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The Richest Villains In The Marvel Universe

The Marvel Universe is home to some of the worst villains in all of fiction, a seemingly endless list of wretched miscreants with dreams of world domination, vengeful schemes against their superhero rivals, and of course, plans to amass incredible wealth. However, you might be surprised to learn that many super villains are already loaded. Some of these rich reprobates have gathered their financial might through legal means, others through their nefarious criminal activities, and some through inheriting the assets of their powerful forebears. 

The richest super heroes in the Marvel Universe – like Iron Man, Black Panther, and Iron Fist — use their incredible wealth to help support their noble, heroic adventuring, and some even use it to help those in need with charitable ventures. By contrast, the richest super villains spend their capital on equally horrible deeds, from bankrolling other super-powered criminals that help carry out their plans for conquest, to controlling world markets for their own twisted ends. Some still are kings and queens of nations who use their power and influence in what they believe is a benevolent manner.

From the ruler of the criminal underworld, Wilson Fisk, to the leader of the European nation Latveria, Dr. Doom, we've balanced up the ledgers and put together a list of the richest villains in the Marvel Universe.

Mister Negative

Introduced in a special "Free Comic Book Day" edition of "Spider-Man" in 2007, Mr. Negative has gone by many names, including "Mr. N," Martin Li, and The Martyr, and is yet another crime boss whose vast criminal enterprise clashed with Spider-Man on numerous occasions. Starting out as a member of a Chinese gang called "The Snakeheads," the man who would become Mr. Negative was involved in human trafficking operations under a crime boss known as the Silver Fang before he gained his powers. During one trafficking incident that saw him reach the shores of New York, his ship crashed and he was forced to flee, taking the identity of one of the people he had been trafficking who had died in the wreck. Taken captive by the Maggia crime syndicate in New York, the villain Silvermane — then a high-ranking member of the organization — would expose him and two others to an experimental drug, turning him into Mr. Negative, and the other two into the heroes Cloak and Dagger. 

With his newfound powers, Mr. Negative would become the drug lord and kingpin of Chinatown, where he would use his influence to amass a great fortune and personal wealth. He would lead a secret double life: one as the legitimate businessman, generous philanthropist, and wealthy financier Martin Li, and the other as his supervillain persona Mr. Negative: New York's newest crime lord, amassing his fortune through drugs, murder, and political corruption.


If there could ever be such a thing as an undercover billionaire, Mystique would fit the bill, as she is not exactly the first villain one might conjure up when considering the richest baddies in the Marvel Universe. Her mutant ability to shape change, however, allows her to make herself look like anyone she chooses, giving her the unique opportunity to take on the identity of other people. Identity theft can often be a lucrative key to wealth (as well as a terrible crime), and she has used her special ability to take that idea to the next level, stealing the identity of powerful people. Mystique has taken the guise of industrialists, magnates, and tycoons, including Byron Biggs — a billionaire with international interests. Through her dealings in her other identities, she can count assets in a variety of industries, and investments in a number of corporations. With her mutant power, she can also hide the physical signs of aging, so nobody knows exactly how old she really is, how many identities she might have, and how long she has been collecting her wealth.

With multiple identities and a variety of assets in her back pocket, Mystique has the necessary capital to ensure that her criminal activities are always supported with cold hard cash. It also allows her easy access to the life of anyone she might want to impersonate for her mix of villainous schemes and fight for mutant rights.

Ezekiel Stane

You may notice that Iron Man villain Ezekiel Stane bears a striking resemblance to a certain DC Comics villain and arch-nemesis of Superman, Lex Luthor. His bald head isn't all that the two have in common, as Stane is also among the wealthiest villains of his own comic book universe. Son of Obadiah Stane, the Iron Monger, Ezekiel has since inherited his father's company, Stane International, and all of its broad financial holdings, as well as his business as a nefarious arms dealer. With that inheritance also came all of the remarkable technology behind the Iron Monger armor — as well as all of his father's tremendous wealth. 

