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The American Horror Story Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Ryan Murphy's anthology series "American Horror Story" has created its own dark universe and strange orbits since it first aired in 2011, but that doesn't mean it's exempt from some of the trappings of our real world. The foundation of astrology as a soft science involves the placement of planetary bodies in relation to the sun and how this energy affects and shapes humans at the moment of our birth. And we can safely assume that our zodiac is also the "American Horror Story" zodiac — at least until Murphy potentially rewrites the entire cosmos in a future season. 

Because the "AHS"-verse is mostly populated with deranged beasts, violent antiheroes, and monsters wearing human faces, we chose a core cast of mostly benevolent characters brought to life by Ryan Murphy's trusty cadre of recurring stars to represent the signs of the zodiac. From the bearded Ethel Darling of "Freak Show" to the swamp witch Misty Day from "Coven," here is the "American Horror Story" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries — Ethel Darling

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries signs are often trailblazer personalities who stand out from the crowd and find themselves in a bright spotlight, whether they've chosen it or not. Their loyalty to others is as fierce as their fiery personas, and even when Aries dedication might be misplaced, it doesn't always matter to them — their chosen folks will always come first. Represented by the headstrong ram, Aries are built like tanks with personal fortitude to help them through difficult times. But as loyal as they might be, they also have an innate and almost urgent need to keep moving toward — whatever their next big thing might be. 

For Kathy Bates' bearded lady Ethel Darling in "Freak Show," the 4th season of "AHS," a life in the carnival might have been inevitable for her Aries spirit even if she hadn't been a sideshow performer. Ethel functions as second-in-command to troupe leader Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange), and her loyalty to Elsa is constantly put to the test until an ultimate (but predictable) betrayal. But Ethel's dedication to Elsa pales in comparison to that for her son Jimmy (Evan Peters), even though she is forced into situations that put his life in danger. 

Aries can have an inherent fear of rejection that results in a surly personality carefully crafted to keep people at a distance, just as Ethel's blunt and sometimes hurtful personality demonstrates. Ruled by Mars, the god of war, Aries are fighters and survivors — two descriptors that perfectly fit Ethel Darling.

Taurus — Desiree Dupree

Where an Aries might often find themselves in a spotlight, a Taurus will create their own radiance courtesy of their commanding and sexually magnetic physical presence. This artistic zodiac sign also features a sensuality that is second nature, embodied exponentially by Desiree Dupree (Angela Bassett) in "Freak Show." Indeed, her three breasts and hybrid sexuality draw folks to her for all kinds of reasons. But though Desiree is a captivating beauty, that's far from all she is. 

Loyalty key to a Taurus, but unlike Aries, if the loyalty isn't over-returned, they will turn on a dime, becoming a formidable enemy. We see this in Desiree's relationship with her husband Dell Toledo (Michael Chiklis), Elsa Mars, Jimmy Darling, and on and on and on. A Taurus doesn't just take loyalty for granted either — they actively test other people constantly. Unsurprisingly, this often causes problems, especially in romantic relationships.

Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and indulgence, people of this sign enjoy the material comforts of life and love, evident in Desiree's opulent wardrobe, penchant for fancy Parisian perfume, and insatiable appetite for sex, hooch, and raising a ruckus just because she's bored of her new digs. Taureans also have a tendency to bottle up their rage and save it for a day when they've nothing else to do. Often, this means throwing a temper tantrum to change the mood or get what they want, which can create an overbearing personality at times. 

Gemini — Myrtle Snow

Gemini is a mind over matter zodiac sign that can be so intellect-based it causes an unbalance in the personality, which eventually needs to be reconciled with human emotions. Represented by the twins, Gemini is a sign of extremes, and with its ruling planet of Mercury, it can be a master of communication. Geminis are often known for their eloquence and public speaking abilities, but a crossed Gemini will cut someone down with their sharp tongue and an innate duality that masterfully switches personal engagement tactics depending on what energy the other person brings. Metaphorically, if you say "po-tay-to," they will surely say "po-tah-to" — just because. As they are symbolized by the butterfly, a process of metamorphosis shapes the Gemini. 

