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Beetlejuice Confirms If Beetlejuice Stars In Deadpool 3 Before Beetlejuice 2

It appears that "Deadpool 3" won't be as star-studded as we previously imagined. One of the most anticipated summer blockbusters this year, "Deadpool & Wolverine" is shaping up to be a major event for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first R-rated flick in the franchise, "Deadpool 3" appears to be another "Spider-Man: No Way Home"-level event in terms of cameos and crossovers. While audiences are eager to see who shows up in the Ryan Reynolds-led film, we know for certain that one pop culture icon won't be showing up. Taking to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, Mr. Beetlejuice has confirmed that he won't be appearing in "Deadpool 3."

This tweet is in relation to the long-gestating rumor that Taylor Swift would be making her MCU debut in "Deadpool 3." The rumor, which has been circulating for nearly a year, was recently debunked by EW. Fans are no doubt disappointed that Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton), the titular star of the classic '80s comedy and the upcoming legacy sequel "Beetlejuice 2," won't be joining the MCU. "Why'd you have to go and ruin my day," questioned @BrowseHorror. "ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Might as well just skip the movie now," wrote @BigfootConnor

The response to this news is, of course, in jest, poking fun at how Marvel fans continue to speculate over who'll appear in the "Deadpool" threequel. Beetlejuice, a Warner Bros. character, obviously wouldn't be in it, but his inclusion could have been perfect, as "Deadpool 3" debuts months before "Beetlejuice 2" — which surprisingly doesn't feature Geena Davis or Alec Baldwin

Beetlejuice isn't in Deadpool 3, but here's who might be

Now that it's confirmed that Beetlejuice won't be appearing in "Deadpool 3," we can rest easy and stop speculating. After all, a confirmation is enough to stop fans from theorizing that a character will appear in the flick ... right? Nope. Though it's genuinely unlikely that Beetlejuice will appear in the film, "Deadpool 3" is on track to be a cameo-bonanza, and in the lead-up to the picture, everything should be taken with a grain of salt. There have been tons of outrageous "Deadpool 3" cameo rumors, but some of them might end up being true.

Speculation and sleuthing have led many to believe "Deadpool 3" is going to be rife with multiverse-breaking cameos from the "X-Men" franchise, which was previously housed under 20th Century Fox (now 20th Century Studios). The most obvious cameo we can expect from the "X-Men" series is Juggernaut, played by Vinnie Jones, who previously said he wouldn't be returning despite being asked. That may have turned out to be a lie, as a recent trailer seemingly confirms his appearance in the picture.

If Jones is lying about his return, it's possible that other actors are also trying to keep their mouths shut. Dafne Keen, who starred as X-23 in "Logan," has long been rumored to appear in "Deadpool 3," but the star recently said she wouldn't be in the flick. Is she lying? We'll find out when "Deadpool 3" hits cinemas on July 26.