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What American Horror Story: Cult Did Best According To Fans

"American Horror Story: Cult" cemented itself in Ryan Murphy's horror anthology series as the political season, with its dark premise and controversial characters dealing with events surrounding the actual 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Who can forget the twisted cult leader Kai Anderson? A role that actor and series star Evan Peters truly embraced, to the point where it was having a negative effect on his psyche. "Cult" had everything from killer clowns to a connection to the Zodiac murders, and even people chopping their arms off in support of their favorite presidential candidates. 

People have mostly praised Peters and co-star Sarah Paulson for their performances, with Paulson serving as a political supporter distraught over Hillary Clinton's loss to President Donald Trump and Peters playing a Trump supporter obsessed with stoking the public's fears and causing chaos in the wake of the election. But what do viewers think Murphy did best with "Cult" in the long run, compared to all other "American Horror Story" seasons? Some fans took to Reddit recently to voice their opinion.

"Cult" is as real as AHS gets

If there's one thing that "American Horror Story: Cult" does best, it's giving viewers a sense of realism that other seasons of AHS just haven't been able to provide. As many Redditors point out, the season is easily the most realistic to date. Try to find another installment that addresses real-life issues and provides social commentary with the honesty and unabashedness that "Cult" did. You won't.

"Best [season] at revealing the horrors of real-world monsters such as cult leaders, psychological degradation, mental illness, phobias, and political radicalism which is becoming more and more apparent in the world," said Redditor u/theralphamale. "Many of the horror themes hit a little too close to home." Another thing that resonated with viewers was the psychological horror and "actual" scares that Murphy provided in "Cult," according to the Redditors. "It felt so real," said u/shelleyshocked.

Season 10 of "American Horror Story" — titled "Double Feature" — is currently airing on FX. The first half of the double feature, "Red Tide," concluded on September 22. Part Two is set to debut on Wednesday, September 29.