Zeke Stane is also a member of the infamous Universal Bank, the secret organization that clandestinely exerts controls over the world's financial assets — as well as assets in other realms. The group is a who's who of Marvel's worst corporate super villains, who together help bankroll some of the worst projects that the Marvel Universe has to offer. Their members include Darren Cross (Yellowjacket), Sebastian Shaw, Wilson Fisk (The Kingpin), Shingen Harada (The Silver Samurai), and the Roxxon Corporation. With his vast riches and villainous lineage, Ezekiel Stane has recently emerged as one of Tony Stark's most feared new adversaries, the Iron Monger, as he carries on his father's legacy of evil.


Erik Lensherr, better known as the mutant menace Magneto, was an impoverished child who suffered through the holocaust in a concentration camp at the hands of the Nazis. During that time he used his mutant powers the way anyone in his position would: by punishing his tormenters. By the end of the war, Magneto had become an embittered, powerful man, and continued his campaign of revenge against his childhood captors. He would spend time in Israel where he encountered his eventual foil, Charles Xavier. It was there that the two would team up to help holocaust victims and free hostages from the clutches of Hydra. Following their fateful first encounter though, Magneto would make off with untold amounts of wealth stolen from Baron Strucker and Hydra. This stolen treasure formed the foundation for his future riches.

His powers also allow him easy access to stolen precious metals, making a bank robbery easy for the master of magnetism, who can lift gold and silver with but a thought. It's not just stolen assets that he can count, as Magneto was technically also the ruler of the island nation of Genosha, which was signed over to him by the United Nations as a safe haven for him and other mutants. Perhaps he'll become a real estate tycoon next.

Baron Zemo

Many probably figure that Baron Zemo — constant enemy of Captain America and The Avengers — is little more than a European terrorist with delusional dreams of grandeur, but as his name suggests, he's actually a royal Baron, and in possession of incredible riches that fund his operations. Helmut Zemo, who holds the current title, is the son of Heinrich Zemo, one of Captain America's original Nazi adversaries during World War II, who was himself a member of a high noble family in the German Empire of the time. With his own "Castle Zemo," Heinrich was as powerful and rich a villain as existed in the early days of Marvel. His son Helmut however, inherited all of those riches, including the land, and even his castle, and built it into a veritable empire all its own that he uses to fund his terroristic operations.

Over the years Zemo has joined Norman Osborn's Thunderbolts (and attempted to use them to take over the world), nearly destroyed S.H.I.E.L.D, and perhaps most famously, he was the original leader of the villainous supergroup The Masters Evil, who frequently tormented The Avengers. More recently the purple hooded villain allied himself with the Hydra Queen, and used his wealth and power to help create an all-new Hydra organization.

The Mandarin

Is it any wonder that Iron Man, Tony Stark himself, boasts some of the wealthiest villains on this list? As one of the richest super heroes in the Marvel universe it stands to reason that in order for a super villain to stand toe-to-toe with "The Armored Avenger" they would need to be more than just physically powerful, but possess a certain amount financial might as well.

Born to a wealthy family in China, the man who would become known as "The Mandarin" rose to power through conquering rival warlords. After acquiring the Ten Rings Of Power, the Mandarin made several attempts at world domination, only to be thwarted by his persistent foe Iron Man. In addition to his magical rings, The Mandarin has riches and assets that nearly equal that of his arch-nemesis Tony Stark. He controls his own private army, and has resources that stretch across all of Asia, Europe, and beyond. In addition to his financial assets, he is also a powerful political figure — under a variety of aliases — in both human and superhuman communities, with influence and connections within the governments of major world powers, as well as superhuman kingdoms like The Inhumans. He has even wielded his financial might to control the Marvel underworld ninja cult known as The Hand.

