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Every Friends Halloween Costume Ranked Worst To Best

The "Friends" gang certainly knows how to throw a party, as we witnessed the six pals celebrate everything from 30th birthdays to New Year's Eve to engagements. The Thanksgiving Day episode became a staple for the series as we saw the group celebrate Turkey Day together every year, which is odd considering almost everyone had parents or siblings they could have met up with at least once. While new seasons of "Friends" debuted in the fall, we were unfortunately only treated to one Halloween-themed episode.

"The One with the Halloween Party" was the sixth episode of Season 8 and saw Monica (Courteney Cox) host a costume party at her apartment. She insists that everyone dress up for the event, which most of the group grumbles over initially. Everyone — well, almost everyone — winds up in costume, delivering one of the best themed episodes of "Friends" ever. We've ranked all of the costumes from "The One With the Halloween Party" from worst to best. This includes some series regulars in addition to the core six, plus a huge celebrity cameo.

9. Rachel

Well, someone has to be the worst, and that honor goes to Rachel (Jennifer Aniston). She finds out she's pregnant at the end of Season 7 and uses that as an excuse to get out of dressing up for Monica's party. When she arrives early in the episode, Rachel is wearing a black strapless dress with intricate threading detail at the neckline. Monica asks why she didn't dress up, and Rachel tries to play it off like she has. "I am a woman who spent a lot of money on a dress, and she wants to wear it because soon she won't be able to fit into it," Rachel says with some sass at the end.

Haha. Very funny, Rachel. This is a classic example of that friend everyone has who is just "too cool" to participate in something silly. Someone will always come up with an excuse for why they can't dress up at an adult Halloween party when it's really because they can't be bothered. Rachel is that friend. As we'll see further in this list, some in the group put the slightest bit of effort into their costumes, and others are forced to dress up, but Rachel is the only one who truly disappoints.

8. Eric

One of the biggest guest stars to ever appear on "Friends" is Sean Penn. The two-time Academy Award winner brought his comedic talents to the Halloween Party episode, where he served as Ursula's (Lisa Kudrow) fiancé, Eric. Phoebe's twin shows up to the party without a costume as well, but the person she pretends to be in front of Eric makes her seem like a totally different Ursula anyway.

Eric is a teacher and has his students make his costume for the party. He comes as a solar system, with different colored spheres glued to a black sweater. The outfit is a little dull compared to the rest of the crew, who put more effort into their getups, but the fact that Eric had his students make it puts him miles ahead of Rachel, who's self-involved as always. Thankfully, we got two episodes with Eric, the second of which involved everyday clothing, but he was unfortunately still adorned with a creepy mustache.

7. Chandler

When it comes to the friend with the most ridiculous outfit of the evening, the honor undeniably goes to Chandler (Matthew Perry). We find out that Monica picked out a pink bunny outfit for her husband, which covered the funnyman from head to toe. For a good part of the episode, Chandler walks around and gnaws on a carrot as well, making this ensemble even more over the top.

The problem with this costume is that it falls flat. There's no great roar of laughter from the audience when Chandler comes out of his bedroom in the bright pink outfit in the first part of the episode. It seems like a big miss on the writers' part; it's just too much, to the point that it's not funny. They could have gone in any direction for Chandler's outfit for the party, but they chose the dumbest one, and it's nothing more than a letdown. The saving grace is when Chandler makes fun of himself throughout the episode, joking that he "maxed out" on embarrassment so no one could hurt his feelings.

Shockingly, Monica doesn't pick a costume for her husband to match hers — more on that later. As anal as she is about everything in her life, it seems kind of unbelievable that she and Chandler's costumes would have nothing to do with each other.

6. Mona

Mona (Bonnie Somerville) is Ross' date to Monica's Halloween party and shows up in an old-timey nurse costume. It's basically what you see in bars in every college town on October 31. It's a sexualized version of the nurse outfit, but when Chandler comments that she came as a "slutty" version of the healthcare worker, she clarifies she's "just a nurse." Her skirt is short and her neckline plunging, so whatever you say, Mona.

While Mona's costume is the most basic and predictable of them all, we have to give her props for coming to the party dressed up. At this point, she barely knows Ross and really only has a relationship with Monica from when they worked at a restaurant together. It has to be incredibly awkward to mingle with a group of people you don't know for the first time while dressed as a scantily clad nurse. It should be evident to viewers from the get-go, based on her costume, that Mona isn't very creative, but at least she isn't dressed in a pink bunny costume.

