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Warner Bros. Doesn't Plan To Release The Justice League 'Snyder Cut'

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that's all we have for DC fans today. 

After countless cries and one massive fan petition calling for Warner Bros. to release a "Snyder cut" of Justice League, the version of the film made by original director Zack Snyder before he stepped down following the death of his daughter and tapped Joss Whedon to take his place, the studio has confirmed that such an unveiling isn't going to happen. 

According to a new report published by The Wall Street Journal, Warner Bros. has no plans to roll out a cut of Justice League that rounds off Snyder's original vision for the film — mainly because it probably doesn't exist in the way fans think it does — or to "release any alternate versions of Justice League."

It's not that the "magical Snyder cut," as an unidentified source close to the film's production described it, is a myth and everyone who believed in its existence is totally bonkers, but rather, there's no alternate version of Justice League that has been finished and polished up enough for public viewing. The trade notes that a "rough cut" of the superhero ensemble flick from after Snyder "finished principal photography in late 2016" might be out there, but that's about all the currently available evidence of a Snyder version of Justice League there is. 

If that announcement wasn't enough to get your jaw dropping, let this next reveal do the trick: A spokeswoman for Snyder told WSJ that the director "never watched the version of Justice League released in theaters." So even if there was an opportunity to craft a complete, meant-for-the-masses-to-see alternate cut of Justice League, Snyder might not even want to dive back into a film he, the guy credited for directing it, has never actually seen.

When all is said and done, Justice League didn't really feel like just Snyder's vision or just Whedon's — it came across a mash-up of both creative's ideas that, sadly, showed us two heads sometimes aren't better than one. The film wound up underperforming at the box office and was roasted by critics, so maybe it's best we let this sleeping dog lie and shift our attention from the longed-for Snyder cut of Justice League to the upcoming movies Warner Bros. has planned for its DC Extended Universe — like Aquaman, Shazam!and Wonder Woman 1984. Onward and upward!