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Here's How Trinity Could Fly In The Matrix Resurrections

It's a question — well, two actually — that have been posed for more than a year, ever since movie fans first started seeing leaked shots from the set of "The Matrix Resurrections" and then its eventual trailers: Is Trinity flying? And if so, how is that even possible?

It doesn't take a genius to see that something is definitely different with Carrie Anne Moss' legendary Matrix character this go-around. Shots of Trinity doing a number of strange things have been scattered across various "Resurrections" clips and promos, including scenes where she is jumping off a building with Keanu Reeves' Neo and seemingly taking off in flight with him. Though instead of The One leading the way, it appears that Trinity is taking charge.

In the lead-up to "Resurrections," fans have come up with a number of theories as to how Trinity is even still alive in the first place — following her death in "The Matrix Revolutions" (2003) — and what those supposed flying scenes could be about. As of now, there's one idea that continues to stand above the rest.

Trinity has a teaching moment with Neo

If you had to narrow down all the fan theories as to how Trinity could be flying and doing other incredible feats in "The Matrix Resurrections," the leading hypothesis would be that she is basically teaching a new, un-awakened version of Neo how to access his former powers as The One following a complete reboot of the Matrix system. But here's the catch: In this iteration, Trinity is actually humanity's chosen one, and she's trying to tap into Neo's prior programming. One of the big ways to reveal this could be in the roof-jumping scene that's been shared in trailers and leaked videos. 

"Hear me out. They are both The One," suggests Twitter user @niklander2. "We see Neo being able to still stop bullets. In Reloaded Neo revives Trinity when he caught her so when both of them got reinserted to the Matrix they both now have the code of the One." As noted by Men's Health, the shots of Trinity and Neo jumping from a skyscraper may ultimately serve as Mr. Anderson's final teaching moment, much like his iconic bullet-dodging scene or helicopter grab in 1999's "The Matrix," which also took place on a roof. Only this time, fans believe there's something far more personal at play for the characters. 

Neo and Trinity use the power of love to manipulate the Matrix

Social media users have speculated that Trinity's love for Neo and prior relationship with him is what ultimately leads her version of The One to discover his true purpose and identity from the previous iteration of the Matrix. In the original movie, it is a kiss from Trinity that resurrects Neo following his on-screen death at the hands of Agent Smith. So it's not a stretch to imagine love playing a role in both Trinity and Neo's abilities throughout "Resurrections," especially their aforementioned leap of faith.

"Neo + Trinity a multidimensional love story," gushed Twitter user @SubjectThread

"Neo is still the One, but his and Trinity's bond is probably going to awaken similar superpowers in her," tweeted @ComicKid94. "The movie is largely about their relationship. So if that means she'll be flying and stopping bullets next to her man, I'm totally game." User @awriterjbrady suggested that "maybe Trinity was always part of the One code" dating back to the original. "After all, Neo didn't awaken his full power until after Trinity kissed him back to life at the end of the first film," the user said.