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Why Sloane From The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Looks So Familiar

In late 2020, Netflix announced that its superhero comic book adaptation The Umbrella Academy would be returning for a third season. Where the story of Umbrella Academy season 2 left off, the members of the titular Umbrella Academy had just come in contact with an alternate reality version of their group called the Sparrow Academy.

A few months after season 3's confirmation, the roster of actors who would be joining the show to portray the members of the Sparrow Academy was revealed. Since the Sparrow Academy is an alternate reality version of the Umbrella Academy, each member of the main series cast now essentially has a counterpart in the lineup of new cast members.

The Umbrella Academy's Number Five is portrayed by Aidan Gallagher. His superpower is time travel. The Sparrow Academy's Number Five is named Sloane, though her powers currently remain unspecified.

The filmography of actor Genesis Rodriguez, who portrays Sloane, includes a number of starring or otherwise prominent roles. So, if Sloane looks familiar in her Umbrella Academy Season 3 appearances, it's likely because of one of the following performances.

Genesis Rodriguez used to be a frequent telenovela star

Before Genesis Rodriguez was a Hollywood performer, she appeared in episodes of a few different telenovelas numbering in the hundreds.

Rodriguez's proper debut as an actor (following just one prior unnamed role as a dancer) was in Prisionera. The first incarnation of Prisionera aired in 1962 in black and white. Rodriguez starred in a 2004 series of the same name. She appeared in a total of 176 of its 180 episodes as the daughter of a woman wrongfully accused of murder. Her next major role was in Dame Chocolate as the heir to a chocolate fortune. She and co-lead Carlos Ponce were the only two actors to appear in all 150 episodes of the series.

Finally, before her transition to Hollywood, Rodriguez appeared regularly in a 2008 telenovela adaptation of Doña Bárbara as a member of its main supporting cast. The Doña Bárbara story originated in a novel first published in Venezuela in 1929. Its earliest adaptation was in a 1943 film. Multiple TV series followed, though the 2008 series, in which Rodriguez appeared for a grand total of 190 episodes, is the most recent.

While the crossover between die-hard fans of telenovelas and Umbrella Academy is likely meager, it would theoretically only take seeing one of the 516 telenovela episodes in which she appeared to recognize her in the Netflix series.

Genesis Rodriguez worked with Paul Walker in Hours

Hours was the first film starring Paul Walker to be released posthumously following his death in November 2013. In Hours, Walker played a father named Nolan Hayes trying to keep his newborn baby alive as Hurricane Katrina actively wrecks the hospital in which she was born.

The majority of the film's runtime is devoted to Hayes' attempts to save his child's life despite the disaster conditions around him. Rodriguez played the role of Hayes' wife and the mother of the child. Early on in the film, she dies during childbirth, so her presence in the film is therefore diminished. Nevertheless, she's billed second in the film's credits.

Though Hours was primarily a vehicle for Paul Walker as a performer, the film's survival-based set pieces pitted a man against a disaster rather than his fellow humans. Thus, Rodriguez, despite limited screen time, appeared as one of the more prominent human figures in the film's runtime. Fans of Hours will therefore likely remember her small but integral role.

Genesis Rodriguez appeared in Kevin Smith's Tusk

Kevin Smith is primarily known for dialogue-heavy comedies that feature his perennial creations Jay and Silent Bob, so Tusk, released in 2014, was something of a departure from his signature style. While some scenes are indeed driven by snappy dialogue, the film as a whole revolves around a central horror conceit.

Its veritable horror movie villain is a reclusive scientist driven by the desire to transform a human being into a walrus-like monster. Justin Long played Wallace, a podcaster ultimately attempting to create content about said walrus-loving scientist. Fortunately, the character played by Genesis Rodriguez remains human throughout the film's runtime. Rodriguez played the role of Ally, Wallace's significant other. In quintessential horror movie fashion, Ally is an outsider tasked with tracking down and aiding Wallace once he's found himself in trouble on his quest for good podcasting content.

Tusk may not be among Kevin Smith's finest works, reflected in its Rotten Tomatoes scores of 45% from critics and 36% from fans. Nevertheless, it's an entry in a widely appreciated director's filmography, so Kevin Smith completionists will doubtlessly recognize Rodriguez in her turn in Umbrella Academy.