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This Baby Yoda Vs. Thanos Video Is Breaking The Internet

The pop culture singularity is here. 

Our new era of corporate conglomeration presents its share of problems, but its sheer capacity for pouring content out every moment of every day has at last matched the frenetic pace at which memes have been generated for a decade, and in that, at least, we can have some joyous benefit. There is nothing wrong, in a world like today's, with taking our laughs and fun where it comes — and when inspiration strikes, to make it ourselves. A new YouTube video meme made by the user stryder HD is striking like lightning on the zeitgeist, and it highlights that massive merger/marriage of Star Wars and Marvel under the Disney banner for our distinct amusement.

In the video, we open to the crushing low moment during the final battle in Avengers: Endgame. Thanos reigns over the battlefield in seeming victory, and Captain America stands alone, looking despondent. From somewhere unseen, we hear the sound of a baby cooing, and Steve perks up, hand pressed eagerly to his earpiece as more coos can be heard. 

We then cut to a portal, and behold: Baby Yoda arrives in his floating carriage chariot, wiggling with glee before his enemy, Thanos. Cap nearly collapses with relief, and the clip briefly cuts to black. A lightsaber sound cuts the silence, and Baby Yoda is back — and he is ready to rage. He's holding a teeny lightsaber suited for his equally teeny body, and his face animation has been edited to make him look absolutely furious.

Forget Hulk or Thor or even Captain Marvel: Baby Yoda is ready to crack out a whoopin' in the same style as his elderly, possible clone-father Jedi Master Yoda in Attack of the Clones, with plenty of somersaults and Cuisinart-like death strokes of that adorable lightsaber. And don't you worry, friends — the stryder HD channel assures us that more is coming, so we just might get to see that precious bean go to town with his weapon.

The internet responded with predictable glee to Baby Yoda vs. Thanos

The viewer response to the video has not only been delighted, but downright wholesome, which is not something you can often say about YouTube comment sections. Commenter erenisback felt particularly inspired and encouraged, writing, "Always loved [Star Wars], I can feel it in my heart never stop moving u can get through anything [you're] a monster". 

It's bringing families together, too — commenter kiraisamess wrote, "My dad is at work and I'm at school but he felt that it was important enough to take a break and send this to me and I think that it very much was." What could possibly be more beautiful than that: memes, drawing families to each other despite distance and other responsibilities, for the sake of joy.

Commenter KutluBskn WTF, meanwhile, was so overcome that they had no words for their exaltation, writing, "This Made me feel...... !!!" Finally, commenter Carlton Estevan said  exactly what we have all been thinking these past several weeks: "Baby Yoda > The World." Huge mood, buddy, but don't forget the most valuable lesson Baby Yoda has to give — love and togetherness is what saves the day.

Baby Yoda memes are taking over the online world

This video is just the latest in a celebrated line of Baby Yoda meme remixes that have been bubbling over online since The Mandalorian began in mid-November, and introduced us all to our new patron saint of the internet. Memes centered around the climactic portal scene in Endgame have also been circulating healthily since the film's release in April 2019; there are so many based around the movie that premanufactured templates are available for instant use. Since they both have the same corporate master, it was basically inevitable that these two conceptual parents would make a new bundle of meme-ing joy. 

Baby Yoda didn't exactly need the profile boost from the highest-grossing film on Earth, as he makes for a perfectly fine (and prolific) solo show in plenty of other memes, often stealing the spotlight from the actual protagonist — you know, that "The Mandalorian" guy. Another peak meme format of the millisecond features Baby Yoda trying to play music on the Mandalorian's ship using a scene from the series' fourth episode. Here's one set to Toto's "Africa", the preeminent meme-ing song of this fading decade, and another set to Evanescence. 

Yes, Baby Yoda is out to conquer as much bandwidth as possible, and we will permit it, because he charms us all to the bone and washes the stress of 2019 away in its eleventh hour. If you can't get enough, know that preorders are now available for many different kinds of Baby Yoda merch (including, naturally, a 10" supersize Funko pop), though much of it will not ship until spring because manufacturing was held back for the sake of spoilers. You will need to purchase a Captain America action figure separately, however, in order to reenact that specific meme with toys at home. Just give us the word, and we'll be happy to hang out and help you make cool lightsaber noises.