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Why Dr. Hudson From CSI: Vegas Looks So Familiar

Set any series in Sin City and you're bound to get plenty of interesting storylines to pluck from. That's probably a reason why producers back in 2021 moved the "CSI" franchise over to Sinatra's old stomping grounds in CBS's "CSI: Vegas." As the fifth installment of the long-running "CSI" series, much like previous ones, the show has already seen new faces pop up for short or ongoing roles. Season 2 kicked off introducing Detective Serena Chavez (Ariana Guerra) joining the team along with original detectives Maxine Roby (Paula Newsome), and Josh Folsom (Matt Lauria).

Recently the series aired Season 2, Episode 14, ("Third Times the Charm") which has a plot line that may have been difficult for fans to stomach, simply because it revolves around the art of competitive eating. What stands out in this episode (besides bellies) is the introduction of a new character in the crime lab. For those who don't know, the series started its second season without its Chief Medical Examiner, Hugo Ramirez (Mel Rodriguez). However, in this new episode, a substitute Examiner is brought in: Dr. Milton Hudson, and the appearance leaves fans wondering if this is going to be a permanent situation. 

For those who don't know, the man who plays Dr. Hudson is veteran actor Derek Webster. And if he looks familiar to you, it's probably because you've seen him before.

Derek Webster was one of the first to go in Independence Day

Derek Webster started his career popping up in the '90s in various guest star roles for different TV series. He scored a part in the cast of the well-known sci-fi film "Stargate" back in 1994. This wasn't the only time he worked for Director/Writer Roland Emmerich, as he would also appear in two more of his movies, including "Godzilla" and most notably, "Independence Day." In the latter, which follows an alien invasion, Webster played the role of a Sky Crane Pilot who was sent to make first contact with one of the giant alien ships that had parked themselves above major cities worldwide. 

Webster's character is the center of Operation Welcome Wagon, which is a quick attempt to establish communication with Earth's uninvited guests. Broadcasted to all the nervous humans watching at home, the hope is to establish that these technologically advanced beings come in peace. However, this attempt to make mankind history is quickly and tragically thwarted as his hovering military helicopter is annihilated by the blasts of an alien weapon, officially ending Webster's character.

He took down the bad guys of the Marine Corps and United States Navy

As his career moved along, Derek Webster continued to add more and more credits to his ever-growing résumé. These included reoccurring TV roles on series such as "NightMan," "The Whispers," and "Ray Donovan." These gigs all eventually lead to a stretch of episodes on "NCIS: New Orleans." Starring Scott Bakula as Supervisory Special Agent Dwayne Pride, the show premiered on CBS back in 2014 and was the third series of the "NCIS" franchise. 

This NCIS go around, just outside of New Orleans, the team of investigators focuses on criminal cases stemming from the Marine Corps and United States Navy. Webster jumped on board at the beginning of Season 3, playing Assistant Director of the FBI National Security Raymond Isler as the team was trying to identify and capture a sniper who had been firing into crowded areas. This first episode turned into 17 total, as Webster continued the role of Raymond through Season 6.

He was an at-home dad on 9-1-1: Lone Star

Unfortunately, there are plenty of men out there who find it difficult to stay at home with the kids and live in the shadow of their wife's successful career. This is not how Derek Webster played his character, Charles Vega, during his stint on "9-1-1: Lone Star." Husband to Paramedic Captain Tommy Vega (Gina Torres), Charles finds his restaurant business derailed by the Coronavirus pandemic and decides to be a stay-at-home father while his wife continues on with her gig of saving lives. 

Webster wore Charles's shoes through Season 2, up until the moment fans were devastated to see him found by Tommy dead at home from an aneurysm. Being a dedicated, loving father and husband surely made this shocking turn of events difficult for viewers to take. Often when a character is killed off so abruptly, fans wonder why the actor was chosen to no longer be on the show. However, the truth was Webster had a much more significant role in another production in his sights.

Derek Webster works for The Mayor of Kingstown

Co-creator of "Yellowstone" Taylor Sheridan is behind the Paramount+ series "Mayor of Kingstown," which stars Jeremy Renner as Mike McLusky. Despite receiving enough praise to warrant a second season, recent attention on the show has been mainly due to Renner's terrifying snow plow accident that occurred in early January 2023. Luckily, Renner is on his way to recovery. The series, which focuses on a Michigan prison that is run by the McLusky family, continues to release new episodes. 

Derek Webster started out as a series regular right from the pilot episode, playing police officer Stevie. Despite being an integral part of the show, there is no word whether Webster, or the rest of the cast for that matter, will be back to continue the story. As of now, there are still more episodes of the second season to air; however, there is no official word yet if the series will move on any further than that. Only time, and Renner's health, will tell.