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The Beloved Character Fans Hope Returns To Grey's Anatomy

Since 2005, "Grey's Anatomy" has aired an incredible 18 seasons and well over 300 episodes on ABC. The series stars Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey and begins with her first day as a surgical intern. Over the years, Meredith advances from residency to becoming the Chief of General Surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital, while also juggling motherhood and her relationship with husband Derek (Patrick Dempsey).

Naturally for such a long-running medical drama equipped with big plot twists and a high body count, many principal cast members have departed the show for one reason or another. Some actors, such as Sandra Oh, requested that they be written off (via ABC News). Kate Walsh, meanwhile, actually left to play her character Addison on a spin-off series, "Private Practice," for several seasons.

Luckily for audiences, some characters have returned to "Grey's Anatomy" even if it was only in dreams or as a special guest star. On Reddit, however, users consistently hope that this fan-favorite will come back to the show.

Redditors want Callie to return

On a r/greysanatomy post titled "Ideas for character returns this season!," u/Full-Surround asked Redditors for their opinion on which "Grey's Anatomy" recurring characters should return for Season 18.

One character cited over and over was the good-hearted Callie Torres, played by Sara Ramirez. u/annaamontanaa wrote, "I would love for Callie to come back." User u/anneboleyned even cited Ramirez's real-life interest in reviving the surgeon (via CinemaBlend) as a potential catalyst for Callie reappearing on the series.

It makes sense that audiences would rally around her. Callie ended up becoming the longest-running LGBTQ character in television history (via Hola!), starting an on-again, off-again relationship and then marriage with Arizona (Jennifer Capshaw). Callie appeared in 11 seasons of the show until Ramirez left.

In another post titled "Calzona need to come back!!" u/ss2811 wrote that "I really want Callie & Arizona back!! Even if it's just for a few episodes, I feel like their story is somewhat unfinished." u/Abroad-Sea spoke for many "Grey's Anatomy" fans then when they replied, "SERIOUSLY WANT THIS!!"

You can catch up on almost every episode of "Grey's Anatomy" on Netflix.