5. Gunther

As with every episode of "Friends," there is just not enough Gunther (James Michael Tyler) in "The One With the Halloween Party." He only has a small exchange with Rachel after he goes out to buy some extra candy, but he can be seen in the background for most of the episode. It's refreshing to know the friends enjoy Gunther enough to invite him to their parties, and thankfully they asked him to this one so we get to see him dressed up as Charlie Brown.

It's definitely not a costume he spent a lot of money on, as Gunther is wearing the most basic form of the cartoon character's outfit. He sports the signature yellow t-shirt with a thick black zig-zag line, matched with black shorts. While Charlie Brown is bald except for the curly hair on his forehead, Gunther has an almost full head of platinum blond hair. Despite the difference in the top of their heads, it looks like Gunther was born to be Charlie Brown in some capacity, and we applaud whatever writer came up with that idea.

4. Phoebe

If we could put the remaining four characters in the No. 1 spot on the list, we would. But this is a ranking, and there can only be one winner. That being said, Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) shows up to the party as Supergirl and absolutely nails her outfit. She has the entire ensemble on, from the cape to the unitard with a skirt to the boots. Phoebe also has her hair pulled into two low pigtails, fit with bright red bows to match the rest of her outfit.

It's really the perfect outfit for Phoebe, as she knows her worth and can kick some serious you-know-what. It makes sense that she would come dressed as one of the most powerful superheroes out there, given her bold and cheerful personality. When she first enters the party, she stares down Monica threateningly and stands with her hands on her hips, proving she did her research before showing up. Not only does she dress up, but she also plays the part. Phoebe is clearly not "too cool" like some of her other friends and is one of those people that "understood the assignment."

3. Ross

Ross (David Schwimmer) is a child at heart, so it's no surprise that he shows up to his sister's party with the punniest costume of the evening. We already know that he dressed up as a dinosaur the year before — because, Ross — so he decides to switch things up this time. When he first enters the party, it's not entirely obvious what he's pretending to be. His friends can't quite figure it out either, so he has to help them along.

He's dressed as a giant potato with a colander on his head, which he explains stands for Spudnik, aka Sputnik. Of course, not everyone understands what Ross is putting out there at first, and when Joey joins the group later, he assumes his pal is dressed as poop and calls him "Doodie." At the end of the evening, Ross even admits that he does look like poop, but it's only when he's feeling down after struggling to beat Chandler at an arm-wrestling match.

Mona is the only person who understands what Ross is dressed as right off the bat, with Chandler telling his friend, "Marry her." Just as he does when he's dressed as the Holiday Armadillo in a Christmas episode, Ross kind of hobbles and hops around in his bulky costume, even losing balance and almost tipping over when Chandler pushes him. He's right in line with Phoebe, wearing a getup so perfect for him that we couldn't think of anything better.

2. Monica

If you're hosting a Halloween party, you better have one of the best costumes there. That's the case for Monica, who wears a Catwoman costume that fits her like a glove. She is dressed in a shimmery black catsuit that hugs her curves and looks like it's made for only her. She pairs the look with a cat-eared headband and a long tail that bounces around behind her when she walks. Monica also has a decent amount of black eyeshadow on, making her look like the perfect villain.

A popular thread on the "Friends" subreddit proves that fans of the series thought this look was Monica's best across all 10 seasons. The post was upvoted over 500 times, and users mentioned that she could have played a better Catwoman than Halle Berry in the comments. 

Her outfit is so on-point and perfect that it's so perplexing that she picked the pink bunny costume for Chandler. She could have bought him a Batman suit, and all could have been right with the world.

1. Joey

When Joey (Matt LeBlanc) first enters the party, it looks like he pulled a Rachel as he's dressed in regular clothes. Granted, these aren't clothes that he would ever wear, so we should have suspected something was up. When Monica shows frustration over Joey not dressing up, he swears he did, remarking, "I'm Chandler." What might not have been clear before is now super obvious, and the audience absolutely loses it when he reveals who he is.

Joey sports a brown sweater vest — classic Chandler — with a beige/gray button-down shirt underneath. Pairing these with boring matching slacks, he looks just like his best friend. Naturally, Chandler doesn't think Joey looks like him at all, so he decides to do an impression. Again he says, "I'm Chandler," but this time ends the phrase with a ridiculous groaning noise and sticks his tongue out. The rest of the group laughs, and when Chandler remarks he doesn't sound like that, Joey hits him back with the same impression (yes, these characters are grown men). To be fair, Chandler never actually makes that noise in the series, but Joey definitely captures his pal's negative spirit.

While it might have been one of the easier costumes of the evening if anyone deserves to get made fun of, it's Chandler. And who better to do it than Joey?