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Hawkeye Featurette Confirms What We Suspected All Along About The Cast's On-Set Chemistry

One of the things that Marvel fans are most excited for in the upcoming Disney+ series "Hawkeye" series is the father-daughter-ish dynamic between the two lead characters. While Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) has been known as "Hawkeye" in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for nearly a decade at this point ("The Avengers" was released in 2012), the new series will mark the first live-action appearance of Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld). In Marvel comic books, both characters have used the name "Hawkeye" and there has been some prior speculation about the possibility of the younger archer taking the name on in the MCU as well. That would make this series a potential passing of the torch.

According to the creative forces behind the scenes of "Hawkeye," the primary source of inspiration for the upcoming series is Matt Fraction and David Aja's 2012 comic book series of the same name, which features a heavy amount of banter between Clint and Kate. Additionally, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige reported being most excited about the opportunity to see Clint in more of a mentor-type role.

A new featurette released by Disney in anticipation of the new series premiere is giving fans a glimpse into how the two will work together when they go up against a yet-to-be-revealed villain. It also provides a heartwarming look at the on-set chemistry between the two lead characters, which seems just as vital as we suspected from all the promotional materials released so far.

The newest featurette shows the chemistry between Renner and Steinfeld

With only a few days left until the Disney+ premiere of "Hawkeye," Marvel is releasing an absolute barrage of marketing materials to get the word out about the new series. One of the latest promotional videos posted to the Marvel Entertainment YouTube page is titled "BFFs Featurette." In addition to quick cuts from behind-the-scenes shots that show cast members laughing with each other, the video features snippets from interviews with the two lead actors as well as choice soundbites from other key members of the crew.

Steinfeld noted that the banter between Clint and Kate came to her pretty naturally, while also adding, "Collaborating with Jeremy takes a lot more strength than I think it looks like it might." 

Renner appeared to agree with Steinfeld, but also noted that the relationship between the two characters makes up the heart of the series. "The intersection of those two characters becomes really the big base of what this show is about," Renner said. "I begrudgingly have her as a partner if you will and then our friendship grows."

Directors tied to the project also said they believe the comedic aspect of the series adds a lot to the viewing experience. "I enjoy the humor and the tone in the twists and turns that it takes," lead director Rhys Thomas said. 

Another of the series' directors was also quick to highlight Renner and Steinfeld's versatility in switching between comedy and action. "They can bicker and have you giggling behind the monitors," he said. "But then you see them in action sequences and it's just lightning."

The first two episodes of "Hawkeye" will be available exclusively on Disney+ on November 24.