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New Images From Yellowjackets Season 2 Feature First Look At Elijah Wood's Character

Warning: this article contains spoilers for "Yellowjackets" Season 1

Fans of "Yellowjackets" have been waiting on pins and needles for Season 2. Season 1 of the Showtime series received high praise for its suspenseful story and ensemble cast. The story and cast weave together the timelines of a high school soccer team (the titular Yellowjackets) stranded in the unforgiving Canadian wilderness after a devastating plane crash, and the less-than-fully-stable lives of the survivors as adults.

When we last left the Yellowjackets, they left us with a whole host of shocking questions. What exactly will the teenage Lottie (Courtney Eaton) do now that she's given into her madness? And what does she want from the rest of the adult Yellowjackets now that she's revealed to be alive? What terrible things is the newly elected Senator Taissa Turner (Tawny Cypress) getting up to at night? Given that the show's overarching story takes cues from both "Lord of the Flies" and the story of the Donner party (via Bleeding Cool), magic mushrooms and sacrificed bears are probably just the start of what happened in that forest.

Whatever the answers to these questions, we certainly have had a lot to feed on the past few months. Filming for Season 2 started in August of 2022. At that time it was announced that Lauren Ambrose of "Six Feet Under" would be joining to cast to reveal to us what became of goalkeeper Van (Liv Hewson) (via TVLine), while Simone Kessell, most recently seen as Blackbeard's mother in "Our Flag Means Death," would be joining the cast to play Lottie (via Deadline). And now, on top of the confirmed release date of March 24 and a cryptic teaser, we also have Elijah Wood.

Lord of the Flies meets Lord of the Rings

Yes, that Elijah Wood. A tweet from the official "Yellowjackets" Twitter account on December 10, 2022, included a picture of everyone's favorite Hobbit next to Christina Ricci's Misty, somewhere in the woods, gazing intently into the distance. "Welcome to the Bureau of Citizen Detectives, @elijahwood," reads the tweet. This is in reference to the online community Misty is a part of, leading us to believe that Wood's character, Walter, is one of them, too.

Entertainment Weekly has confirmed this. "We already knew, based on an official character description from the network," wrote Nick Romano, "that Walter's arc will be intertwined with the amateur sleuth/bespectacled kidnapper as a fellow citizen detective."

Wood is no stranger to the macabre, of course. An outspoken fan of the mysterious, the uncanny, and the downright gory, he has appeared in several horror films himself, from 2012's "Maniac" to 2019's "Come to Daddy" (via IMDb). He is also the founder of the production company SpectreVision, which seems to specialize in the weirder, more psychedelic corners of horror films. Some of the company's credits include "Mandy," "Color Out of Space," and the vampire movie A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night."

As far as his contribution to the world of "Yellowjackets" goes, we will have to wait until Season 2 premieres on March 24. Buzz, buzz, buzz ...