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What The Cast Of Haven Is Doing Today

It's a good thing Haven came out when it did in 2010. The SyFy series released to relatively middling reviews in its early seasons, and probably wouldn't have made it to a fifth in today's binge-able climate. However, the show leaned hard into its strengths as it went on, becoming an enjoyable romp by the time it concluded.

One of those strengths was the impressive cast. Even with the show's rocky start, star Emily Rose was immediately lauded as the main reason to watch Haven, and served as a guiding light for the series. The rest of the cast grew into their roles and put together some strong character work to keep drawing viewers in. It certainly helped that Haven was based on the Stephen King story The Colorado Kid, as King's ability to create dynamic and fascinating characters has always been one of his best talents as a writer.

Haven came to an end in 2015, after five solid seasons. Many of the show's cast members have continued to find themselves in demand for both film and television roles in the years since. Here's what the cast of Haven is up to now.

Emily Rose - Audrey Parker

Emily Rose starred on Haven as Audrey Parker, an FBI agent sent to a mysterious Maine town in pursuit of an escaped convict. Rose had to do some pretty heavy lifting with the character to fit the twisting narrative, and she did an admirable job. 

Rose's role on Haven remains her most notable, though she's certainly appeared in plenty of media since the series ended. She has appeared in a few Hallmark and Lifetime TV movies, and occasionally nabs a guest spot on series like NCIS and Criminal Minds. She also does some video game voice work: You can hear her as Elena in the Uncharted series, and as Laulai in the Horizon Zero Dawn DLC, The Frozen Wilds. If you're looking for recurring roles, Rose had a stint on ER well before her days on Haven, as well as a six episode arc on Graceland in 2014.

Rose is also busy in her family life. She and her husband of over a decade have three children together.

Lucas Bryant - Nathan Wuornos

Like most everyone on Haven, Nathan Wuornos suffers from a "trouble." He cannot feel any physical sensations ... until Audrey shows up. For some reason, he can feel her touch. Skillfully portrayed by Lucas Bryant, Nathan's character arc goes through its ups and downs. But Bryant found his footing with the character in time, and made him a memorable and emotional figure who helps ground Haven throughout its run.

Like his costar Emily Rose, Bryant has had a few roles in made-for-television movies in the years since wrapping on Haven. He's mostly done Hallmark movies like Summer Love, Tulips in Spring, and Country at Heart. However, he's had a few recurring roles on television as well since his time as Nathan Wuornos. He had a major role on the Canadian series Shoot the Messenger, which unfortunately only lasted for one season. He also made multiple appearances on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Agent Keller. Bryant has spent some time on the big screen as well: He appeared in the 2018 movie 7 Days to Vegas, directed by another Haven alum, Eric Balfour.

Eric Balfour - Duke Crocker

Eric Balfour was one of the bigger names in the cast of Haven, where he played lovable scallywag Duke Crocker. Balfour was already a well-known commodity due to roles in films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and What Women Want, as well as recurring television roles on series like 24 and Six Feet Under. Since Haven ended, he's continued to be busy with parts in plenty of movies and television shows.

On the TV side of things, Balfour has cropped up in guest spots on shows like Chicago P.D. and Ray Donovan. He's had a few recurring roles as well. One notable role entailed a multi-episode appearance on the remake of Charmed, where he played Julian Shea. Balfour has also added several movie roles to his resume since Haven ended, including parts in Fashionista, Tao of Surfing, 200 Degrees, and Agenda: Payback. Balfour has also directed a few films: He sat in the chair for 7 Days to Vegas and Bright in a Hollow Sky.

Richard Donat - Vince Teagues

Richard Donat has a whole lot of credits in his resume, but he's never become much of a household name in the United States. In fact, his role as Vince Teagues, the owner of the newspaper on Haven, is probably the role he's best known for. He's found plenty of success over his decades in the business, however: Donat was winning stage awards before some of his younger co-stars were even born, and has flexed his dramatic presence in many other different ways. Pre-Haven, he was the narrator of several episodes of Nova and starred in series like Blackfly and Emily of New Moon. Since the show ended, Donat has held roles on shows like Hemlock Grove and Trailer Park Boys. Other than playing Big Hawk on Trailer Park Boys and its animated series, Donat has not played a role in film or television since 2016.

John Dunsworth - Dave Teagues

John Dunsworth, who played Dave Teagues on Haven, actually didn't fall into acting until later in life. He originally tried his hand at being a politician, running for small office for Canada's New Democratic Party in 1988. There was even a documentary made of his longshot campaign. Luckily for fans, Dunsworth did not get elected, and he then shifted his focus to acting.

Dunsworth is probably the actor on Haven that you're most likely to recognize from a different role: He played Jim Lahey, the always-drunk park supervisor on Trailer Park Boys for years. He appeared on nearly every version of the show, and was part of the glue that holds its absurdity together. During the last few seasons of Haven, Dunsworth also had a recurring role on the series Forgive Me.

Sadly, not long after Haven came to an end, Dunsworth died following a short illness at the age of 71. He had filmed quite a bit of material for Trailer Park Boys before he passed, and so he's had several posthumous appearances in his most memorable role.

