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Terminator 6: Get Your First Look At Gabriel Luna On Set

He's back!

Well, not the guy you're thinking of, but guy. Gabriel Luna, to be exact, the actor playing the new Terminator in director Tim Miller's Terminator 6

Thanks to a recent batch of photos from the set of Terminator 6, first posted by Spanish news outlet La Opinión de Murcia, we've got the very first look at Luna in character. 

Fans and press in Madrid, Spain, where the reboot movie is currently filming, snapped a number of shots of Luna behind the scenes. The actor is seen walking around an Internet café (hey, cyborg assassins need WiFi, too) in a few photos and playing the guitar in a number of others. 

As speculated by The Terminator Fans, one scene that was shot possibly involved Luna's Terminator walking into the café to speak to a waitress to "ask the whereabouts of one of the other characters" — presumably the fellow fresh-to-the-franchise face Dani Ramos, played by Natalia Reyes. No context was given to the snaps of Luna's android character channeling his inner Bryan Adams and strumming his six string, however, but we're eager to see how those musical moments fit into the upcoming film's narrative — assuming they make it past the cutting room floor, of course. 

Before shooting began, Luna himself took to Twitter to share a video expressing his excitement about getting started on the movie-making process. He noted that the film will take place in Mexico, despite principal photography happening in southern Spain. 

These photos follow closely after fans got the first glimpse at Linda Hamilton suited up as the hard-headed, ever-determined fighter Sarah Connor and newcomer Mackenzie Davis (Blade Runner 2049) in a mysterious but clearly badass role. While Hamilton's Sarah will rock a gray hair, a bulletproof vest, and the requisite boss lady sunglasses in Terminator 6, Davis' reported solider-assassin character will be a bit more weathered, wearing a dirty white tank top and dust on her scar-covered arms. 

Known for his work as Ghost Rider on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Luna also joins Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 6 — but don't expect the pair to see eye to eye. Apparently, Luna's Terminator is an antagonist in the film, hunting down Natalia Reyes' Dani Ramos and contending with Schwarzenegger's aged-up T-800 model, Hamilton's Sarah, and possibly even Davis' character as well, though we suspect those two are actually baddies in cahoots.

If the guitar-playing and the interesting wardrobe choice (we definitely weren't expecting the new Terminator to sport a light-blue-on-royal-blue-on-navy plaid shirt) featured in these set photos weren't enough to prove that Terminator 6 will be something completely different from previous franchise installments, let us remind you that star Schwarzenegger once mentioned that producer James Cameron and director Tim Miller made a "whole new movie" with the upcoming refresh. As Schwarzenegger explained, the creative pair have taken "few very basic characters" and "dismiss[ed] everything else — including the events of the series' sequels, like the critically hated 2015 entry Terminator Genisys. Cameron once mentioned that the film introduces new characters in order to "pass the baton" from Schwarzenegger and Hamilton to another generation. 

Not a whole lot is known about Terminator 6, beyond the basics we touched on before. It remains unclear whether studio Paramount will make any major announcements about the movie during San Diego Comic-Con later this month, but we'll keep you updated with any and all Terminator 6-related news as it becomes available. 

Terminator 6 is slated for a November 22, 2019 debut.