In "Coven," the 3rd season of "American Horror Story," the head of the Witch's Council, Myrtle Snow (Frances Conroy), first reimagines herself from frumpy teen witch to extravagant fashionista as an adult. The thing that remains core to Myrtle is her biting scimitar of a wit that cuts even the arrogant Supreme Witch Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange) down to size. More so, Myrtle dies and is resurrected — not once, but twice — over the course of "Coven" and "Apocalypse," highlighting the regeneration process reflected in Gemini. 

Myrtle Snow has a particularly manic vibe from the get-go that is characteristic of a Gemini that has yet to find a way to balance their duality. By the time of her final death, Myrtle has become the ultimate powerhouse Gemini — a sophisticated thinker-feeler and a true force to be reckoned with who changes the course of history. All Gemini should be so lucky.

Cancer — Jimmy Darling

Known as moon children since Cancer's planetary influence is ruled by the moon, Cancers are sensitive, romantic, and often shy personalities. Represented by the crab, Cancers are family-oriented and tend to bring their homes along with them while still craving a mythical place that will be home with a capital "H." The fact that Season 4's Jimmy Darling is known as Lobster Boy because of his ectrodactyly — a genetic condition that fused his fingers into appendages that look like crustacean claws —  is far from why Jimmy is an almost perfect example of a Cancer man. 

A member of Fraülein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities traveling sideshow troupe, Jimmy's home is on the road, and his extended family of performers comes along with him. But Jimmy's biggest dream is to fall in love and settle down somewhere — the whole picket fence and children fantasy — and he ultimately makes come true for himself and the conjoined twins, Dot and Bette Tatler (Sarah Paulson). Where the moon makes a Cancer a natural empath, its waxing and waning influence can also make them moody and temperamental, especially when afflicted with other problems — as Jimmy is constantly. Cancers feel too much but don't always analyze correctly, leading to impulsive behavior, hostility, and even violence, as is the case of the usually-sweet Jimmy Darling. 

At worst, Cancers are hoarders, with paranoia about potential future deprivation. At best, they are a collector of fine treasures thanks to their keen eye for valuable things. And with a double-headed wife and children on the way, this is just where Jimmy's story happily ends up.

Leo — Will Drake

Ruled by the sun, Leos thrive when they are in the limelight and in charge. Represented by the lion, Leos want to be head of the pride, showing off their beautiful, thick mane of hair for everyone to admire. Leos tend toward the dramatic and outgoing, unafraid to explore new fashions, and their confidence often sets new trends. Leo is the sign of an actor who never breaks character, loves traipsing down a runway with all eyes on them, and maintains dignity during it all. Let's just say the Leo's milkshake brings everyone to their yard, both admirers and the envious. 

In the case of Will Drake from "AHS" Season 5, "Hotel," his reputation as a fashion pioneer precedes his money and ability to control the future of the haunted Hotel Cortez, making him a target of The Countess' (Lady Gaga) machinations as she exploits his less positive Leo attributes. Leos can be people-pleasers in their leadership role, which often leads to self-sacrifice and martyrdom, like when Will refuses to come out as bisexual because of industry biphobia that might tarnish his career. They can also sometimes be a poor judge of character, leading to them prime targets for manipulation.

If afflicted, Leo's self-assurance turns to toxic pride that discounts the realities of others and makes them unable to see what's right in front of their eyes in spite of warning signs. All of this is the knowledge that The Countess milks for every single actual penny Will is worth before killing him. Leos also have a high tolerance for pain, which is another thing The Countess uses against Will until he becomes a permanent resident of the Hotel Cortez.

Virgo — Brooke Thompson

The Virgo is represented by the virgin, which is a metaphor for the fact that Virgos prefer a neat, tidy, and orderly environment in all aspects of life. But in the 9th season of "American Horror Story" — the slasher homage "1984" — resident Virgo Brooke Thompson (Emma Roberts) had actually been saving herself for marriage and continues to maintain a virginal Disney princess quality that's a quick read to others. Like Brooke, Virgos are reserved, methodical planners who need things to be accomplished in a certain order, with a specific result. When things don't go according to plan, they tend to fall apart. 

