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Our Flag Means Death Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Great minds and philosophers of the past have often asked what one does with a drunken sailor in the early morning ... and conventional wisdom often implores for a trip to the brig. But then again, they probably aren't crewmembers on "The Revenge." The popular comedy television series from HBO, "Our Flag Means Death," offers a slightly different take on life of the high seas, and it follows Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby). The series kicks off with Bonnet living a comfortable and aristocratic lifestyle, but he grows bored with such endeavors, and decides to try his hand at piracy. 

Although originally completely naïve to the art of being a pirate, Bonnet begins to learn from the very best, and is joined by the likes of infamous pirate Blackbeard (Taika Waititi), a dedicated first mate named Nathaniel Buttons (Ewen Bremner), and several transplants from Blackbeard's crew like Izzy Hands (Con O'Neill). Eventually, Bonnet comes across his childhood nemesis, Captain Nigel Badminton (Rory Kinnear), which upsets the entire dynamic, and sees both Blackbeard and Bonnet have to make some hard decisions after deep personal reflection. 

Season 1 of "Our Flag Means Death" ended with a schism between the two, but luckily for fans of the show, it looks like viewers will eventually see the continuation of their story.

Season 2 of Our Flag Means Death is on the way, but details are sparse

First off, in case you were worried, "Our Flag Means Death" has officially been given the greenlight for a second season. This makes sense considering how the first season ended, not to mention the critical acclaim surrounding the show -– "Our Flag Means Death" has a 91% critical score and 95% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes

When will the pirates sail back onto your TV screen, though? At this point, there is no definitive release date for Season 2, nor an official roster for the cast, but it is probably safe to assume that many of the same actors will return to their pirating roles. As documented on IMDb, the first season contained 10 episodes, and the season premiered on March 3, 2022, then ended later that same month on March 24, with at least two episodes being released per week. Chances are, Season 2 will follow a similar schedule.

As for plot details — while nothing official has been released so far, we can gather some clues from the way Season 1 concluded. Hopefully, first and foremost, we'll get to see the relationship between Blackbeard and Bonnet repair itself, but it probably won't happen instantly. After all, Season 1 ends with most of Bonnet's crew stranded, while the jilted Blackbeard lets his anger get the better of him. Bonnet himself almost returns to his former life, but he realizes that he is much happier as a pirate, and with Blackbeard. 

One thing is for sure: Season 2 of "Our Flag Means Death" can't arrive soon enough.