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Here's What Type Of Horror Movie Character AHS Fans Want To See

It's no secret that "American Horror Story" often riffs on classic horror movie characters, tropes, sub-genres, and franchises with its own delightfully terrifying modern vision. Let's face it: haunted houses, demonic asylums, and covens of witches aren't exactly groundbreaking ideas set to change the landscape of the horror genre. But it's what Ryan Murphy and the writers do within the constraints of the genre which makes them interesting. "1984" took slasher films like "Friday the 13th" and "Scream" and blended them with its signature style of the supernatural to create something wholly new.

We're not saying that every season works magnificently – although the worst-rated season of "American Horror Story" might surprise you. But it's always an inventive ride, no matter the setting or the characters. Of course, the next installment of the series will be "American Horror Story: Double Feature" with the show splitting into two different stories – one set by the sea, another set by the sand. It sounds like some kind of grindhouse back-to-back type of deal, but "Double Feature" is still under wraps ahead of its August 25 premiere.

Because there are so many horror subgenres and characters that the FX series hasn't touched yet, fans online have weighed in on what they'd like to see the series take on next.

Take on famous franchises

While the series so far has taken its cues from a number of haunted house movies like "Poltergeist" or slasher movies like "Halloween," audiences seemingly want to see what Ryan Murphy could do with other big horror franchises. A recent poll on Reddit asked users whether they'd prefer to see "American Horror Story'"s take on a famous horror property or a lesser-known one. Perhaps unsurprisingly, of the 113 people that participated, 76 voted for the "famous" option.

But it's in the comments where things got interesting, as a handful of voters briefly discussed what they'd actually like to see. One commenter suggested expanding the mythology of "The Blair Witch Project" by exploring serial killer Rustin Parr and how the titular witch told him what to do. While another threw Clive Barker's "Candyman" into the mix – although with the new film on the horizon from director Nia DaCosta, that one might be a little unnecessary.

Our personal pick? Let's see what Ryan Murphy does with an entity like the Cenobites from "Hellraiser" – there have been numerous reports that both a reboot and a TV series focusing on the franchise are in the works, but it's not particularly clear when they'll materialize. So because of that, it'd be interesting to see how "American Horror Story" would introduce its own versions of the Cenobites and where they'd fit into the terrifying mythology of the series so far.