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Marvel Producer Confirms An Amazing Detail About The Hawkeye Series

"Hawkeye" is the first of Marvel's Disney+ shows to focus on an original Avenger. However, Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton won't be taking up all the screen time in "Hawkeye," with Hailee Steinfeld making her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the Disney+ series as a character that could be central to the future of the superhero franchise. Steinfeld stars in the series as Kate Bishop, a young woman capable of giving Clint a run for his money as an archer.

While Clint's history in Marvel Comics goes all the way back to the character's introduction as a villain in a 1964 issue of Marvel's "Tales of Suspense" (via Marvel), Bishop is a relatively new character. She first appeared in "Young Avengers" #1, which was released in 2005 (via Marvel). In the comics, Bishop adopts the Hawkeye moniker after the death of Clint Barton. 

Coincidentally, Marvel Studios is in the midst of having several of its characters pick up the mantles of older or fallen superheroes in the MCU. Indeed, with Sam Wilson already taking over the Captain America mantle at the end of "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" earlier this year, it really shouldn't be much of a surprise to see the arrival of Clint Barton's potential successor in the form of Steinfeld's Kate Bishop.

With "Hawkeye" set to premiere in just a few weeks too, Marvel is finally letting the cast and crew open up about what fans should expect from the highly-anticipated series.

Matt Fraction and David Aja's Hawkeye was a primary source of inspiration for the Disney+ series

While Kate Bishop made her first Marvel Comics appearance in 2005, it wasn't until a few years later that the company struck gold, when it chose to really explore the relationship between Kate and Clint Barton, the two characters known as Hawkeye. At least, that's what happened in 2012, when Marvel began publishing Matt Fraction and David Aja's "Hawkeye" comic series, which /Film would later call "essential reading for Marvel fans." 

Notably, ever since its first trailer premiered, the "Hawkeye" Disney+ series has been receiving frequent, favorable comparisons to that comic book run. It looks like the similarities between Fraction and Aja's beloved comic book story and the Disney+ series weren't unintentional either. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hailee Steinfeld revealed that she used Fraction and Aja's "Hawkeye" run as her primary reference point while preparing to play Kate Bishop. Additionally, "Hawkeye" executive producer Trinh Tran pointed to Clint and Kate's relationship in that comic book story as something the show's entire team aimed to replicate.

"The Fraction/Aja style and tone is what we were really gravitating towards," Tran told Entertainment Weekly. "Once they encounter each other and go off on this journey together, there's so much they can bounce off each other."

Thankfully, the first trailers for "Hawkeye" seem to suggest that Tran, Steinfeld, and co. all succeeded in creating the style of banter they wanted to in the Disney+ series. Already, Steinfeld's Kate Bishop and Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton look like they'll be an MCU duo to remember.

The first two episodes of "Hawkeye" are set to premiere on Disney+ on November 24.