Emma Frost

As a high ranking member of the elite social society called the Hellfire Club, Emma Frost is a holder of serious riches, for the club only admits the most wealthy — the one percent of the one percent — into its ranks. Frost, or The White Queen as she is known in the Hellfire Club, is a shrewd businesswoman in her own right, but most of her wealth was inherited from her father Winston, founder of Frost Technologies, a prominent multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 company. With the death of her father, Emma not only took ownership of Frost International but became its chairwoman too, and used her keen business acumen — and her telepathic mutant powers, too — to continue to grow the company.

Before turning hero, The White Queen would use her incredible riches to fund the various nefarious schemes of her brethren in the Hellfire Club. Frost was also a financial backer and chairwoman of the Massachusetts Academy, a prestigious preparatory school and chief rival of Xaviers School For Gifted Youngers. Emma used the academy to train and recruit her own new mutants, several of which would become yet more adversaries for the X-Men. After she turned hero, Emma Frost would use both her wealth and her academy to aid the X-Men in their fight for mutant equality.

Justin Hammer

A multi-billionaire industrialist, Iron Man foe Justin Hammer makes our list thanks to Hammer Industries, the British counterpart and global rival to the Golden Avenger's Stark Industries. Not to be confused with fellow billionaire Norman Osborn's "H.A.M.M.E.R." (but patience, we'll get to that), Justin Hammer's multi-national corporation was the primary weapons manufacturer that competed with Stark for world government's defense contracts. He and his company also, perhaps predictably, produced technology and armored suits for a number of Iron Man foes like Whiplash, Spymaster, and Beetle, and bankrolled several organized crime syndicates.

As President, CEO, and founder of the British-based global corporate superpower, he has investments and interests all over the world in the fields of aerospace, weapons, and advanced technologies, among many others. Hammer Industries eventually grew large enough — with Hammer's children later at the helm — to place competing bids for the Fantastic Four's Baxter Building that rivaled the amounts put up by Alchemex and Roxxon. Though Hammer has since passed, he was too much of a financial powerhouse in his day to go unmentioned. He was at the time of his death one of the wealthiest magnates in the Marvel Universe, with his assets posthumously being split among his children. Though the company's current activities remain unknown after the death of the most recent CEO Justine Hammer, there's no telling who will take control of Hammer Industries next.


Yet another of Spider-Man's underworld crime syndicate villains, Wilson Fisk — AKA 'The Kingpin' — has been closely associated as a foil for Daredevil in recent years. Like many on this list, Fisk grew up poor, but quickly found ways to survive on the streets by forming his own gang, and by his teenage years already had the nickname of "The Kingpin of Crime," rising to prominence by muscling his way (sometimes literally) into the world of drug lords and mafia dons. It wasn't long before Fisk overthrew ruling mafia leader Don Rigoletto, and took total control over his criminal empire.

Over the years, Wilson Fisk has become more of an above-board businessman than most of Marvel's crime lords. The Kingpin controls a broad spectrum of legitimate business interests in all four corners of the globe, including one of the largest spice dealers in Asia. He has managed to find his way into a prominent spot in New York's upper crust social scene, and regularly cavorts with wealthy business leaders, socialites, and politicians, making important connections that further helped him cement his grip over New York City. His long reach, tremendous influence, and fabulous riches culminated with him eventually becoming Mayor of New York City through a corrupt election of his own orchestrating, making him not just the most wealthy crime boss in the Marvel Universe, but also the most powerful.

Harry Osborn / Green Goblin

Most know him better by his villainous alter ego, the maniacal Green Goblin, but his everyday public persona of Norman Osborn is equally terrifying, precisely because he doesn't look like your average scary super villain. With his corporate business leader facade he's managed to weasel his way into powerful circles, from the U.S. Military to the American political arena. This has allowed him to become the ring leader of the anti-hero group The Thunderbolts, the one-time leader of the Avengers, and eventually Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. — which he would rename "H.A.M.M.E.R."

