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The Easy-Going Character AHS Fans Would Love To Hang Out With

For a show all about evils lurking in the world, "American Horror Story" characters have a strong impact on fans. There are comfort characters like Liz Taylor from "Hotel" and ones to avoid like Kai Anderson from "Cult," but there are plenty who fall in between the blurred lines of good and evil. Maybe they use their supernatural abilities to occasionally cause harm, or their quest for good is more damaging than they realize.

Fans on the show's subreddit often discuss the nuances of these characters and their redeeming qualities, posing questions about who they'd like best in real life. A poll by u/New-Monitor7273 asked if other members would rather chill out during an evening with Montana Duke or Madison Montgomery. Facing off in the fan poll, the co-stars' characters were pitted against one another to determine who would be the best company to enjoy. Is it camp counselor Montana (Billie Lourd) from "1984," who resides in the Camp Redwood purgatory and dated Richard Ramirez? Or is it Madison (Emma Roberts) from "Coven" and "Apocalypse," a former child star and witch with a razor-sharp attitude?

Wear something black

Winning by just five of the 253 votes, Madison pulled through as the character "AHS" fans would prefer to invite out for casual rooftop drinks or to grab a bite after work. Of course, fans know that being on the good side of the hard-partying starlet is necessary for a fun evening together.

One Redditor explained that they voted for her as long as it was the world-saving, mature Madison from Season 8. "I loved how much character development and growth she had," they said. "In Coven, she was a b***h, but in Apocalypse she was That B***h."

Others explained that Montana's ghost-like state could mean that their plans might last longer than they intended. "Montana would probably kill you so...." said u/telekineticeleven011, referring to the character's goal of killing people at the camp so they wouldn't be lonely. If you're voting for her, you have to be ready for an eternity of chill evenings.

However, u/InTheGardenOfSpite voted for the retro character, saying, "I fear me & Madison would get into (an) argument over something ridiculous." Many fans seemed to vote based on their love for Emma Roberts, not considering just how self-absorbed and blunt her witchy character can be. At least the odds of surviving that encounter are higher.