarius, for this is the Zodiac sign that can often say "yes" to whatever comes their way.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance and curiosity. Robin is an independent woman who wants to travel the world, and she finds it hard to settle down, which is true to a Sagittarius' need to explore and discover. Let's be real: Ted and his obsession with "the one" and a life plan is a bit of a weighted blanket to her, and this former pop star needs to be free. A Sagittarius can live many lives in one because they can change careers and pursue knowledge and adventure whenever they please, so it's no surprise that Robin was once a teenage pop star in Canada (Alanis Morissette style). Robin's need for independence makes it hard for her to settle down and be vulnerable, so it makes sense that this Sagittarius finds something appealing in Barney, a man who never wants to settle down or be vulnerable.

Capricorn — Victoria

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn — the taskmaster — and is often the boss of the zodiac in both love and life. While Ted has serious relationships with many women, it's Victoria who is most clearly the Capricorn of the group. Capricorns can be very goal-oriented in all areas of their lives, which is certainly a characteristic of Victoria, a successful baker. Ted meets her on a magical night at a wedding, where they share a kiss but not each other's names. Eventually, the two of them start dating, but Victoria decides to follow her career to Germany after she gets into a culinary institute there. Sadly, the distance puts a strain on their relationship, and Ted cheats on her with Robin.

Capricorns can be very clear about what they want, which is why Victoria returns to Ted's life years later, as she never let go of their relationship. She believes in it wholeheartedly but also has a bit of the Capricorn rigidity, which we see when she demands that Ted cut Robin out of his life to appease her anxiety. While her reasoning may be valid, her Capricorn-like inability to be in an uncertain gray area makes it hard for her and Ted to continue, and ultimately, this Capricorn just isn't compatible with the Aries Ted.

Aquarius — Tracy

For eight seasons, the "mother" of "How I Met Your Mother" remains elusive — as difficult to capture as air. When viewers finally do meet her in the form of Tracy, it becomes clear that not only is she Ted's soulmate (if we believe that sort of thing), but she's also an Aquarius. In the zodiac calendar, Aquarius is in some ways the most ephemeral sign. Characterized by the symbol of the water bearer and ruled by Uranus, the planet of creativity and innovation, Aquarius is a sign that can be quite hard to pin down, much like Tracy.

Tracy is a musician (very Aquarius-like of her) who tries to navigate the imposed rules of the world with her own rules and value systems. After her long-term boyfriend dies when she's just 21, Tracy decides to reject the messaging of the world that tells her to date and partner up and instead focuses on herself. Aquariuses are quite independent, particularly when it comes to love, as their freedom and ability to just be — in whatever form that may take today, tomorrow, and the day after — is crucial. Tracy can't just be with anyone, in part because of her trust issues and in part because she's weird and whimsical. Aquariuses are free-thinkers who don't just accept the world as is, so Tracy challenges Ted, and ultimately, she's the one he was looking for this whole time (or so we think).

Pisces — Patrice

There are some things about "How I Met Your Mother" that don't stand the test of time, and Patrice — or rather, Robin's abusive treatment of her — is one of them. This is particularly true because Patrice is the Pisces of the group. Pisces is the oldest sign of the zodiac, symbolized by a fish and ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, intuition, and mysticism. Pisces are often sensitive and can see things about others that people don't yet know (or want to know) about themselves, so perhaps this is why Robin has such a visceral hatred of Patrice. Robin's outer shell is quite tough, and Patrice can see through it and break through it with her kindness, which scares Robin.

Patrice is a kind, thoughtful, sensitive soul. She offers Robin support the way Pisces often can, as they are able to discern what people need even if it hasn't been explicitly stated. Patrice offers everyone support and even gives Barney a cookie and an ear to listen. She also takes part in his elaborate scheme of pretending to date her, just so he can get Robin back. Robin doesn't really deserve Patrice's kindness or help, but Patrice continues on, perhaps spying things with her Pisces eye that only she knows, as there's no justification for her to be so good to Robin. Sadly, we don't know too much about Patrice's life, but her sensitivity and emotional support indicate that she's definitely the Pisces of this gang.