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The Big Clue Everyone Missed Early In The Matrix Resurrections

Warning: spoilers for "The Matrix Resurrections" ahead.

Upon first viewing, "The Matrix Resurrections" may seem like a lot for moviegoers to take in — and that's because it is. But if you watch closely, especially towards the beginning of the film, there's at least one big clue about the story that will help put things into perspective. 

For Lana Wachowski's latest installment, franchise stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss make their much-anticipated returns to the iconic roles of Neo and Trinity, only this time, the pair is trapped in a completely different Matrix as two totally different people. Trinity is instead Tiffany, a married mother who only knows Neo through run-ins at a coffee shop. Neo is Thomas Anderson, a video game developer who created a gaming series based on the events of the original trilogy, which has been regulated to being just "dreams" and fictional "memories" of his. There are several sequences where we get to see these new versions of our former heroes, and herein lies the big revealing clue about "Matrix Resurrections." 

Reflections of Neo and Trinity point to their connection in Resurrections

Throughout "Resurrections," there are several instances where we see reflections of Keanu Reeves' Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss' Trinity, which look completely different from the real-life versions of themselves outside the Matrix. This is because the machines have altered the RSIs or residual self-images of the two characters to avoid people who've been unplugged from noticing them. In the real world, 60 years have passed since the events in "The Matrix Revolutions." But in this latest iteration of the Matrix, only 20 have gone by. The RSIs were ultimately changed to maintain the illusion of the new reality. These reflections give early clues to Neo and Trinity's powerful connection. 

You see, in order to resurrect the two characters, the machines had to alter the bodies of Neo and Trinity to remain actively alive — and somewhat ageless — inside of the real world, while their respective RSIs aged inside the Matrix. This is why Niobe appears to be so old, while Neo and Trinity have only aged 20 years on the outside. And here's the catch: The two protagonists are the only ones able to see each other's true selves, while everyone else sees their RSIs. 

Fans weighed in on Twitter to express their appreciation of the meaning behind the reflections. "Thinking about how neo and trinity still saw each other as themselves in the matrix when everyone else saw the warped reflections," wrote Twitter user @g0thbutch. "This is why he saw her in her own egg/red amniotic sac when he unplugged out of the matrix. Two parts of the same essence, same soul, heavily connected," tweeted @indigoisla, continuing "That feeling of familiarity they had when they met – Two parts of the same soul reconnecting."