Olivia Typaldos

USC's School Of Cinematic Arts
Movies, TV, Books, LGBTQ
  • Olivia has been a writer since her family first got a PC in the early '90s, which was when she received her first journal as well. While majoring in film studies in college, she took a screenwriting class and discovered her calling. She loves writing non-fiction as much as fiction and nothing gets her more excited than a deep dive into the history and analysis of a film or TV show.
  • Olivia has spent over a decade working in various areas of the film industry, ranging from production to talent management. Her real life experience has given her insight into the inner workings of production as she's seen all stages of a project from its beginning to its end.
  • Olivia has spent five years in the documentary world, where she honed her skills as a researcher and general doer-of-things. Her research abilities often come into play with her writing as she will look far and wide to discover new and exciting information about any subject, whether it's a film, actor or Bruce, the mechanical shark from Jaws.


Olivia is a screenwriter and essayist whose work has been published on sites such as GO Mag and Uproxx. She has written and produced several features, pilots and web series. She wrote and developed an LGBTQ teen thriller / drama feature with Corporate Witchcraft and she is working on another LGBTQ drama feature with director Thales Banzai. She is currently writing and developing a Greek mythology-based TV series with her brother.


Olivia received her BA in Critical Studies at the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California, which gave her the tools to look at film critically as well as a deep knowledge of film history and the industry. Additionally, she learned how to write screenplays in college, which has given her an additional understanding of film and TV as she can apply all of this knowledge to look at content in a well-rounded and deeper way.
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