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The Worst AHS Murder House Family According To Fans

"American Horror Story" is nothing short of terrifying with each season diving deep into a different facet of horror. Since its premiere in 2011, the anthology series creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have ensured they can scare just about anyone, no matter their phobia. So far, they've covered killer clowns, vampires, alien abductions, insane asylums, serial killers, demented witches, and more. With the series renewed for three more seasons, there is still plenty of other unsettling plotlines to come. 

The season that started it all, "Murder House," still has fans rating it pretty high in comparison to the show's other 10 seasons, and for good reason. Season 1 of "American Horror Story" follows a seemingly normal family, the Harmons, as they move to LA to start fresh in an old mansion. Much to their horror, they discover their new home is haunted by the many spirits who have brutally died there throughout the house's gruesome history.

In all of its years, the house has been home to numerous families who have all had members die in some horrifying fashion. The families have seemingly never left the house and continue to torment any new residents. While some families were simply victims of the house, other families were actual murderers, using the house as their base of operations. Fans of Season 1 took to Reddit to see which family was the worst out of them all.

The Langdons were the worst family in "Murder House"

Out of all of the families who met their demise in the Murder House, the Langdons were voted the worst by fans, according to a Reddit thread titled: "Which family would you *NOT* want to spend your holidays with?" Out of 251 votes, 111 voted the Langdons, which really does not come as a surprise given their history in the house. 

The Langdons were revealed to be one of the families who had lived in the house later when Tate Langdon (Evan Peters) is shot by a S.W.A.T. team after he commits a school shooting. We learn that all along Constance (Jessica Lange) was his mother, and that she had murdered her husband and maid when she suspected they were having an affair. Adding to her disturbing background, Constance also had her disabled son chained to the attic while living in the house, before having him murdered when she learned that he would be taken away from her. 

There's no doubt Tate and Constance were seriously unhinged, so it's no wonder why fans would not want to live with them the most.

Other horrible families from Murder House

The Montgomerys, who were the first inhabitants of the Murder House, are next in line as the worst family with 80 votes. Charles Montgomery (Matt Ross) was a mad surgeon who performed illegal abortions in the house with the help of his wife Nora (Lily Rabe). After Nora miscarries, Charles attempts to bring their child to life by sewing its body together with animal parts, creating a monster that still lives in the basement. This causes Nora to go insane and kill Charles and herself. Understandably, many viewers wouldn't want to stay with them either. 

The Winslows were voted 39 times as the family fans would not want to stay with. The Winslows made their appearance in the spinoff series "American Horror Stories." Michael (Matt Bomer), Troy (Gavin Creel), and their daughter Scarlett (Sierra McCormick) arrive at the Murder House with the intention of flipping it into a haunted attraction, only it ends with Scarlett succumbing to her violent tendencies.

Lastly, the Harmons only received 21 votes as the worst family, which could solely be the fault of Ben Harmon's (Dylan McDermott) cheating, lies, and hypocrisy throughout Season 1.