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What American Horror Story: Roanoke Did Best According To Fans

There's a lot about FX's "American Horror Story" that fans love, including the stellar costumes, crazy good performances, and scary stories that play out on the small screen. And since each season tells a unique story, it allows the show's creators quite a bit of freedom in what they want to treat audiences to next, as well as how they let the stories unfold over several episodes.

However, while the anthology format offers loads of opportunities for storytelling (we can't wait for Season 10!), it also means that each season of "AHS" — starting with 2011's "Murder House" right up to "1984" – has its own strengths and weaknesses when compared to the others. Dying to know what "American Horror Story: Roanoke" did best, according to fans on Reddit? No need to fear, as we've done the legwork to bring you what "AHS" fans are saying it got right.

Fans loved the scary sequences

According to "American Horror Story" fans, the show's sixth season was great at blending so many horror concepts together into scary sequences. Several viewers sounded off on what they thought of each story on Reddit in a thread titled, "What do you think each season was the best at achieving?"

Redditor u/theralphamale started the conversation by offering their own take of what each season they had seen did best, with the exception of "Asylum," which they hadn't watched yet. They said "Roanoke" had the best horror sequences out of all the seasons that have aired so far, writing, "The 'lost in the woods' tropes with all of the horror concepts such as the pigman, the murderous ghosts, the cannibal Polk family, Scáthach the Druid witch, etc. It's all so good. This season definitely had some of the most terrifying and disturbing sequences I've seen."

American Horror Story: Roanoke fans thought the sixth season was really scary

The responses that came next proved that this particular "AHS" fan was on to something when describing what "Roanoke" got right. As fellow Redditor u/ClearFishTankOrbs wrote, "Girl you NEED to watch 'Asylum' but I agree 100% with everything you said in your post." 

Other Redditors noted how scary Season 6 of "AHS" was compared to the others that have aired. For example, u/VeryGreenGreenbeans wrote, "'Roanoke' – Best at actually delivering horror and scares," and u/shelleyshocked noted how "Roanoke" was "very scary. They wrote, "This was the only season that ever gave me a nightmare. I think the found footage/documentary style made it feel very real, especially the ending where you see the colony walking towards the house where the film crew is working."

Well, there's no doubt that "American Horror Story's" sixth season delivered when it comes to scary viewing. We can't wait to rewatch the season with these hot takes from other fans in mind.