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Matt Bomer Talks American Horror Stories And The Franchise's Future - Exclusive

Contains spoilers for "American Horror Stories"

As if getting the long-awaited 10th season of "American Horror Story"  — entitled "Double Feature" wasn't enough, creator Ryan Murphy decided to give fans an appetizer called "American Horror Stories," which debuted in July. "American Horror Stories" is not part of the upcoming season that premieres August 25, but a new anthology-style spinoff that consists of weekly standalone episodes. 

"American Horror Stories" is set in the same universe as the flagship series and revisits some familiar locations, such as Murder House from "AHS" Season 1. In addition to familiar places, fans will also see some familiar faces, as most of the episodes feature your favorite "American Horror Story" alumni cast members, such as Matt Bomer, who played the chiseled Donovan on "American Horror Story: Hotel." He stars as Michael in the two-part premiere episode titled "Rubber(wo)Man."

In an exclusive interview with Looper, Bomer made it clear that he's game to revisit Michael should the opportunity arise. "I mean, look — it's a great thing to never die," Bomer said. "When you die in the Murder House, you're put there forever, so they could pop up at any time and then we have a built-in relationship with them, so who knows how it could be fleshed out. What I loved growing up, watching anthology series, is that you don't really know what you're going to get week to week. It's always an amazing surprise. There are arresting characters, but it's really about the circumstances of that week, so you get to sort of let it wash over you that week and then you're moving on to the next. And that's just sort of the nature of that particular structure. The nature of that structure is to just consume and move on to the next."

Matt Bomer thinks it would be fun if 'American Horror Stories' "dips into the 'Freak Show' world"

With Michael unwillingly condemned to an eternal purgatory within the confines of the infamous Murder House, our chances of seeing him again remain within the realm of possibility, but Matt Bomer is also keen on the idea of some of his other AHS characters popping up as well. "I think it'd be fun if they ever do an 'American Horror Stories' episode that dips into the 'Freak Show' world, just to have Andy trying to find a trick in the back of a bar, even if it's just in the background," he said.

With "Rubber(wo)Man" now behind him, Bomer's fate in Ryan Murphy's grand scheme for the AHS universe remains to be seen. Unfortunately, he's not part of the upcoming "American Horror Story: Double Feature," but he has his thoughts on what other outlandish themes and settings the series could explore. What would pique his interest and lure him back for another go-around?

"That's a great question. And it's a hard one to answer because they've done such a great job of exploring so many different [themes]," Bomer said. "I'm at the beach right now and I'm looking at the water and I think there's something that can be creepy and interesting in terms of, like, a small beach town and things coming out of the water. I think in terms of the Hitchcock-ian device, psychologically, if the water is like the subconscious and they don't really know what, something in the water is dangerous. I think that could be an interesting season."

"American Horror Stories" is now streaming exclusively on Hulu.