Adam Copeland - Dwight Hendrickson

Best known as the WWE superstar Edge, Adam Copeland got to make the jump to more traditional acting with Haven. He played Dwight Hendrickson on the series, which was his first real chance to show off his acting chops outside the squared circle. He had made a few small appearances on other shows prior to this, but Dwight was his first major role.

Copeland has proven himself a capable actor in the years following Haven's finale. His roles have been interestingly varied, including a part as Atom Smasher on CW's The Flash, and the recurring role of Kjetill, AKA "Flatnose," on Vikings. Like many of his fellow Haven actors, he's also appeared in a few episodes of Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series.

Copeland still shows up as Edge at WWE events, though he "retired" over a decade ago. He also starred in 2020's Money Plane alongside Denise Richards and Kelsey Grammer, a film which gained a bit of viral traction due to its absolutely bonkers trailer.

Jayne Eastwood - Gloria

Jayne Eastwood didn't appear on Haven until the show's fourth season, but her character, Gloria, appears in nearly every episode following her entrance. She's one of the most prolific actors in the entire cast, and her resume showcases that: As of this writing, she has over 250 credits to her name. She also shows no signs of slowing down, generally adding six or seven new credits each year.

As such, there are a lot of different roles you can catch Eastwood in since Haven concluded. She appeared on the 2016 TV production The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again, and reprised her role as Mrs. White in the sequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding. She also does voice work for series like Hotel Transylvania, Inspector Gadget, and Esme & Roy, and she's had guest appearances on several shows including Orphan Black and Star Falls.

In short, you've probably seen Jayne Eastwood (or heard her) a whole lot of times in the years since Haven ended.

Nicholas Campbell - Garland Wuornos

Actor Nicholas Campbell was one of the strongest aspects of Haven's early run in his role as the chief of police, Garland Wuornos. He was already quite a well-known commodity, due to appearances in films like Cinderella Man and several works of David Cronenberg, as well as a lead role on the critically-acclaimed series Da Vinci's Inquest. He was nominated for and won several Gemini Awards, Canada's version of the Emmy Awards, for his work on Da Vinci's Inquest.

Since his time on Haven ended, Campbell has appeared in quite a few Canadian films, including The Sound, The Rainbow Kid, and Awakening the Zodiac. He's also had memorable television appearances in shows like Bad Blood, Tin Star, and Heartland. Notably, Campbell played a major role in the Black Mirror episode "Arkangel."

Campbell has frequently dabbled in police procedurals, and has a major recurring role on the series Coroner. With how reboot-happy television is, don't be surprised if Da Vinci's Inquest reappears at some point down the line.

Stephen McHattie - Ed Driscoll

Everyone loves a terrifying fire-and-brimstone preacher, and actor Stephen McHattie brought that thunder to our screens as Reverend Ed Driscoll on Haven. Driscoll is consumed by his prejudices and misguided beliefs, and ultimately dies because of them. McHattie clearly had a blast with the role.

McHattie had several major roles under his belt already when he joined the cast of Haven. He played Hollis Mason, the original Nite-Owl, in the 2009 Watchmen film, and also had appearances in films like The Fountain, 300, and A History of Violence. He'd had memorable runs on both Seinfeld and The X-Files, and voiced Shade on the animated Justice League series.

Since Haven came to an end, McHattie hasn't let up. On the small screen, he's enjoyed recurring roles on Orphan Black and October Faction. McHattie has also appeared in several films in the last few years, the most notable of which include Mother!, the Death Wish remake, and the delightfully weird Come To Daddy.

Steve Lund - James Cogan

We would be remiss if we didn't mention the Colorado Kid. Even though he only appears in a handful of episodes, the Colorado Kid (AKA James Cogan) is one of the driving forces in the show – Haven was based on Stephen King's The Colorado Kid, after all. He was played by Steve Lund, and he's had plenty of other roles in the years since.

Right as Haven was finishing up its run, Lund was starring in Bitten, a Canadian series of similarly supernatural themes. He also stars in the series Street Legal. However, he's probably best known to American audiences for a few smaller, recurring roles. Lund played Jake on Schitt's Creek, the guy who dates both David and Stevie at the same time (and Stevie for, apparently, a lot longer). He played Ernest Hemingway on a few episodes of Frankie Drake Mysteries, and also played Luc Narcisse on Reign. Lund has not appeared in many films, but he did star in the bizarre horror comedy The Banana Splits Movie.

Laura Mennell - Dr. Charlotte Cross

She may have only appeared in the final season of Haven, but actress Laura Mennell made quite the impact with her short time on the show. Her character, Charlotte Cross, is an extremely important part of unraveling many of Haven's mysteries and plays a pivotal role in the mythology of the series.

Mennell was already a well-known actress before appearing on Haven, and she's only continued to find roles in the years since. She appeared in a few popular films before Haven, including cult horror favorite Trick 'r Treat and Watchmen. Since the show ended, she's mainly done television work. She had a run on the early seasons of another SyFy series, Van Helsing, and she starred alongside Ron Livingston and Will Sasso in Loudermilk. She also had a recurring role as Thelma Harris on the critically acclaimed series The Man in the High Castle, and stars in Project Blue Book.