Brooke isn't your typical Virgo in that she's a germophobe or a hypochondriac, but she does seek perfection in a traditional way: a lavish, picturebook wedding leading to a happy ever after. Unfortunately for Brooke, she's met with tragedy at the altar when her jealous husband-to-be accuses her of cheating with his best friend and goes on a murder spree right in the church, saddling Brooke with an unsavory reputation and massive trauma. Sometimes it's not clear what bothers Brooke more — the wedding day carnage or the fact that people think she had an affair when she's still a virgin — and this kind of thought process is typical for the kind of heady analysis Virgos are prone to fall into. 

Virgos feel the need to accomplish something important with their lives. In Brooke's case, she initially wanted to get married, but eventually, she brings justice and peace for other Camp Redwood survivors, fulfilling this sun sign's destiny.

Libra — Liz Taylor

"I was a salesman in another life. In this one, I am the mother of style. Cut me, and I bleed Dior," Liz Taylor (Denis O'Hare) says of herself in "Hotel," the 5th season of "AHS." With her beautifully fitted gowns, impeccable eyeliner, and sophisticated air, Liz Taylor is the embodiment of refinement, as well as the zodiac sign of Libra. Represented by the scales, this is a personality that seeks balance and harmony, and its rulership by Venus makes relationships and love key facets of how they find meaning in life. Putting their capable charms to good use, Libras are natural mediators, with a gift of diplomacy and impartial thinking. A Libra will go to great lengths to maintain peace, but non-confrontationally, as Liz Taylor often does as the de facto concierge of the haunted Hotel Cortez. 

In fact, Liz Taylor is beloved not just by the living humans who come into her orbit but also the myriad and mostly dastardly ghosts haunting the Cortez halls. As we see throughout the season, they are suckers for Liz's kindness, on-point advice, planning skills, and keen eye for color and design — all qualities that Libras bring to the table. Even Liz's estranged son cannot help but be drawn to his artistic, unconventional, and honest second mother. In truest Libra fashion, Liz's draw is a testament to the balance she brings to both Hotel Cortez and "American Horror Story" as a broader narrative.

Scorpio — Constance Langdon

To "AHS" fans, the self-proclaimed mother of monsters, Constance Langdon, needs no introduction. Played by Jessica Lange in a multiple award-winning role in both "Murder House" to and "Apocalypse," so much of the "AHS"-verse revolves around Constance as its metaphorical sun. A zodiac sign under the double rulership of warring planets Pluto and Mars, Scorpio is a sign of the most extreme extremes in an enigmatic territory where there is no middle ground at all. Scorpios dominate every space they occupy with undeniable magnetism, charisma, and sexual power no matter their age. 

Represented by the scorpion, a Scorpio's power can foster great love or invoke incredible fear, sometimes at the same time. Fittingly, Constance is a character everyone in the "AHS"-verse and those watching it love to hate. Ambitious, self-sufficient, and downright menacing when in one of their moods — which can be often — an afflicted Scorpio is a bully with grudge-holding prowess to rival an Aries. And Scorpio's afflictions come to a head in Constance thanks to her possessive nature and need to be in control. Ultimately, she uses every single one of her wiles to keep her power, all the while hiding a great insecurity about loss and rejection. 

We see over and over in Constance the Scorpio's penchant for lacking shame, guilt, or inhibitions, and she looks damn good while embodying all of this, too. We're scared of her, yes, but also fascinated. What's more, she has an undeniably high sense of self-worth and personal conviction that makes us secretly want to be more like her — at least, without all the murder.

Sagittarius — Cordelia Goode

An archer always has its eyes on whatever prize it hopes to attain, and it's this hunter's motivation that gives Sagittarius a great deal of its drive and determination. Because this zodiac sign is ruled by Jupiter, it brings a powerful gift of intuition along with an honest, friendly, and balanced personality that doesn't come with a lot of the neuroses, repressions, and fears that plague the rest of the zodiac signs. Associated with the ninth house that shapes religion and philosophy, Sagittariuses are excellent spiritual leaders. They can, however, end up with a great case of imposter syndrome if they feel their competitive edge has been taken by someone else, whether through their own fault or not.  

