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The Funniest Deleted Scenes You've Never Seen

There are a lot of reasons why a completely written, completely produced scene might not make it into the final cut of a movie. Perhaps it drags down the flow or timing of the film, or maybe the tone doesn't mesh with the rest of the project. Sometimes a movie is just plain too long and cuts have to be made. For whatever reason, a lot of great stuff can end up on the cutting room floor. Fortunately, these scenes have a way of re-emerging years later. 

With that in mind, we've taken a look back at some of the funniest lost scenes in Hollywood history, and rounded up every cut sequence that was just as funny — if not funnier — than anything in the movie proper. These are the funniest deleted scenes you've never seen.

Step Brothers

Step Brothers already has a job interview sequence — Brennan (Will Ferrell) and Dale (John C. Reilly) seek a job in tandem, so childish is their understanding of the way things work. That makes this one, featuring Brennan and the bullying Randy (Rob Riggle), unnecessary — but it's still a nice showcase of Riggle's aggro comedy stylings, while also setting in motion Brennan's redeeming moment at the prestigious California Wine Mixer later on in the movie.

Tommy Boy

Sure, the late, great Chris Farley brought a depth and sensitivity to his roles, but when viewers watched him in an episode of SNL or went to one of his too-short string of '90s big-screen comedies, they came for one thing and one thing only: the pratfalls. Farley had a gift for physical comedy, and he always gave every bit everything he had. Tommy Boy delivered just the right amount of Farley running into things and falling down, but this scene of him running across and into cars in a parking lot is exquisitely ridiculous.


Despite featuring two of the biggest comedy stars in the world at the time of its release in 1980, Caddyshack doesn't include many scenes with both Chevy Chase (as smarmy golfer Ty Webb) and Bill Murray (as whacked-out groundskeeper Carl Spackler).  This scene, restored for some TV airings, adds one to the mix, depicting Carl attempting to give Ty some golf tips.

Talladega Nights

After his fall from grace as a NASCAR driver, Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell) slowly rebuilds his life from the comfort and safety of the home of his mama (Jane Lynch). Talladega Nights has plenty of scenes in that setting, so it's understandable that they didn't keep this one — even though in terms of funniness it's right up there with the movie's other standout comic moments, like Ricky running around a race track thinking he's on fire. This deleted scene involves Ricky proving to his mama that he's not just a laze-about, but that he's actually "working on something" that justifies why he ate nine burritos and three enchiladas that day.

This is 40

Judd Apatow's This is 40 offers a pretty personal look at a married couple coming to terms with their vanishing youth. For the sake of juxtaposition, the movie features plenty of younger people fumbling their way through life, including characters played by Megan Fox, Jason Segal, and Chris O'Dowd. In this talky deleted scene, those guys relentlessly and ineffectively hit on Fox's character, who compares their looks to Judge Reinhold and wants to know their star signs, because it's a good predictor of what a guy is "packing."

Mean Girls

While Mean Girls derives most of its humor from its quick, witty dialogue (courtesy of screenwriter Tina Fey), there are a few great examples of visual comedy in the movie — Regina George (Rachel McAdams) waving to admirers while wearing body braces adorned in flowers, for example, as well as this deleted moment that speaks volumes about parent/teen relationships. Cady (Lindsay Lohan) and her mother (Ana Gasteyer) argue over a pair of shoes, and while their characters speak, the tense subtext underlying their words flashes up on the screen. Meanwhile, Cady's dad (Neil Flynn), a much simpler individual, says what he means, and means what he says.


The first act of the Will Ferrell Christmas classic features many moments of Buddy the Elf not quite fitting in with the rest of Santa's elves because he's actually a very tall human — including a bit where he absolutely dominates at basketball. That makes this long, silly scene where Buddy destroys the competition at hockey — violently body-checking and tossing his elven brethren into the stands and snow — ultimately redundant.


At first it seems like this might be one of the few sad and poignant scenes in this, the funniest superhero movie of all time. It winds up being as darkly funny and messed up as the rest of Deadpool. After a disfigured Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) secretly watches and pines for his one true love, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), he gets walloped by a truck at full speed. Cut to...the morgue, where Wade's super-healing powers kick in at a not-ideal moment.

Iron Man 3

Who knew that Sir Ben Kingsley, the legendary actor best known for ultra-serious, award-winning parts like the title role in Gandhi, was so funny? In this cut bit from Iron Man 3, Kingsley, as the Mandarin, has to jive and B.S. his way through a sticky situation by affecting a vocal accent. Co-star Don Cheadle even throws in a few suggestions.


Director Adam McKay filmed so much material for the first Ron Burgundy saga that he ultimately had to cut out an entire subplot. That, along with some other excised material, was pieced together to form a DVD-only semi-sequel called Wake Up, Ron Burgundy. The whole thing is a hilarious, loose 90 minutes in '70s San Diego, but one scene that really stands out features Amy Poehler as an irate bank teller who's more annoyed than terrified that she's getting held up by robbers...whom she thoroughly and fearlessly mocks.