But it's as head of Oscorp Industries that Norman Osborn earns his place as one of the richest super villains in the Marvel Universe. Financed with much of his own already considerable wealth, Oscorp has since grown into a multi billion dollar corporation that spans multiple continents. The company has dozens of subsidiaries, from chemical manufacturers, to weapons and technology. They've even been in the business of acquisitions, merging with Allan Chemical to form a subsidiary called Alchemex. Oscorp has bankrolled a number of famous villains, including Osborn's own Thunderbolts and later his Dark Avengers team. He may not be the most wealthy on this list, but he is perhaps the most powerful and far reaching of the bunch.

Sebastian Shaw

Sebastian Shaw is one of the lesser heralded X-Men adversaries, often overshadowed by the likes of Magneto, Apocalypse, and Sabretooth. Even his own ally Emma Frost, the White Queen, gets more attention. But Shaw is a powerful enemy of the X-Men in his own right, and a ranking member of the sinister Hellfire Club. The exclusive social club has existed for hundreds of years, counts only the most elite, upper-class citizens among its members, and is designed to allow a privileged wealthy few to enjoy the pleasures that wider society deems distasteful.

Though raised in a lower-class family, Shaw would quickly come to financial success, building his own business empire, Shaw Industries, which would allow him access to the exclusive Hellfire Club. The multi-billion-dollar corporation produces powerful technology including advanced weaponry, and boasts lucrative contracts with various military agencies, particularly within the US government. Those contracts have earned him incredible riches, and found him a place among the wealthiest supervillains in the Marvel Universe. After a time, Shaw's wealth, power, and influence even helped him to oust the leader of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle, The White King, and he subsequently took control of the organization as its new leader, adopting the moniker of The Black King.

Dr. Doom

One of the most famous super villains in all of comic books, and perhaps even one of the greatest supervillains in pop culture, Dr. Doom has been menacing the Marvel Universe almost since the very beginning when he debuted in "Fantastic Four" #5 in 1962. Since that time he's clashed with the Avengers, Spider-Man, the X-Men, and pretty much every major Marvel superhero.

Born in Latveria, Victor Von Doom's brilliant mind garnered him a full scholarship to study abroad in New York, where he would meet future rival Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. After an accident that left him scarred, Doom would have a suit of armor built for him to hide his grotesque visage, and augment it with powerful weapons. After returning to his homeland he would overthrow the ruling monarch and take control of Latveria, and with it all of its incredible wealth — because everything within its borders belongs to Doom. As the king and sole ruler of a major Marvel world power, Dr. Doom possesses untold riches, everything from real estate to the former monarch's most grand treasures. Doom is also a brilliant scientist as well who has developed a wide variety of unique inventions over the years, from his suit of armor to his terrifying Doombots, and who knows if or how much he has earned from selling his technology as well.

Either way, the Latverian king is the wealthiest super villain... on Earth.


It's difficult to put cosmic characters on this list, because while many beings like Loki or Kang may have tremendous assets, it can be hard to quantify in Earth terms what that wealth really means. Plus, if we started including every cosmic heavyweight on a throne like Lilandra (Empress of the Shi'ar) or if we needed to make room for galactic tycoons like The Collector or interstellar one-percenters like The Grandmaster, we might not have room on the list for any of Earth's rich villains.

That said, there's one character we feel can rightfully be an exception: the Mad Titan himself, Thanos. With the power of the Infinity Gauntlet and its gems, Thanos defies the difficulty in assessing the nature and context of wealth found elsewhere in the cosmos. With the combined power of the infinity gems he could summon as much riches — Earthly or otherwise — as he wished, making him quite literally the richest being in all the Marvel Universe, in any currency imaginable. This makes the Eternal deviant Thanos potentially infinitely wealthy. In fact, he could even make himself the richest person in the universe by default simply by removing everyone else's riches, which seems much more in line with his style.