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Why Fans Say American Horror Story: Cult Was An Underrated Season

After nine seasons of some of the most shocking and despicable characters on modern television, it's no surprise that fans of American Horror Story are going to have opinions. Some people pick out the best and worst characters, best and worst storylines, or most underrated/overrated season in general. Depending on who's asking, fans will often agree that the seventh season isn't the best the series has to offer, and will instead focus on the likes of Murder House, Asylum, and maybe even Coven. But in reality, Cult is an underrated season that some believe should get a second chance.

Even though the season didn't win any awards, it was nominated several times for an Emmy, which is saying something. So why is Cult one of the most underrated seasons of AHS, and why doesn't it doesn't get the love it might deserve? Reddit users have some very interesting theories on this matter.

The realism and acting is flawless

Cult was released in 2017, and some fans found it distasteful due to its focus on politics. They wanted the supernatural vibe AHS usually provides, which wasn't present in this season. However, according to some Reddit users, it was also the scariest season of them all. Ghosts or ghouls weren't needed here, because Cult relied heavily on good old-fashioned acting, which was superb by the way, with stand-outs being Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters. Paulson and Peters took on several roles throughout the season, which isn't easy to do. Even though the season is quite underrated, Peters' role of Kai Anderson is one of his best villain characters to date.

Because Cult stands out amongst the other eight seasons for being realistic, perhaps this is another reason why the season is overlooked. But for anyone that has a severe case of coulrophobia, this one might be right up your alley for scares left and right.