In "Coven," the 3rd season of "AHS," Cordelia Goode (Sarah Paulson) is the Supreme's daughter and someone who should have been next in line for the coveted role except for that pesky imposter syndrome (helped by her cruel mother) that has her doubting herself to her core. That is until she gets a cup of acid thrown into her eyes in a hate crime and loses her physical sight (while gaining the second sight of psychic abilities). Once Cordelia can no longer hide from her considerable personal and ancestral magic, Cordelia finally comes into herself and successfully completes the Seven Wonders, a series of brutal tests that crown the next Supreme witch. Sagittariuses have an innate ability to decipher the intangible, and thanks to their candid form of expression and communication, you can often trust they are blunt and have no hidden subtext in what they say, as we see in Cordelia's last conversation with her mother.

Capricorn — Lee Harris

Carrying the symbol of the hardy goat, Capricorns can do a whole lot with very little. With Saturn's rulership of this zodiac sign, we find a serious personality that exists in a polarity of starvation that can sometimes lead to addiction issues. Capricorns are determined and single-minded, but in a very well thought out way that comes with an innate sense of responsibility. Sometimes austere, Capricorns have a secret inferiority complex that they overcompensate for with a strong personality, and their fear of deprivation can sometimes lead to stinginess.

Deep anxieties about potential loss and failure can add to addiction issues that only make the Capricorn more rigid. For this sign, what doesn't bend, breaks, and this is the case for Lee Harris in "Roanoke," the 6th season of "AHS." Lee's dedication to her job as a cop overlaps the disappearance of her daughter Emily, and getting shot at work and fired for her increasingly erratic behavior leads to all the worst outcomes for a Capricorn, including a problem with alcohol and opioids that she battles over the course of the season. She also becomes overly protective of her second daughter, Flora, and shows her love through overprotection until she sacrifices herself to save the child — a very Capricorn thing to do. 

If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction issues, help is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website or contact SAMHSA's National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

Aquarius — Mallory

A human being can only survive without water for three days, which is why every single religion and spiritual practice around the world has rituals that include a sacred water bearer — the symbol of Pisces — for cleansing and purification. Ruled by Saturn, the Aquarius is marked by self-awareness, which is ironic in the case of Season 9 "Apocalypse" character Mallory, a powerful witch who is under an identity spell for the coven's protection. But even though she doesn't remember she can bring people back from the dead, it doesn't take much for her to break the spell since her Aquarius energy cannot be contained. 

This is the pro-humanity sign that does what they do for the greater good and is generous in the sacrifices they make for others. As one of the final and more mature of the zodiac signs, Aquariuses can have innate generational knowledge and natural access to ancestral power that others must complete rigorous study and introspection to attain. Indeed, they can reconcile visions of the future and past and have gifts of prophecy, as we see again and again in Mallory as she comes into her own. 

Although the Pisces is a fixer, they often need to be reminded to take care of their own body, too, since their sense of self-preservation is for the good of all as opposed to personal gain. For these reasons and so much more, by the end of "Apocalypse," Mallory — as an Aquarius ambassador — ends up as one of the most important characters in the entire "AHS"-verse.

Pisces — Misty Day

With its representative fish swimming in opposite directions to bring both balance and unpredictable energy, Pisces is the culmination of all the powers of the zodiac, making it the most mature of all the signs. Its dual rulership from Neptune and Jupiter brings intuition and profundity, and this empathetic sign understands human nature innately. Pisces absorb so much from the energy around them that they can become filled with phobias and need regular alone time to process energetic information. This is why in Season 3 and 9 of "AHS," the swamp witch Misty Day (Lily Rabe) lives away from others and communes only with Stevie Nicks' music. 

For Misty, isolation signifies constant recuperation and communion with nature. But as with all Pisces, they must be careful to maintain a socialized balance lest they turn into loners who are unable to be around others, all while allowing people to develop their own misguided narrative about them. In the end, poor Misty Day is burned at a modern stake for being a witch and a woman who chooses solitude. 

As Misty learns over the course of her wild narrative arc that takes her literally to hell and back twice, even the witchiest Pisces must develop their inner strength to conquer their deepest fears and truly embrace their soul's extraordinary power. Once they do, they achieve their highest dream, which for Misty Day was meeting and dancing with her muse Stevie Nicks in person — a rare moment of pure beauty in the overwhelmingly dark tapestry of "American Horror Story."