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Did Willow's Tony Revolori Just Tease That He Wants To Play Agent Venom In An Upcoming Spider-Man Film? - Exclusive

While the fate of the iconic web-slinger remains dangling in the air following the smashing global box office success of "Spider-Man: No Way Home" in 2021, it hasn't prevented the stars of the blockbuster MCU film from expressing their hopes to return for another "Spider-Man" chapter — including Flash Thompson actor Tony Revolori.

The good news is that Revolori and his fellow castmates from the "Spider-Man" trilogy starring Tom Holland may get their chance, since Marvel President Kevin Feige has reportedly indicated that a fourth Spidey chapter is in development. It's yet to be seen whether the fourth Spider-Man film will involve Holland's iteration of Spidey-slash-Peter Parker, but if it does, Revolori has some ideas of where he'd like to see his version of Flash go.

Since 2017's "Spider-Man: Homecoming," Flash has been the obnoxious bane of Peter's high school existence, who on the flip side tries to ride the coattails of Spider-Man's popularity. And while Flash was accepted at Peter's dream college, MIT, near the conclusion of "Spider-Man: No Way Home," Revolori's hopes for Flash's future endeavors are rooted in the character's storyline in the Marvel Comics, where Flash instead enlisted in the military after high school.

A rebirth of Flash based on the Marvel Comics?

During an exclusive interview for his latest project, the new Disney+ series "Willow," Tony Revolori told Looper how much playing Flash Thompson in the MCU meant to him and expressed interest in reprising the role should the opportunity present itself. While Revolori's ideas for Flash's fate veer toward the character assuming a different identity, he only implied — but did not specifically clarify — what that identity was.

"I'd be honored if they did another 'Spider-Man' and they invited me back to reprise the character. I love him dearly," Revolori said. "I'd love to see him take on what he does in the comic books a little bit more, go into the Army and go through all that stuff, and eventually, hopefully, maybe at some point — fingers crossed — I get to don a suit myself. Regardless, I'd be happy to reprise the role, whatever direction they want to take. I trust them."

Revolori's reference to the Army and the "don the suit" remark in all likelihood means he'd like his character to take on Agent Venom, who originated in the Marvel Comics when Flash enlisted in the Army but lost his legs in combat. However, when Flash bonded with the Venom symbiote, the one-time bully of Peter Parker gained a new pair of legs and became a superhero himself: Agent Venom, a super soldier created by the secret military program Project Rebirth 2.0.

If Flash doesn't go down the Agent Venom route, Revolori said he'd be happy to continue to be a thorn in Peter Parker's side. "Always," Revolori enthused.

Also starring Ruby Cruz, Dempsey Bryk, Erin Kellyman, Amar Chadha-Patel, and Ellie Bamber, "Willow" is streaming exclusively on Disney+, with new episodes premiering every Wednesday through January 11, 2023.