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House Of The Dragon's Most Disgusting Season 2 Prop Will Make You Squirm

Contains spoilers for "House of the Dragon" Season 2, Episode 4 — "The Red Dragon and the Gold"

Well, once again, Westeros is engulfed by war and dragon fire. "House of the Dragon" Season 2 is finally giving viewers a harsh glimpse into what happens when Targaryen clashes against Targaryen on the battlefield. With their colossal winged leviathans in tow, the results are brutally tragic – fire and blood indeed. However, as stomach-churning as the battle depicted in the latest episode is (CGI or not, seeing dragons claw into each other is especially awful), the creepiest scene has to be Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) hallucinating seeing a young Rhaenyra Targaryen (Milly Alcock) in the throne room. 

The 'reunion' ends with the former chopping the latter's head off, which does little to stop young Rhaenyra from taunting her uncle; her fallen head staring daggers into a bewildered Daemon and continuing her verbal barbs is an eerie scene, to say the least, and it was achieved through some masterful — and downright ghastly — practical effects. On Instagram, Waldo Mason FX, the prosthetics company that handled the scene, has laid out the details of what exactly went into crafting the terrifyingly realistic prop. Seriously, viewer beware, the photos they provided are kind of nightmarish.

Longtime "HoTD" fans had nothing but great things to say about Waldo Mason's work. Seeing the level of intricate detail this lifeless mold possesses, it's easy to see why.

House of the Dragon fans love the prop work employed in Episode 4

Fans were quick to lavish praise on the work of Waldo Mason and their collaborators after the company uploaded its gnarly end results. "Every week I swear I pause the show just to marvel at your work," @wxndymua wrote. "So freaking good!!" @rajsfx, a London-based special effects artist, commented. "You guys never miss, this is so cool," another fan wrote.

A flood of other comments were unanimous in their praise. Clearly, the silicone head that perfectly and eerily captures Milly Alcock's likeliness seems to have been a highlight in "The Red Dragon and the Gold." In an episode that is filled with bloody battles, dragon fire, and death, that is quite the accomplishment.

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